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Canon C300, FJ Prov 100
No Assignment: Yellowstone's Unofficial Photographer

No Assignment is part of the short film series 'Some Call It Home', which explores the world's last wild places with those who call them home. In this piece, we spend a day with Wildlife Photographer Tom Murphy who has been shooting Yellowstone for over 40 years. But assignments aren't his thing, so he's constantly searching for something different to set his work apart.

By Nicholas Schearer
Canon C100 MKII, FJ Velvia 100
Kung Fu Journey

Kung Fu Journey is a documentary film that tells the story of a Kung Fu Master in Beijing who travels back to the legendary Shaolin Temple and to Tagou Martial Arts School, one of the largest martial arts school in China, with his young Kung Fu students to further their training and deepen their knowledge of Chinese martial arts. "Kung Fu represents time, patience, courage, will, mindset of commitment, constant effort and sacrifice." - Master Liu. Kung Fu Journey is the documentary directorial debut of IZ Darson (Singapore Haunted) and was filmed entirely in Tagou Martial Arts School, the Shaolin Temple and its surrounding areas in Dengfeng, China. Kung Fu Journey Director: IZ Darson Running Time: 22:28 Language: Mandarin (with English Subtitles) and English

By IZ Darson
Blackmagic Cinema Camera, KD 5213 Vis3
Up There

What's like to be 'up there'? Former boxing champion Daniel Rasilla takes us to the boxing ring to make us feel what he felt there.

By Álvaro de la Hoz
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD

"In Haiti, our children are weak and strong. Ready to heal - but unable to mend. Veiled in hope, and loss, and youth." "IN HAITI" is a branded documentary for the non-profit CHOAIDS (Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS) that connects viewers to the needs and condition of Haiti's orphans.

By Geno DiMaria
Sony FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Working the Sea

'Working the Sea' follows the fortunes of the Bagwells, a Sidmouth fishing family from the forties when young Stan was fishing with his father in a borrowed boat, to the nineties when they have two fish shops, two trawlers fishing out of Brixham, and three boats working off the beach at Sidmouth. Then, tragedy strikes and the women of the family pick up the pieces. The film also weaves the contemporary users of the coast, from the sailing club to the lifeboat, into the narrative. So this is ultimately a film about community spirit and how a mutual love of and respect for the sea draws people together. 'This stunning film: fascinating and inspiring, funny and humbling is a powerful reminder how lucky we are on the coast'. Louise Cole Director Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub CIC Director of Photography Simon Vacher, Narrator Tara Griefenberg, Editor Simon Vacher, Written, Directed & Produced by Jo Stewart-Smith A Butterfly

By Simon Vacher
Sony A7s, FJ Velvia 100

Music Documentary about My latest Trip Film in Catalunya - Spain

By Hamad Saghran
Sony A7s II, KD 5213 Vis3
Pitú - Ação de Carnaval no Aeroporto #Vivaaresenha

Cameras: Felipe Lima e Marionaldo Junior Som direto: Pedro Medeiros Assistente: Kleber Nola Edited in Premiere 2017 Color in Lumetri and FilmConvert

By felipe
Red Scarlet MX, KD 5207 Vis3
The Chance for a New Life - The Sara Kruzan Story

“The Chance for a New Life” depicts Sara Kruzan’s journey from being sexually trafficked as a young girl to her conviction for murder and sentence of life imprisonment. For seven years, attorneys at Perkins Coie worked tirelessly in support of Sarah’s bid for freedom. Here is their true story.

By Matteo Bava
Sony Fs5, FJ 8543 VD
on my knees, like an orphan

For this short film "on my knees, like an orphan," I shot with the Sony Fs5 and 6500 and two different iPhones. In post, I used several stocks FilmConvert stocks to create looks with meaning. The stories tied together with "Life, Life" -- a song from Ryuichi Sakamoto's new record, music which he has shared as part of the |async International Short Film Contest. Because I live in a city, I fight for nature. And every time I am in nature, I do feel the awe. So that is why I named this short film from final lines of the poem: "I dedicate myself, on my knees, like an orphan, Alone - among mirrors - fenced in by reflections: Cities and seas, iridescent, intensified. A mother in tears takes a child on her lap." David Sylvain's resonant voice gives emotional force to these words were written by Aseny Tarkovsky, the poet and father of Andrei Tarkovsky, the filmmaker to whom the Ryuichi Sakamoto | async - International short film competition project is dedicated. I have always

By Matthew Kohn
Sony FS5, KD P400 Ptra
Reclaimed Lights - ARP - Celebration Chandelier

xxxxx offers an insight into the craft and work of the immensely talented London based British designer/artist Alkesh Parmar who turns discarded scrap materials into amazing sculptures of lights, this short film explores Alkesh's practice, presenting the work of his recent project - Celebration Chandelier. His work often utilises banal everyday objects, most of the time these materials are discarded after use such as the champagne corks used for this chandelier. “The notion of recycling is an important part to my practice, however this is not my prime objective.” The central point of his work is light and the relationship it shares with the objects. The corks are hollowed out and outfitted with LED bulbs, programmed with circuitry which then customised to various interiors including restaurants, bars and homes. Each cork is hand crafted into individual lamps and grouped together to form a neutral, warm and beautiful chandelier. --- Designer/Artist: Alkesh Parmar Directed &

By C Sheng
Canon 5D Mark 3, FJ 8543 VD
Bella Haven - #FilmConvert

Girls who are in potentially dangerous homes and situations are rescued and given a home, nourishment, education and above all LOVE. We can't right all the wrongs in the world but we can change the world- one kind act at a time. Loved using the Film Convert Stock in getting the look and feel right.

By Gershom
FS5, KD 5213 Vis3
Tales from Japan -Reylia Slaby Fine Art Photography-

"My inspiration comes from what I believe to be the truths in life." Reylia Slaby Filmed over a period of just two days, this mini documentary is a brief and intimate look into the world of fine art photographer Reylia Slaby. Born and raised in the Osaka region of Japan, Reylia has been deeply influenced by all she has seen growing up in this foreign land that she also calls home. Find out more about Reylia and her award-winning artwork at

By matt
URSA MINI PRO, FJ Velvia 100
Sheep Shearing Down Under -World-renowned Roseville Corriedale Rams-

An introduction to the sheep shearing process and the world-renowned fleece of Roseville Corriedales in Kingsvale, NSW Australia. This work is particularly close to heart as I was born and raised just 20 minutes away in the country town of Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia.

By matt
Panasonic GH4, FJ Velvia 100
Burkina Faso

SmashWerks Films' Director, Smash LeFunk, was approached by A Better Life Foundation, a non-profit organization helping put children through school, to travel to Burkina Faso, one of Africa's poorest countries, to document their journey. ABLF covers uniforms, school supplies, books, basic health care, eyeglasses for poor vision, wheelchairs for those with mobility issues, and they monitor academic progress monthly throughout the school year as well as provide counseling to address any domestic concerns. Smash was humbled and honored to be able to document ABLF's journey, witnessing first hand how impactful their mission is.

By Jacopo Campaiola
FS7, FJ 8553 ET
Battle for Birthday Mountain

Norway wants to give Finland a mountain for its birthday. Bjørn Geirr Harsson is facing an uphill legal battle for an arctic mountain-sized birthday present between neighboring countries. Bjørn, a retired geophysicist of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, had an idea to fix an anomaly along the border between Norway and Finland, and give Finland what would be its tallest mountain for it’s 100th birthday. Considering the tumultuous history of international boundaries, this would be an unprecedented show of kindness between countries. But how exactly does one give away a mountain?

By David Freid
FS7, Plrd 600
Return to High Chaparral

Last year, we visited a theme park celebrating America’s mythic Wild West in wintery Sweden that became a welcoming home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war: As strange as that sounds, this was a pretty good deal for about 500 people looking to start a new life. But with global political winds shifting toward isolationism, the Wild West response to a refugee crisis only lasts so long. We went back to see how the West was lost.

By David Freid
Canon C100 Mark II, FJ Velvia 100
Portrait of my Father : 28 years as a mountain rescue

After 28 years working as a Mountain Rescue, my Father retired. This is a short documentary about his career, his experiences and about a job of which the details are not well known to many. I have, myself, learned a lot during the two days while making this portrait. The joys of having a job that was more a passion than work, the strong bonds made over the years, but also the risks and the emotional impact of some of the missions. So, here is a short and condensed piece about a career that is, to me, extraordinary; of a humble and courageous man that I call my Dad.

By Florent Piovesan
FS7, KD 5213 Vis3
The Water Sommelier

Martin Riese is a water sommelier, which, despite what your brain might be telling you right now, is a real thing. Riese is perhaps the most well known of a very small pool of water sommeliers around the world who have made a profession of tasting, analyzing, judging, and ultimately spreading the good word about the many different flavors of water our tastebuds have been missing out on. For this film, we followed Martin from his home at the Patina Restaurant in Los Angeles to the first of its kind water competition and trade show in Guangzhou, China. Why? “Because water is not just water.”

By David Freid