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Canon C100, KD 5207 Vis3
Christina and Paul - Cipriani NYC -

One of the most rewarding and honoring parts of being a wedding filmmaker is when you are hired again and again to film for a family. After capturing her sister’s wedding several years ago and then multiple family functions through the years - Christina and her lovely family brought us back - this time to New York City and the grand-famous Cipriani Wall Street. Teaming up with my lovely and talented wife Vanessa Joy of Vanessa Joy Photography made this a double-treat and twice as nice. I think it’s safe to say that Christina’s father Mario brings the emotion to new heights in this theatrical trailer.

By Rob Adams
Canon C100, Plrd 600
Cibele "Un imaginario Possibile"

"Almost from the time when Polyphemus walked around Etna, or when Ceres taught the Sicilians the cultivation of grain, to this day, Sicily has been the scene of constant wars and invasions, and intrepid resistance. The Sicilians are a mixture of almost all breeds of the south and north; before sicani Aborigines with Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and slaves from all over the world, imported to the island because of trafficking or war; then Arabs, Normans, and Italians . The Sicilians, during all of these transformations and modifications, have struggled, and continue to struggle for their freedom ... " Friedrich Engels

By Víctor Ortega Peralta
a7s, Plrd 600
Cindy & Nate Wedding Highlight Film

DP & Editor: Jacob Sutton Assistant Camera: Luke Sutton & Chris Pruett Drone Operator & Colorist: Luke Sutton

By Jacob Levi Sutton