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Sony a7iii, FJ 8543 VD
Inspirational shoot in Athens

A fashion film by Anthony Venitis for Hollywood Hills bridal designer Kite & Butterfly. Find your true LOVE between the vibrating Athenian old town and the ruins of Acropolis. Big thanks to the amazing team: Cinematography, Beyond Vision Wedding Films Concept, Organization and Styling, Kiss from Fleur Fine Art Photography, Cornelia Lietz (including the cover photo) Bridal Dresses, Kite and Butterfly Coordination, Ellwed Magazine Flower Decoration, Petridis LV Headpieces and Accessories, Heart of Gold Venue, The Loft Hair and Makeup Artist, Athena Skouvakis Muse via Ace Models Love Letters, Ceremony by Rakor Balloons, The B

By Anthony Venitis
Panasonic Gh5, FJ 8543 VD


By Maxim
Sony A7r III, FJ 8553 ET
Calvin Klein - underwear

Calvin Klein commercial shot. I just want try something different. I take music and speech from original commercial and edit my own camera shots, edit them and color grade. Just 4 fun and learn. Model @kac.key Camera, edit, grade @tellingerfilms Brand @calvinklein #calvinklein #calvinkleinunderwear #beautifulgirl #sexy #nasty #prettygirls #commercial #advertising #underwears #underwearmodel #olomouc #sonyvideography #cinematography #colorgrading #imwoman #filmconvert

By Martin Tellinger
Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k, KD 5213 Vis3

Welcome to the KAYOS restaurant! This is no ordinary restaurant, here noodles are exchanged for yarn and you don't become what you eat - You wear it! When fashion brand Only & Sons contacted us, they asked us for something out of the ordinary for their new collection named KAYOS. With the clothes being inspired by asian cuisine, we found inspiration in old kung fu films and their way of telling a story. Enjoy this grindhouse-fashion-kung-fu-kitchen commercial!

By Julius Houkjær
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Somewhere Joshua Tree

Somewhere Joshua Tree has a collection of stunning and unique Airbnbs around the Joshua Tree area and they wanted a brand video that captured the feeling their guests have when visiting the desert. They asked us to create a short film that included new footage we shot for them as well as using some existing footage from our weddings and elopements in Joshua Tree (with the couples’ permission, of course!) It’s been a while since we shot a commercial project and we loved getting to shoot here and show off the beautiful desert where we live. Graded with FilmConvert.

By Jim and Melissa Lakey
Panasonic GH5S, FJ 8553 ET
WMSK: Mountain Bliss Blanket - Kickstarter Campaign

WMSK came to us to create a spot to advertise their Kickstarter Campaign. They expressed they wanted some levity to the piece so we created a small animated character by the name of "Chip". The campaign was a success and the piece was a ton of fun to put together. Primarily graded with FilmConvert FJ 8553 ET and shot with the Panasonic GH5S model w/ Shogun Inferno in Pro Res HQ and a series of Nikkor primes w/ Metabones 64XL.

By Kevin