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The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain

In the mini-doc "The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain", Jeroen Cox captures and shares the lifestyle of the Csikós, a group of hungarian horse wranglers who proudly cherish their traditional lifestyle. Although the community is proud of their heritage, the lifestyle is harsh and lonely, making it hard to find a new generation of Csikós. Ádám, Csaba and Lajos, some of the last wranglers of the hungarian great plain, give an insight into their days on the puszta, their close bond with their nonius horses and what it takes to be a Csikós. "The Csikós - The last Wranglers of the Hungarian great plain" was made as a part of the "Circles of cultural connection" project by the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.

By Jeroen Cox
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Fooling Destiny

"Fooling Destiny" is a commercial made for the Papaya Young Directors contest, in which it won the second place. It was made for the Allegro brand - the most popular online service in Poland, used to sell and buy things on internet - the Polish equivalent of eBay. Allegro in his advertisements draws attention to things that are really important in life. Items bought by clients are meant to be used for important things. They are not only gadgets, but really change the lives of buyers for the better.

By Pawel Labe
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The Movie

The Movie By Jim Morrison a Film By Fabio Stanzione e Alessio Martinelli Aerial shot : Vittorio Mandese Creative designer : Morena Punzi Graded with Filmconvert

By Alessio
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Coco-mat Hotel Athens - FilmConvert

Assiouras Bros company is a family run business established in 2005 in Athens, by brothers Theodoros, Konstantinos and Marios. During the first operating year, the needs of using wood in outdoor constructions was increased due to modern architecture in Greece. Outdoor cladding, decking, shading systems, sliding and folding panels, pergolas, outdoor custom made furniture are just some of the creations that they can provide to the potential customer using natural / synthetic wood, aluminum and high grade stainless steel. Today, they own the largest portfolio regarding the above constructions and they are market leaders due to the trust they have gained from their customers and from the architects, engineers and other professionals that have cooperated with them. more info at

By Yiannis Goutzouris
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Jelly Bean is the name these four boys have chosen for their obsessive crush on pop music – a glam pop ideal of jangly guitars, lush strings arrangements and mid-60's romantic vocal harmonies. While retaining the youthful enthusiasm and touching naivety of their first EPs Empty Space and Never Enough, these eternal High School Lovers have inexorably grown older and they developped a more reflective songwriting, fully embracing their bashful dandies looks on a humble and relentless quest for pop beauty. "HOLIDAY" is the second single from their self-titled album to be released on October, which narrates the identity crisis and tribulations on the winding road to adulthood of these beautiful losers, who are committed to turning stunning failures and deep anguish into uplifting feel good songs.

By Pierre Ponchant
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"In the zoo it is the cats who suffer." Based on the poem "She" by Gordon Osing

By Raul Contreras
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HOLLOKO is a Paloc ethnographic village in Hungary/Europe, part of the WORLD HERITAGE. It's name means 'RAVEN STONE' in Hungarian. The village considered the MOST photographed village in Hungary, located approximately 57 miles from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This remarkable place has traditionally been in habited by PALOC people. PALOC speak an old dialect of Hungarian and have preserved their characteristic architecture and their fold costumes. Recognition of the cultural significance of the settlement was given in 1987 when Holloko was the first village in the WORLD to be added to UNESCO's world Heritage List. The village, which lies in a small valley, has burned down several times ( the last time was back in 1909 ) but each time the inhabitants rebuilt their houses in almost the same shape and forms. Of the nearly 60 houses around the originally 14 century wooden-towered church a museum village has been made. Several of the buildings, some of which have traditional carved woo

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Modular Lens - Change your life

The advertising spot sensitizes the various difficulties faced by some young people due to the aesthetic imperfections in this case the thick glasses, tells the story of a growing child who finds herself receiving insults and bullying. The company has invented the first thin lenses for very high powers giving the wearer the security in expose people, make-up and feel beautiful with themselves WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY CLAUDIO LISCO

By Claudio Lisco
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Neela Ramgopal recalls growing up as an ignorant child who once was barely prepared to sing in front of an audience, eventually going on to guide thousands of singers in their pursuit of Carnatic Shastriya Sangeeta. When we asked Neela maami (as she is fondly called by her students) to describe her journey of eighty-three years to us, she said with her natural stoic and effortless precision, “My life is very flowery”. Graded using FilmConvert

By Teepoi