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Canon 1DC, FJ 8553 ET
SEED for Griffith University

Telling Life created this storytelling short film for Griffith Enterprise, as part of Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. We tell the story of the SEED project and how the students fight for having an opportunity in the constantly changing world of music.

Seed is a student enterprise, providing young musicians with hands-on experience in the music industry:

Direction, Film, Edition, Post-Production: Noelia Ramon, Telling Life.

Music: Kitty Hawk licensed through Atomik Music.
Graded with: FilmConvert Pro2

By Noelia
Canon 1DC, Canon 5DmarkIII, FJ 8543 VD
Coastal Management - Griffith University

Telling Life created this storytelling short film for Griffith Enterprise, as part of Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and sponsored by the City of Gold Coast.

We tell the story of the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management and how they have been helping to safeguard the Gold Coast's beaches for more than 15 years, protecting our precious beaches and waterways:

Direction, Film, Edition, Post-Production: Noelia Ramon, Telling Life.
Graded with: FilmConvert Pro2

By Noelia
Red Dragon, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, DJI Inspire 1, KD 5207 Vis3
David Rodriguez - Film Convert Contest

David Rodriguez Ministries focus on teaching men to be leaders in their home, in their communities and in their ministries.

Shot on the RED Epic Dragon
Music Licensed from Music Bed
Produced by Matchstix Studios

By Michael Liu
Canon 5D Mark II, KD Vision 3 5207, 5213, FJ 8553 ET
FSU Student Veteran Stories: Amanda Miller

This is a mini-documentary that tells the story of military veteran Amanda Miller, her challenges with adapting to civilian college life, and how Florida State University's Veterans Center assisted her with those challenges. This was created for Florida State University. I directed, shot, and edited the entire piece.

*Submitted to FilmConvert's Color-Up Competition

By Mike
Canon 5D, FJ 8553 ET, FJ 8563 RL, FJ Ast 100
Tills kärleken skiljer oss av Anna Lönnqvist (FilmConvert Color Up 2015 entry)

En ständigt frånvarande make. Ett nattligt samtal från en okänd kvinna. En ögonblicklig attraktion till en mycket yngre man.

Susanna är 41 år, marknadschef, gift med sin ungdomskärlek och har två barn. Enligt väninnan är hon ett praktexempel att bete sig rätt. Men när David kommer in i hennes liv blir ingenting sig likt. På ytan är hennes liv fortfarande perfekt. Men passionen i äktenskapet är död sedan länge och bakom den lyckliga fasaden, i den nybyggda villan, växer sig tvivlet allt större.

Vem är det som ringer henne på nätterna och skickar konstiga sms? Varför gör Susannas man allt för att hålla sig undan, om de har det så bra tillsammans? Vad betyder David för henne då hon allt oftare gråter ut i hans famn? Och varför är det så svårt att säga nej till passionen, när den är så fel?

En dag knackar en ung, vacker kvinna på dörren och den perfekta ytan krackelerar i tusen små bitar.

En spänningsfylld relationsroman om passion med förhinder, åtrå och den svåra konsten att

By Sten Rosendahl
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, FJ 8543 VD

A short video shot with BMPCC, Samyang 16mm and 35mm primes, color graded in DaVinci Resolve. Conor by FilmConvert.

By Artur Szalowski
Sony FS7, KD Vision 3 250D 5207, Fuji Eterna 8553
COZÌ Studio-BLOOM LAMP Product Video--Color Grading // DaVinci Resolve // FilmConvert

The aim of the piece is to show the intricacy, precision workmanship and thought that goes into manufacturing the designs of the COZÌ design partnership. Yuval and Ofir (the designers) took us with them behind the scenes, and the color highlights the textures, materials, tools and machinery used in the fabrication process. The use of FilmConvert gave us an organic look, emphasized textures and differentiated the warm wood and the cool metals. We also tried to add contrast and enhance the dramatic lighting, and showcase the final design in all its glory.
Shot on Sony FS7, graded on DaVinci Resolve 11.

By Tom Bah
GoPro Hero3, KD Vision 3 250D 5207, Fuji Reala 8563
ROBOMOW Road to Berlin--Color Grading // DaVinci Resolve // FilmConvert

Dedicated to football fans around the world!
This was shot on a DJI Phantom mounted GoPro shoot, during a 4-day road trip across Europe- from Barcelona, Spain, to Berlin, Germany, in anticipation of the 2015 Champions League finals. The use of color in this spot highlights the various countries, adverse weather conditions, times of day and climates that span the continent. Many effects were simulated in the color grading process- among them fog, sun flares and day-for-night. We looked for wide vistas, rich blues and greens and a sense of depth. Achieving variety was key, while also fighting the digital, over-sharpened look the GoPro often produces.
Shot on GoPro Hero3, graded on DaVinci Resolve 11.

By Tom Bah
Arri Amira, Fuji Reala 8563
GA-DE Cosmetics Brand Film--Color Grading // DaVinci Resolve // FilmConvert

This cosmetics company brand film called for delicate pastel colors, warmth and beauty, producing eye-catching imagery along the cyan-orange axis. The sun was either enhanced or added in post as veiling flares, as well as stock foreground elements. The make-up and skincare products were highlighted and kept true-to-form using actual product samples. We paid particular attention to skin tones across varied conditions- dawn, midday, evening and night, seeking a sophisticated urban lifestyle feel, and going for an airy, low-contrast look, with open shadows and diffused highlights.
Shot on Arri Amira with Ultra Prime lenses, color graded on DaVinci Resolve 11.
Director: Anders Hallberg.
Stylist: Simon Elmalem.

By Tom Bah