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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, FJ 8543 VD
Moth | My RØDE Reel 2015

MOTH is a story of lust, innocence, paranoia, and a light in a window.

Equipment used to shoot the film:
- Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera + Angenieux 17.5-70mm f2.2
- Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic into Zoom H4N Recorder
- Aputure Amaran 528W + 528S LED lights

Edited in Avid Media Composer 8
Graded in DaVinci Resolve 11 + FilmConvert

By Nikita Emtsov
Panasonic AG-AF100, Kd 5213 Vis3
FRAMES (a short film)

A nearsighted young man finds his identity and true love through a pair of prescription glasses.

* Best Comedy Finalist - My RODE Reel International Film Competition
* Official Selection - Young Cuts Film Festival Montreal
* Official Selection - Shorties
* Official Selection - The Silver Lake Picture Show
* Featured on
* Featured on Ain't It Cool News Saturday Shorts

Written & Directed By: JORDAN CROWDER
Director of Photography/Colorist: ISAIAH SMITH
Behind the Scenes: GABRIEL EVANS

JUDGE REINHOLD as the Narrator
JOE COFFEY as the Optometrist

By Jordan Crowder
Canon 7D, KD 5207 Vis3
SUPERSTAR (By Myself) - Directors Cut FilmConvert

Superstar (By Myself) - Directors Cut
Production Company:

Director / Cinematographer: Kevin Otterness
1st AD: Adam Orton
2nd AD: Will Kisner
1st AC: Jeremy Widen
Gaffer / B-Camera: Erik Anschicks
Makeup (extras): Robin Andrews
Hair (extras): Cassandra Milbrandt
Art Department: Ellen Ranney, Jorie Annette
Production Stills Photographer: Leah Shortell
Behind-the-Scenes Videographer: Kim St Aubin
PA's: Eric Benson, Ben Strauss, Glenna Goldman

Anthony Urso (Record Exec U.R. Dunfore)
J. Eric Akeson (The Assistant)
Restaurant Clients & Media:
Robin Andrews
Erin Marie Walsh
Malorie Masek
Jessica Denney
Kelly Baskin
Erin Kay Van Pay
Manny Hamgeri
Billy Chengary
Glenna Goldman
Cassandra Milbrandt

By Kevin Otterness
GH4 panasonic, FJ Ast100, FJ 8543 VD

Rock music. Italian music. motivational video. Senza scarto logico Xnotika. Right now we need motivational rock music, this motivational video is pure rock music we rise again from suffering and we will find the willpower to change things and realize our dreams. Xnotika uses a new PC program to listen their music, download and install it from here

| Tag [Rock music] [Italian Music] [ motivational Video ] [Willpower] [Make dreams come true] [filmconvert] |

By Tiziano Bernardini
Black Magic Cinema Camera, GoPro, Fuji Eterna 8553 and KD Vision 3 250D 5207
SonnetNo32: Manhattan Red Cube

Produced for the New York Shakespeare Exchange "SONNET NYC" Project.

Filmed using Black Magic Cinema Camera & GoPro Hero 4. Coloring by Manic Frequencies Studios, using Davinci Resolve and the FilmConvert plug-in.

By ph
Canon 5d MK3 (ML RAW), FJ 8543 VD
Fredy - A Jacada Tour Guide

This film was made possible by Jacada Travel //
Filmmaker - Paul Beauchamp // // @beauchampy

When I met Fredy, one of the first things I asked was where we could get the best shots. His response (with perfect timing) was "The best shots are in the bar".

This is the third video in my Peru series. If you like this, check out the following:

24mm // the train to ollanta

Jacada Travel // Peru

Coloured using FilmConvert FJ 8543VD

By paul beauchamp
A7s and FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Bel and the Loonatics ''You Say'' (Belén Arjona) Official Video

Bel & The Loonatics en concierto el 24 de Octubre en la Sala Caracol - Madrid.



Story and Screenplay by TOM “LEONE” MITCHELL
Camera Operation by HÉCTOR “MUSCLES“ SOLÉ

Special FX and Grading by PABLO “EASTWOOD” GARCÍA

Special Thanks to MAW and Sony DMPCE AT PINEWOOD STUDIOS…FilmConvert

By Pablo Garcia Soriano
Canon 5d MK3 (ML RAW), FJ 8553 ET
Gal & Sarah Arbel // 04.07.15

Graded with FilmConvert FJ 8533 ET

By paul beauchamp
Sony FS700, FJ 8563 RL - 35mm Full Frame
Pagadixx - Just Married - Music Video

Clip officiel de la chanson “Just Married” de Pagadixx
Réalisation - Direction Photo : Jeff Loch
1er A.C. : David Montcher
Electro : Francois Message
Machino : Fabrice Bounin
HMC : Marianne Salagnat
Montage : Jeff Loch - Jeremie Douchy
Etalonnage : Jeff Loch
Production : Smart Music - Sony - EDS Production - Arctic Production

Music video for “Just Married” by Pagadixx
Directed - DP : Jeff Loch
1st A.C. : David Montcher
Gaffer : Francois Message
Grip : Fabrice Bounin
MakeUp : Marianne Salagnat
Editing : Jeff Loch - Jeremie Douchy
Color Grading : Jeff Loch - Software : FilmConvert
Executive Production : Smart Music - Sony - EDS Production - Arctic Production

By Jeff Loch
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3
LABYRINTH OF EASE (Director's Cut) FilmConvert

A collaboration between Broadcast Media students and Contemporary Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.
Director | On Quan Dong
D.O.P | On Quan Dong
Producer | Cera Goh
Key Grip | Cera Goh - Koala Htet - Nadiah Norman
Choreographer | Neo Jialing
Starring | Neo Jialing
Art Director | Siti Aisyah
Boom Operator | Cera Goh
Sound Design | Nadiah Norman
Editing & Grade | On Quan Dong
Intro by Alt-J
Point Blank by Yeong Wook Jo
With Special Thanks to
Khalid Al Mkhlaafy | Melissa Quek | Aroozoo Wesley Leon

By Guan Dong
Canon 5d mk3 (ML RAW), FJ 8543 VD
24mm // the train to ollanta

This film was made possible by Jacada Travel //
Film maker - Paul Beauchamp // // @beauchampy

The Vistadome train runs between Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat on my return leg to Ollantaytambo.

If you like this, check out my 35mm film from Croatia:

Captured on Magic Lantern 5Dm3 Raw at 24p, 1/50 shutter, 1080p, Canon 24-70 II 2.8. Some 60p shots thrown in.
Coloured using FilmConvert FJ8543 VD and Davinci Resolve.

Music: Arrival Of The Birds - Cinematic Orchestra

By paul beauchamp
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
April Spring

A video about the beauty of nature

Locations: "Wolfslaar" park and de "Kogelvanger" Breda, the Netherlands

Soundtrack: "Lovestream" by Hans Troost

Camera: Panasonic Lumix Gh4 + 14-140mm lens, recorded in 4k and downsampled to 1080p for Vimeo
Color: Filmconvert Pro

By Ton van de Merwe
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Fuji Velvia

Our thoughts and hearts are with those affected by the earthquake in Nepal, India, China, and Bangladesh.
Please give generously to a relief fund ? :)


Adventures in the mystical land of Nepal. A cross-section through jungle, city, and mountain.

Can't wait to go back to this beautiful place. ???


Music by Silinder ( remixing Banco De Gaia ( (used with permission).

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (ProRes)
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 OIS
Voigtlander 25mm f0.95
Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve + FilmConvert OFX

Thanks to Himalayan Scenery Treks ( for helping out and being great friends along the way.


Stay in touch

By James Baker
BlackMagic Production Cinema Camera, FJ Prov 100
Goshen's Urban Forest: Short Version

This video is a compressed version of the Goshen's Urban Forest series promoting the value and benefits of trees in our community. The four videos in the series are based on research commissioned by the Goshen Tree Board and highlights the ecological, economic, social and aesthetic values of Goshen's diverse and immense tree infrastructure.

Shot on:
BlackMagic Production Cinema Camera
Wooden Camera Rig
MovCam Matte box
Kessler Pocket Dolly
FilmConvert Color correction

By Kyle Hufford
Canon 5d mkII / mkIII, KD 5207 Vis3
Just DRUMS - [db] Square

Video produced by André Baille Barrelle

Drummer : Meivelyan Jacquot

Recorded at Studio LDC, Montreuil, France

Shot with Canon 5d mkII / mkIII, color graded in DaVinci Resolve / FilmConvert

Thanks to Benoit Laur & Clément Reboul for assisting.

By André Baille Barrelle
BMCC 2.5K, FUJI Velvia 100 (Modified)
DEFAA: Young Jordanian Human Right Defenders Network

Short PSA | Fiction | Drama| HD 1080 | 16:9 | 00:01:16 | Arabic | 2014

Showing the social challenges the defenders of human rights and politically active face in Jordanian universities.

PSA for Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development - JORDAN
View High Quality Stills Here :


Written, Directed and Produced by: Zaid Bawab
Cinematographer & Colorist: Ghassan Nazmi
Sound: Tarek Abu Ghosh
Editor: Amer Halasa
Assistant Camera: Yusser Al Zou'bi
Art Director: Yazan Makhamreh
Production Assistant: Khalid Bani Hani

By Ghassan Nazmi
BMCC 2.5K, FUJI Velvia 100 (Modified)
Fire 360°

Short Video | Test | HD 1080 | 2:35:1 | 00:02:39 | Silent | 2013

Caught up with an enjoyable & yet casual Fire Dancing performance by a talented friend ''Deema Dabis'', The Results are Above!

Shot handheld on my Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

ProRes 4.2.2 (HQ) Film Mode

Lenses: Vintage Russian Heritage: ''Mir-1B'' 37mm F2.8 M42

Edited & Color graded in Sony Vegas Pro 12

Film Negative Emulation by Filmconvert
Film Negative Format: FUJI Velvia 100 (Modified)

Up to 4 Manual Color grading layers

Music: ''Outrage'' by Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk)

#Cinematography/ Coloring/ Editing Credit

* After several attempts to overcome Vimeos's compression ( specially in the black areas ), s

By Ghassan Nazmi
BMPC 4K, Kd 5213 Vis3
ARMPOL corporate video

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K in 24fps RAW + Canon 16-35 and 24-105 lenses.
Color grading in Resolve 10 with filmconvert.
Sound recorded with MKH416 and Sony ECM-680S via Sound Devices SD442 on Zoom H4n.

Directed by Agata Wojtynska and Blazej Pyrka
DoP: Blazej Pyrka
Aerial photography: Dariusz Bógdal (
Sound design: Dominik Pyrka
Make-up: Katarzyna Berc (
Voice-over: Rick (
Grip: Maciej Szafnicki and Andrzej Szwed
Starring: Kamil Braz Ziólkowski as a victim of ebola
Camera equipment delivered by Mega Studio Warszawa
Lighting equipment delivered by Animator Film Lódz
Grip equipment delivered by Szafa Gra Studio Lódz
Power unit delivered by Hydra Film Warszawa

By Blazej Pyrka
Nikon D800, FJ Ast 100

A short film exploring a concept of tranquility through solitude. Shot in late September on a very windy beach in South Wales whilst taking a break.
The late afternoon light was very flat with the distance shots full of sea haze, I got the feeling of not being present yet observing private isolated moments.
I've left the film purposely grainy with very little post except for using Film Convert to unify the grain quality across all shots and to apply a film stock to the whole sequence (FJ Ast100)

Audio: Gnossienne No.1
Composer: Erik Satie
Artist Robert John Richardson
Producer: Keith J. Salmon

By Jonathan Fox
Canon 5D Mark iii, KD 5207 Vis3
Keep a Weather Eye

When it seems all is lost, remember to remain hopeful, remember to keep a weather eye.

Narration by: Brandon Johnson

Performances by: Zach Winard, Tom Crisp, Jeran Hossfeld, James Hossfeld

Music: "Infra 5" by Max Richter (I do not own the rights to this song)

Color graded with Filmconvert

Keep a Weather Eye
For the eye of the storm
is just ahead
For what was innocent and pure
will be pure again
For what was joyful and adored
will be joyful again
For what was loved and cared for
will be loved again
For what is lost and searching
will find hope
For what feels worthless and broken
will find purpose
For what is tired and weary
will find rest
For what is destitute and lacking
will find provision
For what is weak and powerless
will find strength
For what is bound and captive

By Taljon J Deruiter
Canon MarkIII, FJ 8543 VD
FilmConvert // Lesha & Tanya

By Pavel Ryasnov