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Canon 5D markIV, FJ 8553 ET
GILDAS QUARTET plays janáček

The Gildas Quartet play Janáček's Quartet no.1 - 'The Kreutzer Sonata', Movement IV, con moto, adagio, più mosso.

By Richard Wilson
Canon 5D markIII, FJ 8553 ET
Seconds Out

Darryll Williams is a young, black boxer who grew up in the tougher parts of south east London. Bullied and marginalised at school, Darryll fell into a life of drugs, drinking and crime. But boxing called him and brought direction, meaning and a new relationship into his life. 'Seconds Out' is both a glimpse into Darryll's life and an intimate look at the courageous, compelling and often redemptive world of boxing. Written, directed and produced by Richard Wilson. Director of Photography, Benjamin Ealovega. Filmed by Benjamin Ealovega and Richard Wilson. Edited by Richard Wilson. Featuring Darryll Williams, John Sims, Dean Powell and Sam Dixon.

By Richard Wilson
Sony FS7mk2, KD 5213 Vis3
Rough Hands Ep.5 - Karim The Bladesmith

Episode 5 of Rough Hands took me on a roadtrip from Brisbane to the ACT, to meet Karim Haddad. A CEO turned bladesmith, who now runs a nationally acclaimed knifemaking business and training academy. Karim invited me to stay on his property where I camped in my van and took in the amazing landscape and sense of peace that Tharwa Valley offers. One of the reasons I love creating this series is that I get the chance to travel around the country, spend time with, and pick up wisdom from other creators. The conversations I had with Karim were incredibly eye opening for me. One quote that stood out for me during his interview, really echoed the way I feel about being a filmmaker and creator: “People often talk about work life balance, and I think that’s the wrong way to describe it. It’s about life balance. I work very hard here, I work a lot of hours here, but it’s consistent, and my life is consistent. I’m not doing a day job that I spend my weekends escaping from. I’m doing somethin

By Liam Brennan
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD

Two youngsters stay to study habitually. And something more... They should have a talk, since not only them are involved.

By Jose Negrete
Samsung S9 mobile phone, FJ 8553 ET
ANNA (Jakub Polanka FW18/19)

ANNA is the portrait of a girl and a garment collection at the same time, the boundary between them is unclear - where the fantasy of one of them ends, the other begins to tell their own story. The short experimental fashion film by Jakub Jahn ANNA was created shortly after the Jakub Polanka's FW18 fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. The video was shot without a screenplay on the premises where the show was held, and the poetic text accompanying the video was created during the post-production. The whole video is shot only on the Samsung S9 mobile phone without any additional accessories.

By Jakub Jahn
Samsung S9 mobile phone, FJ 8553 ET

Inspired by art of the old masters, we tried to use fashion film as a canvas on which we paint scenes from the lives of women who lost their children. Sadness and pain. Pieta.

The fashion film PIETA was created for the progressive Czech clothing brand ODIVI. The opulent FW18 collection, inspired by street culture and hip-hop aesthetics, blends with fragile poetry. Both of these, to a certain extent, contradictory tendencies create a captivating atmosphere balancing on the edge of a great artistic gesture and a consumer kitsch. As part of a voluntary creative restraint, the whole video is shot exclusively on the Samsung S9 mobile phone without any additional accessories.

By Jakub Jahn
Sony A 6500, KD 5213 Vis3
When dogs are dreaming...


By Stefan Gosny
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camear, KD 5213 Vis3
Portrait of Hawaii

Earlier this year we decided to take a break for 2 weeks and go explore the islands of Hawaii. We usually travel during winter, or to mountainous locations so this was a change and we absolutely loved it. The landscapes are stunning, the food is amazing and the fact that you can go from a turquoise beach to a mountain top at 10,000 ft in 2 hours is just crazy. In 2 weeks we got to swim, hike, drive around the most beautiful roads and witness ever changing scenery. Hawaii is a place that we will keep revisiting, until then Aloha.

Canon 70D, FJ H400 Pro
Time Table

A vision sends a man on a life threatening mission. Entry to FilmConvert contest. Written and Directed by The Parenti Brothers Starring Anthony Parenti Justin Henderson Director of Photography Sean Parenti Music Ender Güney Ross Bugden "Generic Credits Song" by Bellabeth Created by The Parenti Brothers Facebook: Business Inquiries:

By Anthony Parenti
Canon 5D Mark iii, KD 5207 Vis3
Goru Bihu Song

Goru Bihu Song is a viral music video from Himalayan region of India which made it to official selection of more than 100 international film festivals (Berlin, Moscow, USA, Italy, etc) across the world. It is the first of its kind Assamese experimental video directed and produced by Axl Hazarika, an avant-garde artist based in Guwahati, India. The video captures the essence of Assamese folk Bihu dance and celebration of the spirit of Goru Bihu with cow face paint. Goru Bihu is a festival celebrated on the first day of Assamese calendar month of Bohag (mid-April during the start of spring), a day before Bohag Bihu, the harvest festival of Assam. Assam is an Indian state lying in the foothills of the Himalayan region in Northeast India. The video is based on the futuristic imagination of Goru Bihu celebrations, away from the homeland, and in the absence of cows amidst a generation of technology-based live music performance. AWARDS & OFFICIAL SCREENING SELECTION: 47th Sehsüchte - Ba

By Axl Hazarika
Panasonic GH4, FJ SuperX 400
On Safari with Caracal

What began as a promotional film for a travel agency in Africa developed into a documentary that explores the intricate bonds connecting man and wildlife in one of the continent’s most magical corners. The film follows a family travelling through Tanzania, capturing the land’s beauty and serenity. In addition to stunning scenics, the film features some very close up shots of lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants and other animals in their natural habitat. It explores local tribes’ secrets, offering insights to their everyday lives, including the Maasai’s aversion to hunting and little-known musical prowess. Documenting wildlife “As a visitor, you can get very close to the wild animals,” says Ben Sumari of Caracal Tours and safaris in “On Safari with Caracal.” As he shares anecdotes and insights on cheetahs, lesser flamingos and other creatures, the viewer gets taken on a virtual safari tour through northern Tanzania, using cinematic techniques that capture animals, humans an

By Jeroen Roodnat