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RED Scarlet-X, Kd 5213 Vis3
Marty Knapp - Portrait of a Photographer (4K - FilmConvert)

This short profile film on Marty Knapp is a personal project. Marty has been photographing the landscapes of Northern California and the surrounding areas near Point Reyes for over 25 years. His work portrays the coastal wilderness area in the classic manner of the great American landscape photographer.

*To view the film in 4k Resolution: select "Original" in the Quality settings.

For more on Marty Knapp visit:

Director: Logan Kelsey

Camera: RED Scarlet-X
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Film Stock Emulator: FilmConvert

Music composed and scored by: Dexter Britain

By Logan Kelsey
RED Epic, KD 5207 Vis3

This footage was all shot on the RED EpicX with Nikon and Tokina lenses on Inishark and Inishbofin, Ireland this summer of 2013. The original footage is also posted here, but this was processed using FilmConvert software in Premiere Pro using the Kodak 5207 setting. Music was performed by local musicians contracted for the larger project, Cultural Landscapes of the Irish Coast. This was originally put together for the locals to see what we did with our time there, so various people show up in shots for the fun of it, like Tommy Burke's knee!

By William Donaruma
RED Epic, KD 5207 Vis3

All footage was shot on a RED EpicX with Nikon and Tokina Lenses. Music was by local musicians contracted for the 'soundtrack' for the ongoing project we are producing, Cultural Landscapes of the Irish Coast. The original video may also be seen here, but this one was processed using FilmConvert software in Premiere Pro with the Kodak 5207 setting.

By William Donaruma
Panasonic GH2, KD 5207 Vis3
True Blue

By Fernando André
Sony FS700EK, KD 5207 Vis3
Urlaub auf Langeoog - FilmConvert

Urlaub auf einer Nordsee Insel ist eine Erholung für die Seele. Diese Momente wurden in einmaligen Bildern aufgenommen und spiegelt das Urlaubsleben auf Langeoog wieder. Endspannung, Natur und Freiheit.

By Christian Lehrke
5d mk ii, IL Fn P4
5D MKII Raw with Film Convert

Raw video on 5d2 is amazing!!! Shooting raw dramatically improves the detail and dynamic range in each shot. Looking at theDNG files on Photoshop will blow your mind. Being able to color correct these clips with so much freedom is so refreshing. The quality of RAW files compared to the super compressed .H264 files is night and day.

Even though the new raw feature in magic lantern is great, there are some things that need to be fixed in order for this feature to be more reliable. Overall it has been an amazing experience shooting RAW and I have faith that Magic Lantern will improve this feature so that it is more usable in real world situations.

This is a step by step list that helped me with my workflow:

shot on 5d mark ii using a canon FD 70-210mm lens
Color Corrected in Photoshop CS6
Color Graded using Film Convert

By Omar Torres
Nikon D7100, KD 5207 Vis3
Gracias (Que Nada Te Detenga) Filmconvert

Este vídeo va dedicado a mi papá... Y todos los demás padres.
This video goes dedicated to my father... And all the other fathers.

Shot on Nikon D7100

Filmación: Matías Rispau & Juan Lopez
Música: Boris C.Q.

By Matias Rispau
5DII, KD 5207 Vis3
Nature, You So Crazy. Vol. 1: A Snail Eats A Thing (A FilmConvert Project)

Shot with a Canon 5D2 with Tamron APS-C 60m Macro lens
Lit using The Kick from Rift Labs (
Audio: "hydroscope" by Gallery Six (
Graded with FilmConvert Pro in AE

By Chris Curl
Red Epic #04477, FJ 8553 ET
Didcot Railway Centre (Graded with Film Convert)

I took a trip to Didcot Railway Centre in Oxfordshire hoping to get some interesting shots. I was in luck as some of the staff were being trained to drive a little loco. Probably one of the most pleasant afternoons I have ever spent!

This film was graded using the awesome Film Convert software which turns red footage in to something really special! The music is from

Camera - Red Epic
Lenses - Canon 100-400mm L Series, Olympus Zuiko 16mm + 50mm primes.

My setup was very simple. The Epic had the battery side grip and a 5" monitor + a few Red Volt batteries and 3 X 128gb mags. I also had a carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod which is both light and strong. The Epic is surprisingly easy to use and despite filming in 5K the footage is easy to edit and grade!

By Greg Harris
Sony FS100, FJ 8543 VD
Chevrolet Impala - Sony FS100 with Film Convert

My brother bought this sweet Chevrolet Impala from 1971 a while back and ever since we wanted to make a video with it. It's such a beautiful car, that you just have to do something with on film.
We're playing with the idea of creating a longer narrative project with a story and I wanted to test out some shots/styles, mainly driving shots from the outside.
I sort of missed the first wave of the Film Convert hype, but I just bought the Plugin for FCP X and it is really lovely. It takes the Sony FS100 digital look completely out of the image and makes it very organic. I've been playing with different looks, but I quite like the one in this video (Details at the end).
I used the fabulous F&V Lighting Z180s to light my brother inside the car. I used the diffusion filter with the CTO to create a warm hair light and just added some fill from the front to expose him more against the background.

For these shots and the edit, I am rather inspired by the "Supe

By Phil Arntz