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Mesha & Me

An intimate peek into one day in 11 years with my dog Mesha, a Miniature Pinscher. She came with me on trips all over Japan, spending a lot of time on the road, waiting for the right light and weather conditions to photograph rural and coastal areas. In September 2018 I started filming clips to rough out the concept and later re-shoot it with another camera in various locations over several months. Unfortunately in September 2019, Mesha passed away suddenly and unexpectedly before I could finish the project the way I had envisioned. This documentary is made with the footage I had up until that point.

By Steven
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Stephen Ridley Documentary Film

With his incredible charisma and musical energy, he charges everyone he meets on his way. His fate is a vivid example of the fact that a person is able to create his desired future in spite of life circumstances. His story will respond to anyone who has come across a choice: to leave everything as it is or to take a step into the unknown, following the dream. His music is an awakening to life and a manifestation of real feelings. Stephen Ridley is one of the heroes of our time, and we will be glad to meet you with him.

By Dmitry Gubin
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One, No One, 100.000

Lynn (Lotte Milder), a young girl, is stranded in a mysterious countryside manor due to a raging storm. She mingles with others who have also been stranded. During her stay, Lynn becomes intrigued by a mural depicting a Utopian world and can't help but notice the stark dissonance from her own reality. Maybe her presence in the house is more than just a coincidence?

By Martina Fazekas
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The Season

This film is an intimate exploration of my Dad's obsession with college football during a single Notre Dame season. When making this film I wanted to explore his motivations behind tradition, passion and ritual. What starts out as a simple documentation turns into a character study. Throughout this study I was able to explore our father/son connection and how football has been a main source of bonding between us. This project has allowed to me to have a greater respect for what people choose to be passionate about and how that passion affects the people around them. What resulted is a film that is a dedication to sports fans, Dads, or both.

By Dominic Udell
a7iii, KD 5207 Vis3
The Other Side of Darkness

Nearly 16, all Taylor Jo dreamt about was the freedom of the open road in car she could call her own. TJ grew up never knowing her biological parents, having only a few pictures as mementos. Living in the foster system has made her tough but after being abused by her foster father she was left feeling helpless and alone. On her 16th birthday she receives a mysterious gift. A key to a storage unit that contains the one thing she never expected to find, a 1998 Jeep Wrangler. The same make and model her birth mother owned before she died. Where did this Jeep come from? Why is it here? TJ and her friends take the Jeep to seek out answers to its origin and its mysterious appearance in her life.

By Adam
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Wedding preview | M&O

Epic cinematic wedding movie

By Vitaly Kostenikov