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Canon 5D Mark II, FJ 8543 VD
Where am I ?

I will leave...with my illusions in mist and wishes in road...and i don't know what will happen to my memories on earth ...

Shot on 5D Mark II, edited in Premiere cs6, Graded in DaVinci Resolve, Grain Added by Film Convert
By: Hamid ghodrati
Music: Commencement (Tu Ne Tueras Point) Zbigniew Preisner
Title design: Foad alijani

Please watch HD & full screen !

By Hamid ghodrati
7d, KD 5207 Vis3
The Grievance Clause - 168 Film Project 2013 (Film Convert)

Our first submission film for the 2013 168 Film Project. Estranged siblings struggle with bitterness in their hearts and it's impact on an overlooked blessing. Assigned Verse: Proverbs 14:9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast: Claudia Dimartino as "Leah Difazio" Joseph Steven as "Peter Difazio" Ashley McGee as "Dominic Prince ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Executive Producer: Brian Hemenway Produced by: Beth Vickers Directed by: Pat "Cardi" Cardamone Written by: Tara Knight & Beth Vickers Origina Score by: Troy Maturo DP: Justin Gum

By paul rio
Nikon D5200, KD P400 Ptra
FilmConvert to Major Tom

Nikon D5200 / Premiere Pro / FilmConvert
Music: Teen Pharmacy Expo by Kevin Sullivan & Mike Witting © 2013

By Alan M Marino
Canon 7D, KD 5207 Vis3
City Series: San Francisco

The second in a series of city symphonies. First, New York ( Third, Seattle ( Next, Valparaiso, Chile, coming August 31st.

"In the the 1920s the movies were still relatively young, and an evolving modernist aesthetic embraced all things new, sleek, fast, and urban. Not surprisingly, a common focus of the cinematic avant-garde during this era was on the power, and excitement of cities. In both Europe and the US, a small genre of films that became know as 'city symphonies' attempted to capture the spirit, uniqueness, and poetry of a city by assembling images of everyday life in that city. These early films and their offsprings often utilized what film historian Bill Nichols has termed the 'poetic mode' of documentary film production--an attempt to move away from the 'objective' reality of a given situation or people in order to grasp at an inner 'truth' that can only be conveyed by poetical manipulations of mood, tone, time,

By Miles Crist
GoPro Hero 3, FJ 8543 VD
Transformations FilmConvert

Entry for FilmConvert competition

Film stock: Fuji 8543 VD

Music Credits: Fabrizio Paterlini - Veloma (Creative Commons License)

By Manuel Domes
The Portrait - Alt. Opening Scene | Graded with Filmconvert

Alternative opening music by Chris Bradley, voiceover omitted.
Short film "The Portrait" by Anastasia Starova and Igor Ryabchuk.

By Igor Ryabchuk