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Canon 6D, FJ 8553 ET
Vicky + Siva

Celebrating Siva and vicky's wedding ceremony at Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia. It was our third client on this year. Against the backdrop of the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and the riverside, Siva's wedding ceremony lasts with nostalgic moment where guests and family members gathered to celebrate them as newlyweds.

By Ridhwan Jaapar
Sony a7S II, FJ Ast 100
Kathryn + Brandon

When it comes to couples, Kathryn and Brandon are the trifecta. Not only are they intelligent (have we mentioned that they are both doctors?), but they’re also extremely creative and not bad lookin’ either! We actually heard a few people refer to them as Barbie and Ken throughout the night! When we first arrived to their home the morning of the wedding, we were in awe of their decor. It looked like the pages of Magnolia magazine come to life! As it turns out, when they aren’t working hard saving lives, they are at home making art and building bookcases together. Their day was filled with so much joy. From their vows, to Kathryn’s dad singing a song in lieu of the typical father/daughter dance, to their romantic last dance together, their day was breathtaking. Oh, and there was also a reference to The Bachelor so of course it was the perfect day!

By Steve Neske
Sony A7s, KD P400 Ptra
Hamish + Maddison

You never know what to expect on your way to a wedding and in this particular occasion we did not expect to arrive to the boys shooting shotguns to calm the pre-wedding nerves! Out in the beautiful country of Bellingen with the ceremony by one of the oldest most spectacular lonesome tree's we've seen, this one was something special.

By James Morello
Nikon D800, FJ 8543 VD
Meant to Be

Hitasha is a lead cake designer and owner of The Cakery Bake Shop and this girl can design cakes like no other. Being a South Asian Videography studio, we get to work with many vendors but it’s an honor when we get to film their own wedding. During my early discussions with Hitasha and Kunal, I learned three things very quickly: they have a great love story, they love Bollywood and she is going to design her own cake. I knew that if we somehow capture these three things, we will achieve the goal of capturing something which means lot to them. When it comes to Bollywood, what can be better than lovebirds in the rain? They loved the idea and we decided to go with it. Long story short, it was challenging but fun to capture rain shots without having Bollywood budget. Since Hitasha is a cake designer she planned to make her own cake. I never knew what it takes to design one until I show her planning and designing it. She held intimate Mehndi event at her house with close families and fri

By Naim M
Panasonic GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
(ab)normal wedding highlights - Gabika & Michal (4K)

This is the most abnosrmal wedding highlights that I ever made ;) The couple was open to my feeling about their wedding and gave me total freedom in editing... So I played with software, sounds and cuts... ;)

By Róbert Puchert, UP Studio s.r.o.
Canon 5D MKIII, FJ 8543 VD
La Forêt de la mémoire

Destination Wedding in Normandy - France Video portrait of Jess and Luke, a couple based in NY who asked us to document their wedding in Normandy past August. We spent five days with them and their families in the Old Chateau Le Mont Epinguet (Normandy – France). Make this video has become a deeper experience for us, share a week with Jess and Luke families made us become part of their memories. We were no longer there to document the wedding event but to tell something more intimate of their lives.

By luigia pansera