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Sony a6500, FJ 8563 RL
A Kerala Fisherman’s Life After the Floods

During August 2018 the Indian state of Kerala experienced the worst floods in that region for nearly 100 years. Almost one year since then here is Shaji talking about life as a fisherman on the Kerala backwaters, what happened during the floods and some of the problems he, his family and their community now face.

By Daneel Phillips
DJI Osmo Pocket, FJ 8553 ET
Riga Nightlife

Top5 Live Music Restaurants in Riga.

By Oleg Panko
Sony FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Inspired by Humans: Andrew Gregory

After a horrific motorbike accident and life-changing surgery, Andrew Gregory overcomes pain and adversity to become a pole dance champion, competing on the world stage.

By Mark Potter
Sony FS7, KD TrX 400

Chapel Sessions. One day, one song. Start to finish.

By Edwin Vermeulen
Sony A7R3 handheld, Plrd 600
Samburu Moran

Whilst Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its carnival, Latin America has a range of distinctive carnivals and traditions, often inspired by political history. Candombe is a Uruguayan form of cultural expression with roots in colonial slavery. Originating as a parody and mockery of slave masters, it is a proud statement of rebellious spirit and freedom, and an important celebration of Afro-Latino culture and pride. Samburu Moran is a comparsa (candombe troupe) from the small town of Fray Bentos on the Argentine Uruguayan border. Having qualified to compete at Montevideo Carnival for the first time the film captures their preparation and parade performance as they compete against 45 comparsas from across the nation.

By David
Sony A7sII, FJ 8563 RL
The Land of Bees

The Land of Bees is an educational apiary where Sona and David aim to bring people closer to bees.

By Martina Slováková
Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k, FJ 8543 VD
Krump Antidote

Meet Marcus . Discovering Krump , helped him deal with the death of his father , and other curveballs life threw at him . Using Krumping as therapy ,This is his story . Directed by Fatty Soprano & Shutterr . Starring Marcus " OG " Ademe Parish Johnson In Affiliation with the Toronto Krump Movement .

By Fatty Soprano
Sony FS7, Plrd 600
But first, coffee

The process of making a cappuccino – close-up and in slow motion.

By Christian Lendl
Sony A7Sii, KD P400 Ptra
Emmanual Lozil | Director’s Cut

Another short doc from my missions trip in Haiti. Emmanual Lozil is the gatekeeper at the Haiti Free School Project.

By Graham Dorsay
Sony A7Sii, FJ Ast 100
Alexis Faustin | Director’s Cut

Back in 2017, I went on a missions trip to Mirebalais, Haiti. Here's one of the stories I captured. Because of the Haiti Free School Project, Alexis can go to school for free along with 500 other students. It was incredible to see the impact it's had on their lives. I'm eager to get back.

By Graham Dorsay
Sony A7Sii, KD P400 Ptra
Journey to Tokyo 2020 | Jon Dunkerley & James Cook

Jon and James were paired up in March of 2017. At the time they were living on opposite sides of the country. James had never ridden a tandem bicycle and Jon had a bowl style skateboard helmet and his first pair of clip-less cycling shoes, which he was keen to try out for race day. After a couple of wobbly starts and one low speed crash, Jon and James stormed onto their first podium, taking a bronze medal and their first steps toward the 2020 Paralympic Games. This film was created to share their story and raise funds to keep the momentum going.

By Graham Dorsay
bmpcc 4k, FJ 8543 VD
Seoul X Unknown Artist - Hyeyeon Lee

0.61% of the land area of Korea, distance between north and south 30.30km, distance between east and west 36.78km. Seoul, which became the capital of Korea in 1394, is a living city itself where diverse people and cultures coexist. There are many artists who are not yet known but working with their own beliefs. Seoul X Unknown Artist Project will be a digital film archiving project that introduces those artists and their works and beliefs. Hyeyeon Lee, an illustrator and painter, was born in Seoul and studied illustration in San Francisco. She returned to Korea in 2018 and is currently working as a freelance painter.

By seungmin
Canon C300 MKII, FJ 8553 ET
4th of Ohio

Visiting rural Ohio during the Fourth of July in 2016, the filmmakers turned an observational lens onto the people of Morrow County. Documenting a 95-year-old native, his multi-generational and multi-racial family and public celebrations of the national holiday, they created a short ethnography in cinéma vérité style.

By Eric Macey
RED Scarlet-W, FJ Ast 100
Post Ebola - Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has endured a period plagued by one of this century's largest health threats. The country is currently paving the road forwards while facing the challenges of its own recovery along the way. This documentary short provides us with insights from the people who work at Lion Heart Medical Centre and are performing life-changing work on a daily basis. I believe these people are setting an important example for humanitarian aid organisations by showing continued progress towards a state of independence. Their motivation, strong dedication and cross-cultural collaborations were of great inspiration to me.

By Maarten
Sony FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Outside Comedy - Beth Stelling

Comedian Beth Stelling shows us what her favorite barr workout class is like as we hang out with her outside of her comedy life.

By Thomas
Canon 5D Mark4, FJ H400 Pro

A historic moment in the ​history​ of people of UAE. A night that Hazza went to space.

By Hassan Kiyany
Sony FS7, FJ 8563 RL
Vogue Beirut

In Lebanon, a country where the LGBTQ community still faces extreme discrimination, a scene is emerging that celebrates the identity, flamboyance and passion of its queer community. It’s voguing, a dance style created in New York City in the 80s to create a safe space for LGBTQ people. We meet dancer Hoedy Saad in Beirut to discover how, in the face of adversity, he's building a vogue scene in the Middle East to fight for freedom. Graded with FilmConvert.

A7 III, KD 5207 Vis3
The Silver Boys

The Silver Boys is a short documentary about street boys juggling to survive. These boys paint their faces and bodies with a metallic paint to stop being invisible.

By Jared Salazar
Sony FS7, FJ 8563 RL

The blacksmith seems to be the last of its kind, but his story is peppered with revelations that only a life full of passion, challenges, and loss can push you to see. He greets us in his small Dacian oasis born out of the fire and the sound of the hammers that destroy before they create. Each experience shapes you, he tells us, just like the flames shape the iron before it is transformed into a Dacian work of art. Camera: Sony FS7 Lens: Sony 28-135mm f4 Edit: Adobe Premiere Pro + Film Convert

By Plesa Matei
JVC GY-HM600U ProHD , IL D3200
The Story of Job

The Story of Job

By Jose Nieves
Sony FS100, KD 5213 Vis3
Dear Friend Chinatown

A cinematic and poetic exploration of the space and time in Manhattan's Chinatown. In the form of a postcard to a close friend, Dear Friend Chinatown documents the daily life and sees culture, community, and religion through a nostalgic lens. (Color Correction using FilmConvert.)

By Tian Leng
Blackmagic Pocket 4K, FJ 8553 ET

This video is my first project related to racing cars. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks.

By Victor Yong Woo Kim
GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Femme Floret

A glimpse into the process of artist Haylee Yale as she paints a commissioned six-foot portrait.

By Joshua Fortuna
Fuji XT-3, KD 5207 Vis3
"La Baguette Magique"

"La Baguette Magique" is a film about the passion and skill that drives a "Catherine", a renaissance woman who walked away from a lucrative job in pharmaceuticals when she realized her comfortable life was unfulfilling. Catherine returned to school to follow her passion and reinvent herself as a baker. She and her family moved from France to the U.S. to open La Baguette Magique, an authentic French bakery in West Chester, PA. People travel from far and wide to taste some of the magic that's baked into every Baguette Catherine makes.

By Danielle Zeits
GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Mysterious By NPN

The story of Nicholas Phat Ngyuen has a common origin. However, coming out of the adversity of being an immigrant, he was able to find his true voice and become the artist he is today.

By Joshua Fortuna
Panasonic GH5, FJ Ast 100
Everyday Objects Re-Invented by Designers Harvey & John

Meet Harvey & John, the inventors behind the Tropism Well and many other unique and beautiful practical objects. What is a Tropism Well you ask? It’s essentially a drinking fountain reinvented. It uses a tiny camera to know when a person approaches, then gently bows down to fill their cup.

By Nick Meilleur
Sony FS5, FJ Ast 100

In Southern Estonia, you work a little in the morning and prepare the smoke sauna for the rest of the day. Such a day is called a "halfday".

By Aleksandr Heifets
Panasonic GH4, KD 5213 Vis3
Florida's Drowned Forest: Remember This

Nearly 50 years ago, a failed federal public works project left behind a drowned forest in Florida that is exposed every three or more years when a drawdown of the Kirkpatrick Dam occurs. Captain Erika Ritter leads riverboat tours along the historic Ocklawaha River and shares her personal history of the devastation and imbalance that remains to this day. See the full film for free at:

By Matt Keene
Sony A6500, FJ 8543 VD
The Principal

In a city near the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, in Brazil, one man's attitude can change our society.

By Cainã Morellato
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, KD P400 Ptra

The Henson boys build a raft from nothing but driftwood along the serene shores of Lake Champlain

By Andrew Siegle
C 100 mk.II, KD 5207 Vis3
Empowered - Martina Markova

Here's a friendly reminder... Work with what you got, to get what you don't. Set a goal, make a plan and trust the process. Track, note, improve. Being empowered is not a gift, it's a choice..

By Jakub Slavkovský
DJI Phantom 4 Pro, FJ 8543 VD
Aerial Cinema Reel 2019

Aerial showreel.

By Tom
Panasonic GH5, FJ Prov 100
In the Greenhouse

It took over a year to shoot the whole process at this small, family horticulture. Starting from seeding and ending up at the harvesting. Me an my client wanted to show how the work at horticulture looks like from the inside. How many people are involved in the process and how much effort it takes to grow the plants. We wanted to showcase the full season with the imapacts of the conditions and the weather. The whole video was filmed by myself no other videographer was involved. Same with editing process.

By Bartosz Styperek
4 x Sony a7s2, KD P400 Ptra
Bánkitó Festival Aftermovie 2017

Bánkitó Festival is a small size art festival located in Hungary and mainly visited by Artists and Creatives. We have chance to do its official aftermovie year by year. The entire film was shot with sony a7s2-s in Cine4 picture profile.

By Bence Szemerey
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
A Nordic Skater

A Nordic Skater is a very first film about this little known sport. It features Per Sollerman, a photographer who has been skating on frozen lakes and fjords for the past 10 years. During 6 captivating minutes, the viewer is transported to the region of Oslo to have a peek at a story of a man who uses every sense he has to travel on thin ice. Per tells the story of how the little known sport of nordic skating came to play a big part in his life. “It is rooted deep in our bones that we need to be out in the nature,” he says. Directed, shot and edited by Paulius Neverbickas. Music and sound design by Luca Nioi. Design by Magdalena Mrowiec. Big thanks to Lundhags for believing in this project! Find Per's Nordic Skating Instagram profile and his personal website: Find more works of me in my website:

By Paulius Neverbickas
DJI Mavic Pro, FJ Velvia 100
Bald Eagle Swimming

Bald Eagle taking dives into the water to catch a fish and them swimming to shore.

By Alan Yu
Sony a7s, KD P400 Ptra
Waves - Alex Schaaf Tour Documentary

Writing and creating an album your proud of is difficult enough, finding those who care to listen is something else entirely. Follow a year long journey of writing, recording, and touring and see what 'Waves' means to Alex.

By Jonah
Canon EOS C100, KD 5213 Vis3
Defining Commitment - A Body Building Story

How do you define commitment? What does it take to be truly committed? Follow Gareth Burn’s journey into Bodybuilding and discover his perspectives on what he’s learnt so far... Although this story is set in the backdrop of bodybuilding, its universal message can apply to anything. Commitment is more than just talking about it — to paraphrase some of Gareth’s views. The big question is… Did Gareth’s hard work pay off? Watch this story to find out!!

By Gwyn Cole
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
Clinging Voyager

An assignment done for my experimental film class, we were tasked with documenting a performance art piece to be executed by the filmmaker himself. The piece contemplates focus and determination. Completed with film convert

By Benjamin Anthony
DJI X5R, FJ 8553 ET
What's your name

There is magic in life, not only in the movies. This, is a true story of true people, This, we hope will inspire you and touch your heart as it did for us. Some call me light I bring warmth on earth Filling the air and hearts with vibrant colours At a new beginning, Or at the turn of a page I spread life, I am life I’m everywhere, Wrapping the world in my immensity Deep down feeding people Their body, their soul, their hearts I welcome life and cherish it Like mothers love their child I am the ocean I am the heart of the islands Where you can rest and seek exile Welcoming, like the smile of a child My ancient trees provide for the people My shores delicately carve their way out of the sea To reveal soft sands and warm hearts I am the soul of the forest I protect and care for my people Filling them with undemanding love

By Nicolas PETTE
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
Central Boarding Academy

Central Boarding Academy (CBA) is an English immersion and college preparatory program for international students who want to study at private schools in the U.S. They reached out to us to tell their story because they wanted a film to premier in China that would show parents all the great work they're doing in Oshkosh, WI. CBA's students attend academically challenging classes with American students, participate in after school activities, and live in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO) campus dormitory where they have group tutors whom help expand their knowledge in the evening. We had one main goal for this video: to show a "worldly" view. By traveling with the students on their adventures through Chicago — we were able to accomplish that.

By Alex Belville
GH4, FJ 8553 ET
The Clay Path

An inspiring glimpse into the art and process of ceramic artist Kate Lewis.

By Philip Carrel
Sony a7ii, FJ SuperX 400
The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain

In the mini-doc "The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain", Jeroen Cox captures and shares the lifestyle of the Csikós, a group of hungarian horse wranglers who proudly cherish their traditional lifestyle. Although the community is proud of their heritage, the lifestyle is harsh and lonely, making it hard to find a new generation of Csikós. Ádám, Csaba and Lajos, some of the last wranglers of the hungarian great plain, give an insight into their days on the puszta, their close bond with their nonius horses and what it takes to be a Csikós. "The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain" was made as a part of the "Circles of cultural connection" project by the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.

By Jeroen Cox
C300mkII, Plrd 600
Summary of the European Championships in Paragliding 2018, Portugal (eng.)

This is the summary of the 15th FAI European Paragliding Championship in Montalegre, Portugal with 150 pilots attending from 43 countries. This is also the entry for the Filmconvert 2018 competition. All footage has been graded with film convert, helping different cameras to look alike more than they naturally would by assimilating their color profiles to one look. Used cameras in this video: Canon C300mkII, DJI Inspire 2, GoPro Hero Session 5, GoPro Fusion, Sony FDR3000, iPhone X

By Yves
Sony FDR-X3000, KD 5207 Vis3
Zipline Short FilmConvert Vlog - by Tatay (dad) and Lucas

Recently I was issued with a PWD card (Person With Disability), I didn't have that before. It's an orthopedic disability, but it won't stop me from telling good stories. Watch our story, my son Lucas and I.

By Lexian Avestruz
Panasonic GH4, FJ 8543 VD
Fish Story

Sometime in the 1980s, Caspar Salmon's grandmother was invited to a gathering on the Welsh island of Anglesey, attended exclusively by people with fish surnames. Or so he says. Thirty years later, film-maker Charlie Lyne attempts to sort myth from reality.

By Charlie Lyne
Panasonic GX85, IL FN P4
Subjective Affinity

a short fashion film about a relation of a mother and her daughters. as they are a family, there ways cross permanently, looking for each other but keeping distance. a film by Emil BILINSKI Models: Ewa Idzikowska | Basia Strońska | Weronika Jakubowska - SPECTO MODELS | Make Up: Patrycja Michera Hair: Marcin Urbański Styling: Karina Kosson 1st. Assistant: Yazan Hamama 2nd. Assistant: Maciej Wróbel Production: Aleksandra Leliwa-Piechowska special thanks to: Panasonic Polska Promise Technology Lastolite Dicam Røde Microphones & SPECTO

RED, KD 5207 Vis3

'JP' is a short documentary following JP Flynn on his road to the National Football League.

By Drew Crosby
Canon Mark IV, FJ 8563 RL
V Encuentro de Diálogos de Flautas y Tambores

Traditional Colombian Music

By Mateo Leguizamon
Sony A7R2, FJ Velvia 100
Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a short film inspired by the Yemen refugee issue in Jeju island. Paradise can often be associated with a place of exceptional happiness and delight, and I am sure every day each one of us at some point during the day scrolls through their Instagram feed searching for the perfect vacation spot, and our own piece of paradise, where we can escape from all our troubles and the realities that surround us. Since the Yemeni refugees arrived on Jeju in April and May 2018, they have clearly found it difficult to integrate into the society but they are trying their best to fit in. We question the idea of what does paradise means. Is a place of beauty or is it something as simple as having a place to live? This short film was produced just 24 hours after another Saudi-led airstrike bombs down on a school bus killing at least 29 children. During filming one of the refugees, we met told us, “When I heard the news about the airstrike (on the 9th August) it was too p

By Neil George