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Canon 60D, FJ VELV 100
CONTRIVED // FilmConvert Cinematography Competition // 5min cut

This is a short film I shot with some of my closest friends, collectively temporarily known as VSF Films.
It was all of our first short film. Hopefully there will be more in the future.
We are making an extended version of this film, since we had a 5min time constraint.

We filmed it on my 60d and used a 50 1.2L, 24-70 2.8L, a 50 1.8 for the dream sequence to do some lens whacking with, and a Rokinon 16mm.
We used a DIY slider made by my friend Brandon (audio dude for the film) and a DIY jib made by my friend
Ethan. We also used a Flycam, Benro monopod, and spider rig. All the lighting was with these little photo lights Brandon has and whatever natural light we could use and bounce with reflectors.
We shot everything with the superflat picture profile, and magic latern for a closer 180degree shutter angle.
Graded in Final Cut X using Osirus LUT plug-in and Film Convert.

The cast was:
Josiah - Matt Dover By Will Watkins

Canon 5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3

Two addicted. One in front of the other. Each one with his addiction.

Shot with Canon 5d Mark III. Graded with Film Convert.

Directed by Edu Lavandeira.


By Edu
Canon 5D Mark iii, FJ SuperX 400
House of Flowers Film Convert 2014

Film Convert Cinematography Competition 2014 A group of friends go on a tour of Europe. At their last destination, they hope for more fun, but they get more than they bargained for. (This short film was submitted to the Film Convert Cinematography Competition of 2014.) Directed, written, shot, and edited by Brian Hunting.

By Brian Hunting
Panasonic GH1, KD 5207 Vis3
Xlib Club - "Xlib Night"

Overstyled Studio and XLIB club with support of Los Production

Idea - Ivan Tsupka and Andrew Move
Director - Ivan Tsupka
Style - Eva Storm and Andrew Move
Make Up and bodyart - Eva Storm
Support - Nadya Egorova
Sound Design - Murat Makoev
Music - Dyat'ko Stepan, "Polonez"

Andrew Move
Vitali Bard
Anton Feuer

special thanks to: Andrey Balaban and Lena Cooli

graded with filmconvert

By Ivan Tsupka
Canon 5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3

"Mobile Lovers by Banksy" is a love story in the XXI century. Based on the Baksy´s mural "Mobile Lovers". Shot with Canon 5D Mark III. Graded with Film Convert.

Directed by Edu Lavandeira.

By Edu
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Kd 5213 Vis3
Night Journey - Mother's Day Special by @Uninexus Inc (Film Convert Competition)

A dangerous journey for one little girl ! Can she make it to the safety of her Mom's arms ? Based on a Poem "Night Journey" - turn on English captions to follow along. Thanks to Octavo Productions for the music and sound effects. Thanks to Blackmagic Design for Davinci Resolve Lite 10 - Free ! It's an unbelievable value. Used FilmConvert Plugin for Davinci Resolve - great add on ! Based on a Poem "Night Journey" - turn on English captions to follow along. I lay in bed and try to sleep I toss and turn and count the sheep Out of the darkness dragons come This is too much I'm coming Mom ! Across the river and deadly drop I must go on I cannot stop ! Through ancient forests my path must lead, And step by step on trembling feet... I cautiously move alert and then... Look into mirror's ghostly light Reflecting terrors of the night ! I must be brave I'm almost there (These river rocks give me a scare) One reckless step missed by a hair I fall in depth of my despair ! The shore awaits my

By Martin Hryniewiecki
Sony EX-3 & Canon 550d, KD 5207 Vis3

A short film about two good for nothing criminals, Bruce and Billy while they hunt for a suitable target for Billy's gang initiation.

Shot primarily on a Sony EX-3, Pick-ups on a Canon 550d.
Edited using Premiere Pro CC, Titles created in After effects CC. Graded using FilmConvert & Speedgrade CC

All music by Pretty Lights.

By Jack Scotton
Red Epic, KD Vision 3 5213 / IL D3200 / KD TrX400
Clouds of Memories (Film Convert)

"Some painful memories are just too precious to let go."

An old man, who wants to forget, has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Starring: Nirut Sirijanya (The Hangover Part II) and Suchao Pongvilai
Directed by Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn

Screenings and Awards: (Full Version)
• Bangkok International Student Film Festival (2014) – Official Selection
• Flagship City International Student Film Festival, Pennsylvania, USA (2014) – Official Selection
• World Arts Film Festival, Florida, USA (2014) – Official Selection
• Monarch Film Festival, California, USA (2013) – Official Selection
• Entertainment Media Exhibition 2013, Mahidol University (Best Film)

I reedited this version and then regraded using Film Convert plugin (Adobe version). This version is shorter. The original version is 15 minutes.

We shot "Clouds of Memories" with Red Epic, but unfortunately my laptop weren'

By Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn
Sony FS100, Plrd 600
Olówek / Pencil (FilmConvert)

CAST (in order of appearance)
Jacek Skrzypek
Joanna Jaxa-Chamiec
Filip Maleszewski
Olga Skrzypek
Michal Bogdanowicz
Jan Skrzypek

DIRECTOR Janek Cichy
PRODUCER Aleksandra Leszczynska
PRODUCTION La Polaca Productions

CAMERA OPERATOR Michal Slusarczyk

SOUND MIX Wojtek Urbanski

PROD. DESIGNER Jagoda Valkov
AND MAKE-UP Julia Sokolnicka, Agata Was

EDITING Bartek Zytkowiak, Kacper Czubak

PROD. MANAGER Jacek Skrzypek
SET MANAGER Wojtek Duszynski

LIGHT Heliograf
CRANE Filip Maleszewski
DOLLY Andrzej Maleszewski

PHOTOS Aleksandra Leszczynska
CATERING Marek Leszczynski

By Kacper Czubak