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Canon 5D Mark III, FJ Velvia 100
Tokyo Aglow

- Images and Music by Justin Tierney - Tokyo Aglow is a time-lapse tour of the Japanese capital by road and rail. An automated monorail flows through Odaiba and arrives downtown. A taxi whips to converging clusters of crowds in Shibuya. Scores surge and stream, tangle and scramble. Weaving and knotting, the masses of people rhythmically engage with the machinery of modern life. Japanese inspired chords underpin the music of the piano. Trombone, trumpet and violin map to the patterns recurrent and emergent. Crosswalk chimes, chirps and cuckoos echo into the night. - - - The time-lapses were shot in raw (with a 5D Mark III and a Sony A7s) developed in Lightroom, edited and color graded with the help of FilmConvert in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I composed the music at the piano with paper and pencil, input it into Finale 2014, recorded the music into Pro Tools in two separate recording sessions, processed the field recording in Ableton and Max MSP, and executed the final edits in Adob

By Justin Tierney
GH4, FJ Velvia 100
Up & Down The Mountain

Breathe the fresh air, feel the nature, be amazed by the scenery and explore beyond the world you know. Take a journey with us through The Alps and the town of Chamonix, France. #Filmconvert Inspired by The Wonderlist

By Luigino Clarinda
Black Magic Cinema Camera, FJ 8553 ET
The Battle of Who Cares Less

For anyone who's ever read 'The Game' or 'The Rules' and thought that they could 'win' against the opposite sex...this film is for you.

By Jeremy Brull
Sony A7s, KD 5213 Vis3
It is Written

From birth, a female must maintain a certain image. She must live up to expectations. She is constantly fed cultural lies. This story is snapshot of a girl's life from the girl's point of view . This film is the setup to a much bigger multimedia piece which resolves on stage with a song and theatrics. The overall concept being who the world says you are versus what God and the Bible say you are. Lies vs Truth.

By Cameron King
Panasonic GH4, FJ SuperX 400
A Taste Of Trinidad

It’s been 14 years since I last visited my homeland of Trinidad. A lot has changed since then. I didn’t have much time during my 3 day visit starting late Boxing day evening 2015 but I wanted to catch a flavour, a taste of Trinidad. I wanted to give a taste of some of my favourite food and the places that helped shape my memories... Until the next time. Places: Trinidad, Port of Spain, Mayaro, Guayaguare, Petit Valley, Maracus Bay, Las Cuevas, San Fernando. The music is from an ongoing Production Library project with Trinidadian pan man Kyron Akal also based in London. Directed, Filmed & Edited by OD Hunte Directed by OD Hunte Music by Kyron Akal & OD Hunte If you enjoy this film please share it / like it / subscribe etc.. It's all free ;) thank you. Music “Neio’s Theme” by Kyron Akal and OD Hunte Tools: Panasonic GH4, DJI Osmo,Metabones

By Owen "OD" Hunte
Canon 5D Mark III, FJ 8553 ET
MoSS ft. Eternia | DAY & NIGHT | **OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO** | FilmConvert

After 5 years since their Fat Beats full length debut, Eternia & MoSS return with "Day & Night". Featured on MoSS's album "Marching to the Sound of My Own Drum", MoSS provides a hypnotizing and haunting sonic backdrop as Eternia struggles between spirit and flesh in her signature soul-excavating style. "Day & Night" explores the war going on inside every person, for "what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do" (St. Paul). The outcome of the battle is left unknown, as Eternia's chorus prays, "Don't let the sun set on me..." Director Ian Johnson cinematically explores themes of darkness vs. light, lust, and the multiplicity of one being. The visuals, as hypnotizing as MoSS's production, also pays homage to MoSS's psychedelic classic rock musicality in the colouring, editing, and aesthetic styling.

By Ian Johnson
SONY FS700, KD 5207 Vis3
The Guainumbi

The Guainumbi is a person that tries to make the change within themselves.. because they have realized that when they change, the world changes around them.. and they have learned that this is the only way they will get the world they desire.. This mini documentary show us that with small acts, we can inspire others towards the creation of a more ecological world.

By Ruben
BMPC 4K, KD P400 Ptra
Nick Shades: Decision

Produced within 99 Hours on Jan 28th to Feb 1st 2016 for the 99Fire Films Award - Germanys largest short film award. ( Port Harlow in 1950. As the city flourishes as never before, homicide rates are soaring. Nick Shades, homicide detective at the PHPD knows the city like the back of hand. In his investigations, he moves between scum, glamour and a large gulp of whisky. Everything changes, when he took the right suitcase from the wrong people. Things get heated up and now he needs to make a decision.

By Florian Jahnel
Sony A7sii, FJ Velvia 100
Ojai Valley “Shangri-La”

Laura and Lauran were married under one of the many oak trees at Ojai Valley Inn which is great symbol of lasting marriage. As Laura mentioned the scenic venue provided a lot of great atmosphere without needing much added to it. Her style seemed to favor a timeless approach and she chose a photographer who shoots film which you don't see often these days. I choose to grade the film with a heavy film look to match the feel getting away from the latest push for ultra high sharp looking videos and staying away from effects like slow motion and drones. I prefer to focus on the important moments of the day by being patient and letting the action unfold in front of the camera rather than chasing it or setting up fake scenarios. Natural emotion, solid composition, finding the light and great audio are to me what makes this film stand apart. The music was licensed via the Musicbed and I choose to edit this film in mostly sequential manner rather than jumping around too much so the energy woul

By Robert Schwieger