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DJI X5R, FJ 8553 ET
What's your name

There is magic in life, not only in the movies. This, is a true story of true people, This, we hope will inspire you and touch your heart as it did for us. Some call me light I bring warmth on earth Filling the air and hearts with vibrant colours At a new beginning, Or at the turn of a page I spread life, I am life I’m everywhere, Wrapping the world in my immensity Deep down feeding people Their body, their soul, their hearts I welcome life and cherish it Like mothers love their child I am the ocean I am the heart of the islands Where you can rest and seek exile Welcoming, like the smile of a child My ancient trees provide for the people My shores delicately carve their way out of the sea To reveal soft sands and warm hearts I am the soul of the forest I protect and care for my people Filling them with undemanding love

By Nicolas PETTE
Kinemini 4k, KD 5207 Vis3
Fooling Destiny

"Fooling Destiny" is a commercial made for the Papaya Young Directors contest, in which it won the second place. It was made for the Allegro brand - the most popular online service in Poland, used to sell and buy things on internet - the Polish equivalent of eBay. Allegro in his advertisements draws attention to things that are really important in life. Items bought by clients are meant to be used for important things. They are not only gadgets, but really change the lives of buyers for the better.

By Pawel Labe
Sony f5, FJ Velvia 100
'Green Light' by Martin Gord

Music Video. 'Green Light' By Martin Gordon. We delve into the Martins imagination as he performs to the one and only person who turned up to his gig. We see the unspoken connection that music can create between people. Filmed, edited and graded by me, Peter Kitcatt 2018. Filmed ona Sony f5, edited in Premiere, coloured in Davinci with FilmConverts plugin.

By Peter Kitcatt
Sony a6300, FJ 8553 ET

HOLLOKO is a Paloc ethnographic village in Hungary/Europe, part of the WORLD HERITAGE. It's name means 'RAVEN STONE' in Hungarian. The village considered the MOST photographed village in Hungary, located approximately 57 miles from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This remarkable place has traditionally been in habited by PALOC people. PALOC speak an old dialect of Hungarian and have preserved their characteristic architecture and their fold costumes. Recognition of the cultural significance of the settlement was given in 1987 when Holloko was the first village in the WORLD to be added to UNESCO's world Heritage List. The village, which lies in a small valley, has burned down several times ( the last time was back in 1909 ) but each time the inhabitants rebuilt their houses in almost the same shape and forms. Of the nearly 60 houses around the originally 14 century wooden-towered church a museum village has been made. Several of the buildings, some of which have traditional carved woo

BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4.6k, FJ 8543 VD
Erota Mou

A short film disguised in the form of a music video clip , depicting the perceived reality of losing a loved one. Are they really gone or just waiting for us?

By Anastasia Butrim
Sony Fs5, FJ 8553 ET
Jennifer & Marc

Jennifer and Marc are such a beautiful and fun loving couple and we had the extreme pleasure of joining them on the day they said “I Do.” What really made this video special for us is that the groom recorded the cover of their song for us to incorporate in the final edit. Congrats again to the newlyweds!! Colored using Filmconvert Film Stock: FJ 8553 ET and IL D400

By Khoi Ly