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Arri Alexa Mini, FJ 8543 VD

Since I was a kid I had two things that fascinated me, space and movie making. I was fascinated by science, rockets and imagined myself becoming the first human to set foot on Mars. I took science and film classes during the summer, I worked hard to keep good grades, I did everything I thought will get me closer to my dream. But at 17 my parents divorced due to my mother mental illness, and one day I had no father, no house, no money, a very sick mother, and a small brother and sister that were looking up to me. For years we lived with friends, and relatives, and after a long list of mistakes, I reached bottom. I was homeless and broken. But God, the Universe, call it whatever you want, put people in my path that were able to see who could I become. I met the most beautiful human being, my wife, who showed me and taught me how to dream again. We came to this country 20 years ago, and now we have 3 amazing kids. I’ll take them to every rocket launch (even if they have to miss school

By Ricardo Bernardini
Sony fs5, FJ 8543 VD
you'll never be alone | filmconvert

-YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE- Regia - Scenografia-Riprese-Montaggio : Fabio Fornaro​ CAST Alessandro Nicodemo​ Marialaura Milite​ Miriana De Vivo​ Sara Tarulli​ Martina Bottiglieri Imma Giordano​ Alessandro Palumbo​ Johnny Sorrentino​ Annalaura Califano​ Alfonso Ferrentino​ COLORIST: Ciro Ascione​ RINGRAZIAMENTI SPECIALI Family lounge dinner​ ( NOCERA INFERIORE) Charlotte Cava de Tirreni​ (CAVA DE TIRRENI)

By fabio
C100, FJ 8543 VD
The Last Day

A first date leads to a promise to start something unusual.

By Patrick Joshua Hodgson
Ursa Mini Pro, KD P400 Ptra
Legend of the Harvest Curse

In 1800s New England, a young girl has to be brave if she’s going to save her family from an evil visitor. Director: Jeremy Major DOP: Chris Sherry Producer: Christena Hampson Go behind the scenes at

By Jeremy Major
Sony a7 r3, FJ Prov 100

Directed by Sergey Khodakovskiy ( Graded by "FilmConvert" Producer: Veranika Model: Vera Butakova @bytakova_vera Dress designers: @larisol_dress @voronovadress Jewerly designer: @getman_marina

By sergey Khodakovskiy
Canon 5D, FJ 8543 VD

A psychology drama that revolves around the story of Suzzane and her psychologically afflicted brother Jerry, who evinces the symptoms of Schizophrenia. How does Jerry reciprocate to Dr. Janvi? How does he react when he realizes his sister has fallen in love? And eventually, what did he try to do?? Processing credits - FilmConvert Written & Directed By- SHREYAS SRIKANTH Presented By- Story Lover’s Craft & FILMHOLIC MOTION PICTURES Editor- RAGHAVENDRA H GOWDA Cinematographer- HARSHA CHETAN E Assistant Director of Photography- RAMABHADRAN TIRUPATTUR Music- ANEESH SHEKHAR G Associate Music Composer- EMMANUEL DAN Sound- NEHESH POLL https:/

Blackmagic Pocket , KD 5207 Vis3

Post-Human is a scifi proof-of-concept short based on the award-winning and bestselling series of novels by David Simpson. Amazingly, filmed over just three hours by a crew of three, the short depicts the opening of Post-Human, drawing back the curtain on the Post-Human world and letting viewers see the world and characters they’ve only been able to imagine previously. You’ll get a taste of a world where everyone is immortal, have onboard mental “mind’s eye” computers, nanotechnology can make your every dream a reality, and thanks to the magnetic targeted fusion implants every post-human has, everyone can fly (and yep, there’s flying in this short!) But there’s a dark side to this brave new world, including the fact that every post-human is monitored from the inside out, and the one artificial superintelligence running the show might be about to make its first big mistake.

By David
Canon 70D, FJ H400 Pro
Time Table

A vision sends a man on a life threatening mission. Entry to FilmConvert contest. Written and Directed by The Parenti Brothers Starring Anthony Parenti Justin Henderson Director of Photography Sean Parenti Music Ender Güney Ross Bugden "Generic Credits Song" by Bellabeth Created by The Parenti Brothers Facebook: Business Inquiries:

By Anthony Parenti
Panasonic Lumix GH4, KD P400 Ptra
The Run

A young man wants to get a kebab, but he is running out of time, so he has to run for it.

By Gabrielius Bagdonas