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The Elmwood Fund

For over 100 years, girls in green have walked through the doors of this school and were inspired to learn. This is where they have learned to write, to add and subtract, to sing, dance and act, to shoot a foul shot and serve an ace. This is where they have learned to formulate an argument, develop a hypothesis and come to a conclusion. They’ve learned about friendship, about respect and about good citizenship. Inside these walls, they’ve learned how to learn, how to be heard, and how to feel good about themselves. None of this is possible without the community that surrounds and supports this special place. The community that has made these girls their first priority; that invested and believed in them. The community that ensures our girls continue to enjoy an unrivalled educational experience here at Elmwood. Follow in the footsteps of those who have demonstrated their belief in Elmwood, its mission and the promise of every Elmwood girl with a gift to the Elmwood Fund.

By Jordan Wiens
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Flying V Messengers

Flying V Messengers is a donation only service in South Bend, IN. We wanted to take a different approach on this promotional video. Vince, does this service for the good of the city without expecting anything in return, much like what you would see from your comic book super hero.

By Ryan Blaske
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Virtual Travel

The usage of VR (Virtual reality) will provides tourist/client themselves the opportunity to embrace and explore each preferable destination in such a great depth that helps them making travel arrangements. The usage of VR will bring a new dimension and different perspective for the user in contrast with using the traditional method.

By ahmafifzulkepli
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Music & Arts - “Hold On”

Over a year ago, Music & Arts began developing its very first brand commercial. With big ideas and little resources, we kept circling back on the phrase "Hold On." To us, in relation to music, it had multiple meanings. On one hand, it was quite literal: Hold on to your instrument. On the other hand, it was wonderfully etherial: Once music takes hold of your life...hold on! Music changes everything. Satisfied with both meanings, we set out to tell that story using only hands. Over the course of 4 weeks, we were fortunate enough to shoot at a multitude of Music & Arts retail locations, with a handful of music students at Berkeley Springs Highschool in WV, and at the prestigious Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, MD. Finally, bookending the piece, is a simple story of a father, a daughter, and the power of holding on to one's very first musical instrument. Not only does music change everything. It enriches as well.

By Edwin J Koester
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Yuki is the Japanese word for snow. Any attempt to portray Rusutsu without mention of the Yuki that falls here would be a very incomplete illustration of Rusutsu, Hokkaido, or even Japan. The snow is why we go to Japan in the first place, thus in the snow is where our video journey to Rusutsu begins. This is why we dedicate the first episode solely to the incredibly deep and unbelievably light snow that buries Rusutsu each winter. This is the first reason we travel to Japan; to find that feeling we are looking for when we chase Japow.

By George Knowles
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Cocktail | Tie me up, Tie me Down

The short film was used to promote a new cocktail for Lurra Cocina in Des Moines, Iowa

By Michael Wilson