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Sony A7sII, KD 5213 Vis3
Benedicte & Rune (2016)

On saturday 7th of May 2016, Benedicte finally said "yes" to Rune! The day will be remembered for years to come, especially with their very own wedding film that tried to capture all the little things that made the day so special.

By Kevin Smilden
Sony A7sii, FJ Velvia 100
Ojai Valley “Shangri-La”

Laura and Lauran were married under one of the many oak trees at Ojai Valley Inn which is great symbol of lasting marriage. As Laura mentioned the scenic venue provided a lot of great atmosphere without needing much added to it. Her style seemed to favor a timeless approach and she chose a photographer who shoots film which you don't see often these days. I choose to grade the film with a heavy film look to match the feel getting away from the latest push for ultra high sharp looking videos and staying away from effects like slow motion and drones. I prefer to focus on the important moments of the day by being patient and letting the action unfold in front of the camera rather than chasing it or setting up fake scenarios. Natural emotion, solid composition, finding the light and great audio are to me what makes this film stand apart. The music was licensed via the Musicbed and I choose to edit this film in mostly sequential manner rather than jumping around too much so the energy woul

By Robert Schwieger
sony a6300, KD P400 Ptra
stay alive

lunch with families one week before the wedding in Los Caños de Meca, Cadiz, Spain.

By antonio rodríguez ledesma