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Panasonic GH4, FJ Ast 100
Yan Marczewski réglages Film Convert

By newfriends productions
GH5s, FJ Velvia 100
Yarn 2058

This beautiful film spotlights artist Melissa Spratt and Relative Creative as they collaborate on this textile piece of protest art. The artwork is contemporary in nature while the film is nostalgic in style. The aim was to compliment the nostalgia that yarn invokes while emphasis on the process and philosophy of this exciting piece of artwork that is described as futures map. This works was graded with FilmConvert.

By salvador
Canon C100, Gh4, FUJI 8563
You Betta Belize It

Its my first documentary went to the beautiful country of Belize and captured my home church's first mission trip. My weapons of choice are GH4 and C100. Color graded with Film convert and Final cut x

By almediagroup
Sony FS7, FJ 8553 ET
Young and Fishing with Sam Shuker

Our first film for Dorset Coast Forum. Sam Shuker, a 17 year old trainee commercial fisherman takes us out on a scallop boat from Lyme Regis and tells it like it is. He works long hours, determined to get as much experience as he can ready for the day when he is old enough to skipper a boat himself. Despite having all his fisherman tickets, Sam is also going to train to be a commercial diver, so that he can hand dive for scallops. He talks about the importance of the marine reserve for his fishery. He's seen first-hand the ups and downs his fisherman father has gone through so he knows he's chosen one of the toughest careers out there. But he loves the sense of freedom fishing brings. He says 'the opportunities I have - it's so much more than a job, it's something I live for. I am determined to fight for it and if I have to rebuild it.'

By Simon
5d Mark 3, KD 5207 Vis3

A short and personal film about the birth of our son, our endless love and the way I think that God looks at us. Don't forget to use the subtitles, the video is in Dutch. English subs are added. Its my submission for the FilmConvert competition. Filmed with the 5d Mark 3 in Raw (ML). #filmconvert

By Gerbert Floor
Sony FDR-X3000, KD 5207 Vis3
Zipline Short FilmConvert Vlog - by Tatay (dad) and Lucas

Recently I was issued with a PWD card (Person With Disability), I didn't have that before. It's an orthopedic disability, but it won't stop me from telling good stories. Watch our story, my son Lucas and I.

By Lexian Avestruz
Marian Hirschfeld, Kamil Hertwig, FJ 8543 VD
ZipZap - From Cape Towns Streets to the Circus

The Nongovernmental Organization “ZipZap: Inspiring kids for life” offeres kids a new home, a meaning and a place to live and learn. For many kids this means the way from the barracks to the big stages. However, the over twothousand kids and youngsters stem from different social strata and are affected from different pasts. In ZipZap they are all equal and have same chance to enter the circus family. This was the case for Aviwe, who came to the circus school as a youngster and returned home after years, saying “Now I am feeling like I am going into the right direction. ZipZap changed my life”.

By Marian Hirschfeld
Canon 600d, KD 5207 Vis3
ГОНКА ГЕРОЕВ. 19 сентября 2015 года

19 сентября 2015 года в подмосковном Алабино проходило мероприятие "Гонка героев",организованное при поддержке министерства обороны Российской федерации.В мероприятии приняла участие команда выпускников и студентов РГУ Нефти и Газа под названием - "Сталь"!

Canon 600d,sigma 30 mm
Graded with FilmConvert

By Maxim Mikheev
Sonya7s2, KD P400 Ptra

Shot on Sony A7S II. Lenses: Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS, Sigma AF 50mm f/1.4 + Сommlite. Color : Filmconvert Thanks for watching

By rustam
Canon eos 600D, Plrd 600
تحت الركام | under the rubble

فيلم وثائقي قصير يعرض حال السوريين في السنين الاخيرة

By Ibrahim abo koba