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panasonic eva/sony a7sii, KD 5207 Vis3
Neil |Amal

Hey! We just wrapped up this badass Indian wedding here in Santa Monica and the way FilmConvert is able to bring all these wonderful colors to life is magic! It truly helps me as an amateur colorist blend everything together and feel cohesive. I almost always use it as a final pass. The film is actually still a rough cut and it will have titles, a final pass for color, and volume adjustments. Other than that, enjoy a truly special couple and all the vibrant scenery and characters that come with the Santa Monica boardwalk. Cheers!

By Grimace Films (Graham Lovelis)
Panasonic GH5, KD 5207 Vis3

The Jesus of bowling steps up into the spotlight, in this unceremonious battle against his heartless little sister. Jesus: Sveinung Augestad Lille My: Oda Margrethe Langholm Dir/Cut: Stefan Witts Prod.: Ranglefant Stefan Witts Matias Myklebust DP: Simon Gjerde Tonev Gaffer: Thomas Krohn Dalen Sound: Kyrre Walle Alstadhaug Runner: Ingunn Johanne Trelease Special Thanks: Synk Media w/ Martin Håndlykken Lucky Bowl w/ Stine Knarrum -- FilmConvert

By Stefan Witts
Panasonic Lumix G85, FJ 8553 ET
From Mestia to Ushguli

In 2018, me and my girlfriend traveled to Georgia, a small country in the Caucasus mountains. Only with backpacks and tent we went on a 4-day hike from Mestia to the medieval village of Ushguli, where time seemed to stand still. In this short film I wanted to capture this majestic place and the beauty of this raw landscape.

By Johann Böhmer
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K , FJ 8543 VD
The Journey To The HEARING documentary & trailer

Follow me on this journey of completing this short film. With all it’s hardships and challenges of being a one man film maker. No excuses. Follow your dreams, and NEVER give up. Stay to the end for a exclusive sneak peak at my new short film “The HEARING”.

By De Von Walker
Gh5, FJ 8543 VD

Inspired by the infinite beauty of nature, the purity of the snow and the unconditional love of animals, Chó dedicates this film to all humans and would like to remind you of the connectedness of all life. "Prana" is an extraordinarily intense fashion short film, which will take your hearts by storm with much love for detail, its unique flair as well as the specially composed film music! All, everything, one.

By Chó
Sony A6500, KD 5207 Vis3

Rest is a music project collaboration from New Zealand artists Benjamin Murray and Neil MacLeod. The lyrics circle around the idea of a progressing relationship between two people. The inevitability of change in a relationship is certain and the 'honeymoon' phase always comes to an end. How does it feel when reality hits and life returns back to the frame-to-frame? New Zealand director Luke Ross handled all areas of production and post-production for this no-budget passion project with a fantastic cast and crew: Actors: Abayomi Oniyide + Hannah Louise Cam Assist: Vince McMillan Rope Pullers: Sadia Gordon + Holly Huxter PA: James Murray

By Luke Ross