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Panasonic GH5, KD 5213 Vis3
We Assemblé

Brown Girls Do Ballet, a philanthropic organization often featured for its noteworthy Instagram movement, wanted to produce their 2018 calendar shoot with a new angle. These dancers go through so much in their careers due to discrimination based on the color of their skin. These experiences have made them push harder to become the amazing dancers they are.

By Joshua Fortuna
Panasonic GH4, FJ 8543 VD
The Ballot or the Bullet | An American Portrait

As a Canadian traveling through Baltimore and Washington during the time of the Trump election, I noticed a lot of things that stood out to me. The anger, aggression and divide between the political parties, the extremely evident racial separation and the stark contrast between the rich and the poor. These things were all incredibly prominent as we drove through the streets of these cities. I wanted to create a video that would not only show this, but also deliver a message that to me, all this divide and anger does not make any sense. In the world that we live in today, we need more love and compassion, we need more understanding for each other and we need to make a change.

By Nick Schafer
Panasonic GH5, KD P400 Ptra
Betsy's World

In the summer of 2017, Betsy Wyeth was honored with the Maine in America award by the Farnsworth Museum. Betsy was Andrew Wyeth's wife, and an integral part of his work and success. "Betsy's World" takes a look into the world of the Wyeths, and tells the behind the scenes stories of some of Andrew's most famous works, from the perspective of his visionary wife, Betsy.

By Sam Brosnan
Canon 60D, FJ 8543 VD
CAVALLO – the essence of horse riding

CAVALLO is a short portrait about my father. He is a 71-year-old horse rider. Horse riding has been his passion for over 50 years now. As an experienced rider he gives us a brief glimpse of what he thinks is the essence of riding.

By Richard Ulmer
Sony A7s, KD P400 Ptra
Lost in Cuba

Cuba is a very different place, you arrive there with absolutely no idea of what to expect and every single moment, you're finding something new for yourself - uncover an alternative reality of the world around you. Cuba is a unique place with wonderful people. This is the one thing that really stuck in our minds and hearts - People are merry and very grateful. Cuban people have an enormous weight on their shoulders and their lives are far away from being simple or easy, but despite everything, they still always sincerely smile and are always willing to help and give. Their internal strength is truly inspiring. We've made real friends and met men and women whom we've known for a very long time, knowing them just for a few seconds. I invite you to look into the lives of some of the people that we were lucky to meet during our trip.

By Timur Tugalev and Sara Izzi
Sony A6300, FJ 8553 ET
Ode To Mendenhall Glacier

This is the first video in a mini series that reveals the ecosystem of Southeast Alaska. In this video we get to go inside the Mendenhall Glacier which is located in Juneau Alaska, and see all the wonders of the slow moving river of ice.

By Mircea Brown
FS7, FJ 8553 ET
First Ladyland

Sevnica, the small medieval town in Slovenia where Melania Trump grew up, is officially open for business. That’s because, in many ways, our new First Lady is their new First Lady too. And now it seems the whole country is talking about their favorite daughter. Slovenia couldn't be further removed from her husband's vision for America, but Slovenians across the country are embracing The Donald and making preparations for a boom in tourism that, if all goes as planned, should start any moment now. If you try not to get too partisan for about 20 minutes, FIRST LADYLAND will make you smile bigly. But if we go missing, please check our coffee for cyanide.

By David Freid
FS7, Plrd 600
Return to High Chaparral

Last year, we visited a theme park celebrating America’s mythic Wild West in wintery Sweden that became a welcoming home for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war: As strange as that sounds, this was a pretty good deal for about 500 people looking to start a new life. But with global political winds shifting toward isolationism, the Wild West response to a refugee crisis only lasts so long. We went back to see how the West was lost.

By David Freid
FS7, FJ 8553 ET
Battle for Birthday Mountain

Norway wants to give Finland a mountain for its birthday. Bjørn Geirr Harsson is facing an uphill legal battle for an arctic mountain-sized birthday present between neighboring countries. Bjørn, a retired geophysicist of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, had an idea to fix an anomaly along the border between Norway and Finland, and give Finland what would be its tallest mountain for it’s 100th birthday. Considering the tumultuous history of international boundaries, this would be an unprecedented show of kindness between countries. But how exactly does one give away a mountain?

By David Freid