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Sony A7SII , FJ 8543 VD
- La vita della carne in un Giorno -

Corporate Video La vita della carne in un Giorno Committente:Romano Group Sponsor: ASL BN1 Morcone Sponsor: Centro Fiere Morcone Filmmakers: Aurora Video Printed with FilmConvert FJ 8543 VD

By Aurora Video
Arri Alexa, KD 5207 Vis3

Making of:
- A mix of futuristic clothing, robotics and technology
"3982" was born from IBCO and Ayoub Qanir with the goal of creating a piece of clothing with an aesthetic feature inspired by the idea of a future encompassing and crisscrossing the arts, science and technology; favoring reflection on the system and its context.
The video developed by Codea Studio with the collaboration of IAAC and Bloom has incorporated the techniques used in the creation of clothing, such as laser cut or the 3d dress patterns, in its visual content. The impulse and the technique used in this visual content consists of an iron arm attached to the camera which travels around "3982"
From material and abstraction to concreteness and futurism, a revelation with glimpses of a possible crossing between technology and humanity.
A film by Codea Studio

Co-produced by: FabLab Bcn, Iaac, Ibco, Bloom and Codea Studio
Design & Prod

By Jose rosales
Canon 5D mkIII, Sony FS700, FJ Velo100
"AS SIMPLE AS THAT" Film Convert

Short film displaying the motivation, attention to detail and commitment to excellence when concerning the food at Millwrights Restaurant.
Starring: Chef Tyler Anderson

Film/Edit/Color: Will Talamelli
Cameras: Canon 5D MkIII Sony FS700
"Film Convert"in title after entering Film Convert Cinematography Competition

By Will Talamelli
Sony a7S, KD 5213 Vis3 and KD TMx 100
*Don't - Sweat - F/W* Short Film - FilmConvert

Don’t Sweat is a small independent based brand thats offers high quality streetwear and outerwear pieces in limited quantities. F/W aims to archive an understanding of the contrast between human emotions and nature.

Garments, styling and photography : Jordan Fresher

Models : Angel Contreras, Abraham Ford, Jack Pearcey and Zak Tolly

Music: DimRapaK - Only God Forgives

Created by Daniel Di Franco assisted by David Aindow

Filmed at Perth City and Chris Huzzard Studios with the Sony a7S and various Canon lenses.

- Daniellll FGM

By Daniel Di Franco
Panasonic GH3 & GoPro Hero3 Black+, FJ 8563 RL
235 Broderick, San Francisco CA

Pacific Union Presents, 235 Broderick in San Francisco, California.

It comes as no surprise that 235 Broderick was selected as the 2014 San Francisco DREAM HOUSE with its innovative architecture, its aesthetic beauty, and eco-conscious design. Now it can be your Dream house! This LEED Platinum certified 6 bedroom 4.5 bath, with over 4200 square feet of living space is ideal for a growing family or for people who want a separate workspace at home.

Listing Website:

Scott Kalmbach: t: 415.350.7911 | e: | License# 01795204
Radhi Ahern: t: 415.531.2981 | e: | License# 01411471

Graded with FilmConvert

By Justin Kuzmanich
A7RIII, FJ 8553 ET

24 hours in Bangkok with the brand NIKBEN.

By PS.1984 Studio
Canon C100, FJ 8553 ET, KD 5207 Vis3
Angelo Ambrosia / Starz Denver Film Festival Bumpers 2013

Angelo Ambrosia - Glass Artist

One in a series of bumpers created for the 2013 Starz Denver Film Festival. Five artists were commissioned to create a work of art highlighting the festival theme of "Paint the Town Red". They were given complete creative control and we filmed the process, end product and interviews. Each bumper is 30 seconds, these are both put together with the slides at the end for easier viewing.

This and the other 4 mini documentaries focus on art and what it means to the artist and to the world. Individually they showcase an amazing artist, as a whole they give an idea of what it means to be an "artist".

Each short will be shown before the movies during the festival run, and the finished artwork will be on display in the Filmmakers Lounge at the Denver Pavilions. If you don't make it to the festival please visit their websites at:

Angelo Ambrosia - Glass Blower:

By Oaken Beeson
Red Weapon 8K, KD 5207 Vis3
Ankoku Toshi Jutsu

Film meets digital. Please check out for the real experience. This is a free and own initiative project.

By Konstantinos Sampanis
Sony FS7, FJ AST 100
Another Place

This short promo is a brief glimpse into the creative life and mind of Katie Julia, an incredibly talented artist, photographer and musician.

We spent a day in the studio and a day at the beach to briefly get across what inspires her work and her unique style.

Shot on the Sony FS7 with S-LOG 3 and edited and graded with Premiere CC14 and FilmConvert.

For more information on Katie and her work please visit

By Richard Adam Bailey