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Red Scarlet-X MX, FJ 8543 VD
"Come With Me" Vyla Vice Music Video finished with FilmConvert

Kyla Vice - "Come With Me" Official Music Video
Directed by Johnny Bones
Cinematography and Color Correction By Andrew Scott Baird

The Color Correction process of this music video was crucial to seeing the vision come to life. All of the subjects in the video were practical, and in post Johnny removed the rods for the puppet, and added veins, particles, smoke, etc to create a gorgeous story about good, evil and the parts of us that get left behind, but not forgotten.

We chose to use FilmConvert in DaVinci Resolve to achieve the look of the video. Johnny wanted to create something reminiscent of 80's fantasy cinema (Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Legend, etc...) done with modern equipment and a contemporary element. FilmConvert gave us the A great jump off point to getting the contrast and tone where we wanted it. When the Correction process was finished a couple of weeks later, we used FilmConvert to add a uniform layer of 35mm Academy film g

By Andrew Baird
Canon 60D, (several)
"Delivery" - Short Film 2014 FilmConvert

Short film shot in Calgary. Graded with FilmConvert pro

By Eric Hayes
Go Pro Hero 5 Black, KD 5213 Vis3
"Film Convert" Teaser Transcendência 17

A soul emerging from the interior of an ancient canvas painted on the wall of a church, travels flying over the region of about 400 years, visiting elements representative of the past. The soul is actually the perception of our own national identity.

By Eduardo de Sá
Sony F5, FJ 8543 VD
Arlene Gould - Rollin' (ft. Lucille Crew) MUSIC VIDEO--Color Grading // DaVinci Resolve // FilmConvert

This music video has African roots- it was shot in an abandoned amusement park in the lowest point on Earth (The Dead Sea), in scorching heat. The use of color is both in controlling the harsh light and changing conditions, as well as in establishing the esthetics and vibe. Color even plays a rhythmic role here, in timed changes on beats- most work was done freestyle and jazzy, following the example of the music. The sun is prominent in setting the mood of this video, and everything is HOT! We went for a vintage, cross-processed look, with the heaviest grain we could muster, and some psychedelic color effects thrown in for good measure. The clean digital imagery was roughed-up to become as grungy and organic as possible, and the video is very high key, up to the point of over-exposure.
Shot on Sony F5

By Tom Bah
BMPC 4K, Kd 5213 Vis3
ARMPOL corporate video

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K in 24fps RAW + Canon 16-35 and 24-105 lenses.
Color grading in Resolve 10 with filmconvert.
Sound recorded with MKH416 and Sony ECM-680S via Sound Devices SD442 on Zoom H4n.

Directed by Agata Wojtynska and Blazej Pyrka
DoP: Blazej Pyrka
Aerial photography: Dariusz Bógdal (
Sound design: Dominik Pyrka
Make-up: Katarzyna Berc (
Voice-over: Rick (
Grip: Maciej Szafnicki and Andrzej Szwed
Starring: Kamil Braz Ziólkowski as a victim of ebola
Camera equipment delivered by Mega Studio Warszawa
Lighting equipment delivered by Animator Film Lódz
Grip equipment delivered by Szafa Gra Studio Lódz
Power unit delivered by Hydra Film Warszawa

By Blazej Pyrka
Nikon 3200, FJ 8553 ET

A forest walk

By Manuel Leonard