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»Die Message« is an Austrian band with two members. Stefan and Mario. Both of them love mother nature and pure sound of acoustic instruments. They never would use electricity to make their songs. Since a few months their ways parted. One of them went to Amsterdam. The other one to Vienna. Finally, after a few months, they will meet each other again, but something has changed.

By Mario
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Rest is a music project collaboration from New Zealand artists Benjamin Murray and Neil MacLeod. The lyrics circle around the idea of a progressing relationship between two people. The inevitability of change in a relationship is certain and the 'honeymoon' phase always comes to an end. How does it feel when reality hits and life returns back to the frame-to-frame? New Zealand director Luke Ross handled all areas of production and post-production for this no-budget passion project with a fantastic cast and crew: Actors: Abayomi Oniyide + Hannah Louise Cam Assist: Vince McMillan Rope Pullers: Sadia Gordon + Holly Huxter PA: James Murray

By Luke Ross
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Treefunkers is a band from Puerto Morelos, Mexico that has fused funk, rock and balkan music for some time. This film shows the performing of their brand new album "The Mission" with collaboration of many performance cirque artists on different songs, to capture the attention of the audience and transforme it, in an emotional journey.

By Josef Rios