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C100 Mark 2, FJ 8543 VD
DSG Alpha Holsters

I was tasked to create a short film documenting the quality, process, and reliability of DSG Arms Alpha Holsters. These holsters are used prevalently in law enforcement units, so the quality of the products is so important.

The talent in the opening and close of the video was an actual Fort Worth Police/SWAT Officer.

I shot it with the C100 Mark 2, and primarily the Canon 24-70 F/4L IS, with a few shots with the Zeiss 25mm f/2 zf.2. The lighting was done with a pair of Westcott ulite softboxes with 500W photoflood bulbs.
Cinevate Duzi was used for the slider shots.
Rode NTG4 was used for dialogue and audio. After filming, I went back and rerecorded the sound effects for each step of the process to layer into the finished film.

Film Convert was used for grading, and I shot with the C100s wide DR profile.

By Zach Ashcraft
RED Dragon, Fuji Reala 8563
LG G4 "Photos From Beyond"

Shot for VICE & LG G4

Director/DP Jason Ano
Shot on RED Epic Dragon
Letus Helix
Canon CN-E 24mm T/1.4
Canon CN-E 50mm T/1.2
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II
Graded with FilmConvert

By Jason Ano
Sony FS700, DJI Inspire 1, FJ 8543 VD
Ria de Aveiro - "The Passion that Unites Us" [Promotional, English version]

Ribs were carved by nature along these dunes and fields. It also created connected vessels, water ramifications... sea branches that penetrated the land, resembling sinuous roots projected by trees seeking for water when seen from the sky...

Nature prepared a canvas... and left to mankind the challenge of coexisting with it.

The Polis Litoral Ria de Aveiro arose from an unprecedented convergence of desires. Then, plans of rehabilitation, recovery and gentrification of all this vast territory followed.

And there it is, Ria de Aveiro: Environmentally preserved and economically vibrant, offering multiple experiences.

It inspires us to gaze upon it, relax and feel...

Director: David Mendes

Producer: Lara Fernandes

Script: Pedro Miguel Ribeiro

Cameras: David Mendes, Gustavo Sá, João Lourenço

Drone: Jorge Leal

Editors: João Lourenço

By David
Canon C100 Mark II, KD 5207 Vis3
Shaw Road To The Grey Cup - Henry Burris

Part of an ongoing project for Shaw's Road To The Grey Cup digital campaign. We're travelling across Canada to share the stories of 9 incredible athletes as they strive for greatness.

View more ongoing video content at

Client: Shaw Communications
Marketing and Management: Barry Forth - Wasserman Media Group
Agency: Sway Advertising
Director of Production: John Challinor
Production Company: Electric Mango Film Company
Director: Shawn Lovering
Editor: Wild and Light
Producers: John Challinor, Taylor Prestidge
DoP: Shawn Lovering
Color: Shawn Lovering, John Challinor

Special Thanks: CFL, CFL Players Association, Shaw, Sabrina Loeprich, Zac Jackson, and the Althetes

Film graded with FILM CONVERT

By Shawn Lovering
Sony FS700, FJ 8543 VD
The Spirit of Discovery - Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

The Spirit of Discovery apresenta o Corinthia Hotel Lisboa como o ponto de partida ideal para descobrir a gastronomia, a cultura e a tradição da capital portuguesa, num clima de requinte e sofisticação que proporciona aos seus visitantes uma experiência única e inesquecível. // The Spirit of Discovery presents Corinthia Hotel Lisbon as the ideal starting point on a journey to discover the food, culture and tradition of the Portuguese capital, all in a refined and sophisticated atmosphere that provides its visitors an unique and unforgettable experience.


Realizador // Director: David Mendes

Produção // Production Company: Ideias com Pernas
Produção Executiva // Executive Producers: Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

Elenco // Cast
Bernardo Mendonça - Homem // Man
Camila Balbi - Mulher // Woman
Diogo Reis - Motorista // Car Driver
Miguel - Surfista // Surfer
Filipe Xavier

By David Mendes
Sony a7s, Fuji 8553 ET

Private video from TONTON XL.

Camera: Chris Rudz, Andrzej Rudz
Edit: Digital Amigos
Music: Hifana
Animation taken from: Matthieu Petit ( )

FilmConvert was used for Color correction.

By Chris Rudz
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
NVIDIA Shield Android TV - Part 1: Interview + Launch Event

Hey everyone!

I somehow made it down to the EU launch event for the NVIDIA Shield TV/Console and also managed to interview the Director of Technical Product Marketing for Shield on this cool new Android TV based streaming box. I quizzed him on a few things so we can get, you curious people, as much information as possible! Used Filmconvert.

Part 2 will be coming soon. Going to try something different.


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As always, thank you.

By aakash Tailor
Sony FS7, FJ SuperX 400
Alfie's Journey

Alfie's Journey is a short film made for Coventry City Council to raise awareness of the need for foster carers in the Coventry area.

It follows Alfie on a brief journey into the unknown as he embarks on a new part of his childhood living with another family.

It was produced by ReelTwentyFive and shot by me and my good friend and colleague, Dave Smith over two days.
We wanted to give this piece the most cinematic feel that we so we shot on the Sony FS7 in 4K and used Film Convert Pro as a part of the colour grading process to emulate the FJ SuperX 400 film stock.

This was a lovely project to be involved with and we're really happy with the final product so we hope you enjoy it.

By Richard Adam Bailey
gh4, KD 5207 Vis3


By Dennis Lubbers