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Canon C100 ii, FJ SuperX 400

A mother's worst nightmare comes to life as her 3 year old daughter, Catherine, vanishes suddenly and without a trace. As the mother searches frantically for her child it becomes clear that she will never see her beautiful baby again and that Catherine was never lost. LOST was filmed on a zero dollar budget and was made to bring awareness to the unknown personal trials and horrors associated with the degeneration of the mind, with the hopes of inspiring sensitivity and patience with those who suffer from such conditions.

By Reggie Brown
Canon C100 ii, FJ 8553 ET
Little Trees

Little Trees is a experimental short film that was shot, edited, color graded and sound designed by Reggie A Brown. With "Orson Welles War of the Worlds" 1938 radio broadcast playing throughout in this experimental film, I had a strong focus on abstract editing with a old school 16mm film feel - mixed with a new age digital feel, and music that causes dread along with a solid sound design. No audio was recorded during the video recording process, instead, the audio was later recorded and replaced in the post process. My goal was to make this short in a way that'll be memorable and make the audience say, "that was fucking weird", but they'll like it anyway.

By Reggie Brown
Blackmagic Pocket 4k, FJ 8553 ET

This feature film explores the boggled mind of Elliot; a teenager who is haunted by the death of his mother and sister who were killed during a family camping trip. But Elliot can only remember partial segments of that misfortune. As he tries to piece together all of the events that lead up to their tragic death, his memory is triggered by certain objects - a bracelet that his sister Ellie wore, pictures of his family, newspaper articles about the death of his mother and sister, a jewelry box, fire, and a bell.

By Reggie Brown