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Canon T2i, FJ 8543 VD
GIRL ON FIRE - Reminds Me of You

Official Video for the song "Reminds Me of You" by Girl On Fire.

Shot with Canon T2i with Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Lens
Graded with Filmconvert and FJ 8543 VD LUT

By ryan
Arri ALEXA, Canon 1DC, Canon 5D Marc III, Canon 5D Marc II, KD 5207 Vis3

"NightCrawlers" is the latest release from India's youngest and most promising indie bands - The Suitables. CREDITS Artist – The Suitables Cast -Sakhi Singh, Jayapsena Dey Director- Arnold Fernandes Associate Director – Sombit Mondal, Diptanshu Chakravarty Assistant Directors – Ananya Bordoloi, Manvi Jalan Cinematography/Colorist – Arnold Fernandes Focus Puller – Rakesh Thulasidharan Second Unit Cinematography – Sombit Mondal Editor – Rajdeep Mitra Visual Effects – Roshan Wagmare Audio Mastering - Sanjay Das Additional Sound Design – Lokesh Kanithi Recorded at Sonic Solutions Mastered at Blooperhouse Studios Producer - Cinetree SPECIAL THANKS Raja Chakraborty, Samiran Dutta, Jayesh Akhargekar, Viraj Galhot,Rahul Chanda, Semon Ganguly ACKNOLEDGEMENTS Runal Hattimattur, Acharya Venu , Ayush Trivedi, Srinivas Pendem, Malcolm Mistry, Ateesh Chattopadhyay, Appu Prabhakar, Sasha Singh, Anshul Uniyal, Saurav Rai, Samson Vasave Shot on Arri ALEXA, Canon 1 DC, Canon 5d Marc III, Canon 5D M

By Arnold Fernandes
Sony Nex-5r, FJ Velv 100
Few Nolder x Kurak - My Senses (SILENCE• • • • • Flashback)

Few Nolder x Kurak
My Holy Senses EP

Petras Sk

Sony Nex5r
Canon EF "L" lenses
Graded with FilmConvert

Filmed at SILENCE five year anniversary event
Opium Vilnius
2014 03 10

By Petras Skukauskas
RED ONE, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - Yearning For Home (Official Video)

SIJI's new video was shot on the Red One camera in 4k Resolution."Yearning for Home" is taken from SIJI's sophomore album, 'ADESIJI', now available on Itunes and other digital platforms. Director: SIJI Cinematographer: Scott Beardslee Editor: Julie Carr Edited in Final Cut Pro Graded in Apple Color with Film Convert

RED ONE, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - "Morenike" (Official Video)

Video produced and directed by SIJI
Edited in FCP7
Graded in Apple Color with FilmConvert
Directors: Siji & Scott Beardslee
Cinematographer: Scott Beardslee
Film Editor, Colorist: SIJI

Should the Gods deem me worthy of fatherhood, I have vowed to some day name my first daughter, ‘Morenike’ (moe-re-knee-ke). The name ‘Morenike’, in Yoruba means ‘I have found one to cherish’ and is usually bestowed upon a much sought after female child. Taken from my sophomore album ‘Adesiji’, the song has thus far turned out to become a favorite among fans and connoisseurs alike.

In a traditional Yoruba naming ceremony, a number of choice ingredients, among them; Salt, Honey, Peppercorns, Water and Kola nuts, are used as symbolic gestures in prayer, so that the child’s life may in turn be sweet, adventure filled, self sufficient, healthy and tasteful.

Shot as a time capsule on location in New York,

canon 5d mkii, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - 'Lagos Lullabye' (official video)

Video produced and directed by SIJI
Edited in FCP7
Graded in Apple Color with FilmConvert

I'd always loved Scorsese's Taxi Driver particularly the scene in which the protagonist, Travis Bickle drives his cab around the mean and seedy streets of New York city's Times Square.

Taking a cue from this timeless classic, I sought to take in and showcase the grittier side of Lagos in line with the songs candid lyrics. My kinsman and co-producer, Ade Bantu was on hand to capture me singing my heart away in the cramped backseat of our gypsy cab as it snaked its way past police check points, busy market streets, grinding traffic, admiring fans and petty traders, all of which make up this colorful and manic metropolis.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Las Gidi (Lagos) in all it's rugged and funky technicolor glory. Kindly enjoy and share.


Lagos Lullabye is now available as a free download from; h

Blackmagic Cinema Camera (2.5K), Canon C300, Canon 600D/7D, KD Portra 400
Somewhere Safe To Sea

A quick look into the life and times of Jamie Doe (AKA The Magic Lantern) a folk and sea shanty singer songwriter based in London.

Jamie's new album 'Love of Too Much Living' is out very soon available at

film convert

RED Scarlet, KD Vision 5213, FJ 8563 RL
Think. Feel. Become. - FilmConvert Contest Entry

EGZ Productions' Entry for the 2014 FilmConvert Cinematography Contest. Starring Kimmy Saracino, KC Williams, and Shelly D Directed by Evan Zissimopulos Director of Photography - Ryan Grosjean Production Designer - Alexia Jordan Edited by Conor Sweeney Gaffer - Jamie Parslow Shot on RED Scarlet with Zeiss Anamorphic Lenses and graded using Kodak 5213 and FJ 8563 RL looks in FilmConvert Pro.

By Evan G Zissimopulos
Canon 6D, Canon 550D, FJ 8543 VD
Jiwa & Energi Trailer ....

An Album Trailer for an Indonesian Artist, Ivan Handojo ....
His album titled "Jiwa Dan Energy" which translated to "Soul and Energy" in English is packed with Old Motown Soul Music feel and the raw energy of indonesian musicians.
However, Ivan believes that his music is more than just pretty music, rather it was a representative of Indonesian people Soul and Energy and also his play list was arranged carefully to show that despite Indonesia being a struggling country in midst of many corruptions and bad living condition, the people in Indonesia still have hope .... the future is bright, with Soul and Energy, we could all rise up from the ashes :D

Colored using: Film Convert

By kalvin ananda
Canon 60d, DaVinci Resolve
FEEL // FilmConvert

canon 60d, 35mm, 50mm.

music: Novo Amor - From Gold (Ficci Remix)

Special thanks to:
Sasha Rubberfish,
Valeria Vasilyonok,
Vitya Firsov,
Alexander Kirillov,


See you,

By Pavel Kardashov
RED Scarlet-X, KD 5207 Vis3
Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars "Whispers to Rockefeller"

Falling out of love ain't easy, it leaves you with a big ugly broken heart, but at some point you must go through the ritual called get-fucking-over-it. The only way forward is to pile up the tokens of your ex, douse them with gasoline and burn them all to hell just to feel real again.

Colin Cowan's second album in his seasonal series, "Eye of Winter," is scheduled to be released on vinyl and for the public on November 28th, 2014. His music aims to be a fluorescent cup of warm nostalgic soup fit for any contemporary star-child or drifter.

Starring Paul Anthony, Cameron Macleod, Ariel Ladret, Robyn Thomas, Kallie Jean Sorenson

Directed & Produced by Anthem Jackson Productions

Cinematography by Peter Hadfield
Camera Assistant Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Makeup by Larissa Boland

Special Thanks:
Hairkraft Studio
Blanche MacDonald

Film Convert

By graham kew
Sony FS700, FJ H400 Pro
TWICEYOUNG - Uncover Official Music Video (filmconvert)

"Uncover" from new EP "Prefer You" available 11/11/14.
Stream "Uncover" here:

Directed by Roland Bingaman.

Listen on Spotify:

By Roland Bingaman
Sony FS700, FJ H4000 PRO
Momentum Dance Collective's - IMPACT (FilmConvert)

A promo for Momentum Dance Collective's 7th Season.

IMPACT is a collaboration between Momentum Dance Collective and the city of Anchorage. For our 7th season the company connects with local organizations, artists, activists, and civic leaders throughout the year. Our goal is to engage with a diversity of people, discover what our city looks like from a variety of perspectives, and present a snapshot of Anchorage in its 100th year through dance, imagery, and story telling.

For more on the company, or to get involved, visit our website at

What is your impact?

Shot in 14 difference locations all over Anchorage to Celebrate Anchorage's 100th year as a city
Shot with a Sony FS700
Lenses used: Tokina 11-16, Sigma 30mm, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 100mm f/2.8 L
Edited with Premiere
Graded with FilmC

By Bryan Pentecostes
5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3

Amyt Datta / Guitar, Synth, Composition
Jivraj Singh / Drums, Electronics, Design

Cinematography - Aditya Kapur
Editing & Color Correction - Gairik Sarkar
[Graded using FilmConvert]
Production - Aastha Singh, Rajdeep Mitra, Ima Sarkar
Special Thanks - Tanaya Saigal

By Aditya Kapur
Canon 1DC and Canon 5D M3, FJ 8543 VD
Vídeo Clipe | Grupo Casa de Choro (Film Convert)

Gravado ao vivo no dia 13 de Março de 2014 no Espaço Rústico em Americana/SP.

Produção musical: Rodrigo Mouraes
Áudio mixado e finalizado no Estúdio Arte Rítmica

Direção/Direção de Fotografia: Marcelo Borelli
Cinegrasfistas: Ricardo Suzigan e Paulo Henrique Jão
Edição e finalização: Marcelo Borelli

Vídeo produzido por MB Filmes (

By Marcelo Borelli