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Canon C200, FJ Ast 100
Robin Nyman – Not the average Entrepreneur

After a period of not feeling well, Robin decided to do something creative and different with his life. Starting a business, not mainly for profit, but to create a place where people could meet.

By Anders Eklund
Sony a7rii, KD 5207 Vis3
5 Minutes with Mr. Woodland

This short documentary showcases the story and the work behind the Munich (München, Germany) based street artist "Mr. Woodland". He is one of those 90’s kids dazzled by the color blazing on walls all along the train lines, he was lured by the possibilities of this new phenomenon. He picked up his first hardware store can and sprayed in 1993. Starting with letters and classic graffiti traditions, a point came when Mr. Woodland decided that characters and figure based motifs were the path for him.

By Fabain Klein
Canon EOS 80D, FJ H400 Pro
Procession of The Fogareu

Procession of the Fogaréu. Traditionally, since 1745, at midnight Thursday of the Holy Week, to the sound of drums and light of torches, 40 men hooded and barefoot, "The Farricocos ", GO out the streets of the historical center of the City of Goiás Velho, in the State of Goias, Brazil and simulate the persecution of Christ By the Roman soldiers. The ritual last approximately one hour. The procession passes through the main churches of the city. They start at the church of the "Good Death", heading towards the church of the Rosary, where the empty table of the Holy Supper is located. Then they end up in the Church of San Francisco, which represents the Mount of Olives. The sound of a clarinet and the banner of Jesus in the hands of the white tunic Farricoco announce that Christ was captured. The ritual ends at the gates of the Church of "Good Death", where the procession began. In 2018, the ritual took 20000 people to the city of Goiás.

By Nilo Resende
sony a7s, KD 5207 Vis3
Teaser - La Luce Infinita

La Luce Infinita - Tales From The North Arianna Tricomi went on a journey to the north of Norway. She invited a lot of friends to join her celebrating spring shredding, a world title and the end of a amazing ski season. The action took place in Finnmark’s coast mountains around a beautiful little fisher town called Bergsfjord. Where the daylight is infinite and the ocean is surrounding every peak. Riders: Arianna Tricomi, Sven Rauber, Craig Murray, Tobias Huber, Georg Stückler, Lucas Mangold, Lui Hagelstein, Markino Grigis Camera/Edit/Color: Marco Tribelhorn (color graded with Film Convert) Drone: Nicola Grigis Music: Infinity Senders "Bergsfjord Theme"

By Marco Tribelhorn
FS7, FJ Prov 100
Corvette Invasion 2018

Over 700 corvettes from all over the country came together for this year's Corvette Invasion 2018. Hosted by the Circuit of the Americas F1 Track in Austin TX. Highlight film covers the entire event from both ground and sky.

By Jonathan Lucan
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, FJ 8563 RL

The confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was politically divisive, but Walt Whitman's 19th century wisdom is timeless. In 1892, the poet wrote in prose: "I have sometimes thought, indeed, that the sole avenue and means of a reconstructed sociology depended, primarily, on a new birth, elevation, expansion, invigoration of woman." Towards the end of his life in 1888, he added "America" to his collection "Leaves of Grass," and then recited four lines from the poem, onto a wax cylinder recording, before he died (it is the only record of his voice in existence): "Centre of equal daughters, equal sons, All, all alike endear’d, grown, ungrown, young or old, Strong, ample, fair, enduring, capable, rich, Perennial with the Earth, with Freedom, Law and Love" And the written poem proceeds to say: "A grand, sane, towering, seated Mother, Chair’d in the adamant of Time." This poetry film combines my documentation of the minutes after Kavanaugh's confirmation,

By H. Paul Moon
Go Pro Hero 6, FJ Ast 100

Category Six or CAT 6 racing or refers to commuter cyclists who race one another during their commutes to work. Category Six racing starts when a stranger riding a bike tries to pass another cyclist and the other cyclist speeds up rather than let them pass. This creates an impromptu "CAT 6 race."

By Terry Barentsen
Canon 5D Mk III, KD TMx 100

This is the story of artist Paolo Sandulli and his emotional bond with an 800 years old tower (Asciola) in Praiano, Amalfi Coast. He's been working there for 30 years and now he risks to have her taken away from him.

By Edoardo Sandulli
Sony FS5 , FJ Velvia 100

SMACK Thom Snels Ton Meijdam Belá Zsigmond ONKAOS Production : Executive produces : Oscar Hormigos Filmmaker & Editor : Alberto Triano DOP : Diego SImón Color Grading & Sound Design : Ted Trayan Music : Artlist All the images of Bosch are from Wikimedia Foundation Recorded with Sony FS5 + Shogun Inferno & Sony A7SII (Grading with Filmconvert) Hieronymus Bosch for the information age, created by a three- headed monster. In other words, Paradise by the Dutch design trio, Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels and Béla Zsigmond, a.k.a. Studio Smack. Originally commissioned by the MOTI Museum Bleda to mark the 500th anniversary of Bosch’s death, this garden of digital delirium now has a permanent home less than a kilometre from the Dutch painter’s masterpiece in the Prado Museum. Lust dominates the central panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights; here, the excesses of 21st-century society take centre stage. Sex is ever-present, with rows of penis-horse riders circling mid-screen; bran

Sony a7s, FJ 8543 VD
Fighter: The Legend of Muay Thai

hailand’s old Muay Thai fighters struggle to preserve their traditional martial art as the nation’s culture continues to be more commercialised. Wisarut Wat Suksiriwararak is an old Muay Thai fighter from Pai in Northern Thailand. He fought in bouts all around Thailand up until his retirement in 1992. He now runs his own gym in Pai, passing down his knowledge of Thailand’s traditional martial art to both locals and visitors from around the world. However, over the past few decades, authentic practices of Muay Thai have slowly being fading away changing as Thailand’s culture has become increasingly commercialised. With a growing impetus on financial incentives and entertainment, is this historic martial art beginning to move away from its proud heritage?

By Marko Randelovic
Canon EOS 80D, KD 5207 Vis3
Uberaba: The Land of The Dinossaurs

Known as the "Land of the Dinosaurs", the city of Uberaba, in the state of Minas gerais, is the most fossilized place in Brazil. The Dinosaur Museum is set in a railway station built in the English style in 1889 in the district of Peirópolis. The museum has a rich collection of fossils of dinosaurs and other Vertebrates.

By Nilo Resende
LumiX GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Camacho Big 20's

The resilience, empowerment and mental strength that an athlete needs are normally not mentioned or not recognized. Camacho is 20 years old and #68 in the world, that’s not an easy task for sure.

By Arturo Silva
Sony A7RII, FJ 8543 VD
The Artist Series: On Yoga - Episode 3 | Power of Touch

An age old practice of self-awareness, self-improvement, self-love, harmony and strength. Yoga has created peace across our world, from prison in mates to at-risk youth but the divide in our society as a whole is still prevalent. The artist series on Yoga dives into the lives of yoga instructors, sound healers, massage therapy and bringing communities together to spread the love of the practice and bring more peace and courage to a world that is in desperate need of more love. Please share this series with everyone as I know the impact made will start to turn the wheels of change. Presented by "Legendary Media House", Orange County CA Filmed and Edited by "David Lee" Equipment used: Sony A7RII, Canon 1DX Mark II SLR Magic 50mm F1.1, Tamron 24-70 G2 Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects CC Graded with Magic Bullet Looks and FilmConvert | Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Events | Documentaries & Short Films

By David C Lee
Sony A7RII, FJ 8543 VD
A Brush With Love

Time is never a luxury, rather it's a constant reminder that we just do what we love and believe in ourselves from the beginning. For Amanda Siobhan, her world revolves around her passions - art, acting and living a full life. This narrative documentary focuses not on simply who she is and what her hobbies are, no...more importantly it's about her message; believing in yourself and allowing the little voice inside of you that's been telling you to believe in yourself to be heard. Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by - David Lee Equipment Used: Sony A7RII, Canon 1DX Mark II Tamron 24-70 G2, Tamron 45 F1.8 VC, SLR Magic 50mm F1.1 Aputure 120D, Rode NTG-2, Rode Videomic Pro, Glidecam HD 4000 Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects CC 2018 Graded with Magic Bullet Looks, Film Convert and Trapcode Shine | Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Events | Documentaries & Short Films Twitter: Inst

By David C Lee
Sony A7SII, FJ 8543 VD
Ballerait Coutelier

Knife maker in the city of Paris. Ballerait is a great craftsmen.

By Jean Baptiste Le Van