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Canon 1DC, Plrd 600
Sacrosanct - The Sacred Streets of India by Ekafilms

A lot has changed in the last 50 years and India has witnessed major westernization in their culture. In this ever-changing world, there are people who are still the same, committed, concerned, cautious; intellectually curious, linguistically witty; socially active, sometimes awkward; quick to laugh, slow to anger. They still haven't taken up the increasingly advancing social networking on the internet and they care least about it. People are still living in the same old streets which haven't been exposed to this modernization. Shot, Directed and edited by Shrishail Hiremath. Graded with FilmConvert Pro Camera: Canon 1DC

By Shrishail
Panasonic GH4, FJ SuperX 400
A Boulder Summer

This is a tribute to the moments of summer and a glimpse into the community of Boulder, Colorado. Created for the 2014 TEDx Boulder conference by Balcony Nine Media.

Our two-person team shot and edited the piece in ten days. Filmed on the Panasonic GH4 in the Cinelike-D profile. Lenses included the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.8G, Nikon AIS 28mm f/2.8, & SLR Magic 12mm t/1.6. Metabones Speedbooster featured prominently. Motion shots were captured using the CAME-7500 3 Axis Gimbal. Edited in Adobe Premiere. Graded with FilmConvert.

Director | Producer: Katie Stjernholm
Cinematographer | Editor: Jon William Brumbaugh | | | | @balconynine

Music: "Echo" by Jordan Critz. Licensed via

Thank you to the local people and places that agreed to appear:
-Boulder Beer | www.boulderbeer.

By Jonathan Brumbaugh
Canon EOS 6D, Fuji Pro 160s
The italian touch

From the 18th-26th of July 2014 I was selected to participate in Favellalab project. 8 creative people who have provided evidence on the web to be a source of creative inspiration spent eight days together in a beautiful farm.

The mission is for each person, to create a video that has the theme: “Be free to …”

"The Italian Touch" is my tribute to Italian food and produce. Discover the art behind the best culinary tradition in the world.

See more about Favellalab project:
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Shoot using:
Phantom DJI II with GoPro Hero 3
Canon 6D @ 1920 30p

Lens used:
Canon 24-70 2.8 USM
Canon 50 1.4
Canon 24-105 IS 4.0

Yann Tiersen - Summer Nursery Rhyme, No. 3

Color Grading:
Film Conve

By Oliver Astrologo

By Ignacio Ortega
5D MK3, FJ Velv 100
SOBER // Short Documentary

My friend Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.

Canon 5DMK3/ Sony Ruvi & Filmconvert

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Gareth Bowler
Music: Soul Battles by Ryan Taubert (
Thank you: Mum, Dad, John, Denice, Workington Crossfit.


"Inspiring, honest and brave. People need to see this."

"Powerful and extremely moving."

"The film holds the exact reasons for why I am overcoming years and years of serious clinical depression."

"This is truly inspirational!"


"So emotional and so proud well done"

"Inspirational and outstanding. Take a look at this. 3 minutes 50 that you will treasure."

"very very special indeed."

"I have a lump in my throat and goosebumps from head to toe."

By gareth bowler
Canon 5D MK3, FJ Velv 100

In 2013 I lost almost 10 Stone (140pounds) so the message in this motivational video is very close to my heart.

5D MK3 & Filmconvert

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Gareth Bowler
Music: We are Infinite by salomon ligthelm (
Thank you: Uncle Bob, Mum, Dad, John, Denice, IPSWICH YM RUFC Rugby Union, the Coomber family

Ben Coomber is a Performance Nutritionist, public speaker, writer & coach. Ben teaches personal trainers, fitness & health enthusiasts, sports teams & companies around the world about nutrition, health, performance, & business growth.

By gareth bowler
Red Epic X, KD 5207 Vis3
Dusty Hernandez-Harrison "Voices"

Currently a finalist in the Sharp "Art of Amazing" competition and showing at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Please vote at

Sometimes you meet someone, and hear a story that has so much heart and courage, that you can’t help but tell it. Dusty Harrison is one of those stories. He’s a 20 year old that’s been stepping into the ring with grown men since he was 16, looking for a way in the world that lets him use the gifts he was given.

Dusty came up in the tough streets of Southeast DC, kept on the straight and narrow by the love of a father who didn’t want him to repeat the mistakes he had. He put gloves on dusty at 2, and pushed him every day of his life, and together they are finding salvation.

Now at 22-0, Dusty Hernandez Harrison (@dusty30th) is the biggest draw to come out of DC since Sugar Ray Leonard, and the 15th ranked welterweight in the world. Since we met Dusty last year, we fell in love with his st

By Dave Adams
Canon EOS C100, FJ 8543 VD

“The sunrise is G-d’s greeting – the sunset, His signature.” I set out to capture a short piece that would paint this spectacle and enable Sydneysiders to share this moment we are able to experience every evening with their friends and family across the world.

'Tomorrow' is a film that captures the beauty and emotion of a sunset in Sydney behind the city skyline. To me, a sunset is about the ending of 24 hours and the transition to a new day, a time we are able to reflect on the past, enjoy the present and contemplate our future. 'Tomorrow' was filmed from Rose Bay and Dover Heights over a period of two sunsets.

For licensing enquiries, you can contact me via Vimeo or my website.

Website -
Instagram -
Facebook -
Graded using FilmConvert

Music: Found, Ryan Taubert

By Asher Shellim
Gopro hero3+ black edition, KD p400 ptra

Footage from my Gopro Hero 3+ on a Dji Phantom 2.
It's been a dream come true to be able to get footage like this.

Music by: ODEZSA-Say My Name
Graded using Film Convert

By Jonathan Fuentes
Panasonic GH3, Fuji Super X 400
The Weight of Mountains

This is a short film about the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed. It is based upon the work of British geographer L. Dudley Stamp, and was shot in Iceland.

Physical geography and geology is an enormous and fascinating subject, and this film only touches upon the surface of the discipline. For those who wish to further advance their knowledge in this field, additional reading and research is recommended.

The film was created as part of The Weight of Mountains filmmaker residency program. For more information please visit

Animation courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Graded with Film Convert

By Temujin Doran
Panasonic GH4, KD P400 Ptra
Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como film in 4K UHD filmed with GH4, graded with Filmconvert

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como in 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution. Copyright 2014 VARNA STUDIOS Photo & Cinema VARNA STUDIOS Photo & Cinema is available for destination wedding photography and cinematography at Villa Balbianello. This short film 'TRIP TO VILLA BALBIANELLO' was filmed by Aurelijus Varna with 4K UHD Panasonic camera GH4. Most of the shots were filmed handheld or using Glidecam HD4000. Villa Balbianello. I visited this stunning wedding venue in Italy with my wife while being on holidays at Lake Como, Italy. From the beginning to the end of the trip I was filming and taking stills to show the beauty and amazing location of the Villa Balbianello. Villa Balbianello is one of most beautiful destination wedding venues I ever visited. It is in the Lake Como, Italy surrounded by amazing mountains and luxury villas. One of the scenes of Cafe Royal was filmed at this place with James Bond. The Star Wars film was film the

By Aurelijus Varna
BlackMagic 2.5K, KD 5207 Vis3
Pedro Coelho - Um brasileiro do Sertão

Direção: Elias Batista
Direção de Fotografia: Magnus Campos
Produção: Alexandre Kruger

FilmConvert Pro

Um brasileiro nascido em berço seco e árido, vaqueiro por nascimento e excelência. Montado em seu cavalo arredio que se deixa chamar por delinquente, ele se impõe em meio à vegetação seca do semi-árido nordestino. Rosto rachado pelo sol. No corpo, além da poeira e suor, marcas dos muitos espinhos que insistiram em riscá-lo por entre as frestas de sua armadura de couro. Essa é a imagem do vaqueiro Pedro Coelho, símbolo de fortaleza e resistência que retrata o forte desbravador do sertão. Figura eternizada no imaginário popular e na literatura de escritores como Euclides da Cunha, Guimarães Rosa, Ariano Suassuna e o poeta Patativa de Assaré, que assim dizia:

“Eu venho desde menino
desde muito pequ

By Elias Batista