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Scarlet W, FJ Velvia 100
The 94 Year Old Granny Who Danced Away Despair

An international popband sensation of centenarian grannies? Yep, it’s KBG84. People in the Okinawa island chain in southern Japan live to be the oldest anywhere in the world. It is designated a BlueZone and has one of the highest concentrations of centenarians. While both men and women of older generations live long lives, women tend to outlive their male counterparts and make it well into their 100s – and Tomi-San is no exception. Unavoidable when you live that long, tragedy entered Tomi’s life when both her son & husband passed away. Tomi found herself in a deep depression. This is the story of how she faced unimaginable hardship and sorrow in her life and in the process broke through barriers beyond her wildest dreams. Film Convert played a role in the final grade as we looked to really bring out the granny's age, frailty, yet paradoxical ruggedness.

By Stephan Boeker
Sony A6500, FJ SuperX 400
Oh Brother Big Sister - Little Bitty

Penny and Radel are the brilliant musicians that make up Oh Brother Big Sister. "Little Bitty" is a song that expresses the fun-loving, quirky nature of this musical duo, and their performance speaks to the natural chemistry that only siblings have with one another. The message behind the song is pretty simple: it's all about feeling the music, getting down, and letting your freak flag fly.

By Michael Kent
Panasonic EVA 1, KD 5213 Vis3
John Hartman - People and Place

"From his earliest years as an artist, Hartman has been drawn to the (extremely complicated, extremely difficult) discipline of portraiture, and it is this fascination that has brought him, almost inevitably, to the subject of writers. Hartman is a reader, for one thing. But, for another, writers are cut from the same cloth as Hartman in many ways. They are observant. They are more comfortable with individuals than they are with generalizations. They do not imagine that time is a simple sequence. And they see landscapes – whether the Miramachi River in New Brunswick or MacLaughlin Point in British Columbia – as places where stories are kept. The same can be said of a face. It’s a history. It’s a revelation. It’s a map." – David Macfarlane Graded with FilmConvert

By David Hartman
Arri Alexa Mini, FJ 8543 VD
Sennheiser China - Ambeo Smart Headset

Campaign film for Sennheiser's Ambeo Smart Headset, shot in Hong Kong in July 2017.

By Cedric Retzmann
Leica M-P240, KD P400 Ptra
Popolo: A Day in the Life

Popolo Shoreditch ( recently celebrated its first birthday and to mark the occasion we made a little film showing a day in the life of this wonderful Italian restaurant. The film was shot over one whole day (16 hours to be precise) and captures the huge amount of work that goes into preparing the food before they even open for business and also the buzzing lunch and evening service at the Michelin Bib Gourmand award winner. The film was shot on a Leica M-P240 with Zeiss Planar 50/2, Leitz 90/2.8 and Voightlander 35/1.4 lenses. Some shots taken with the Leica D-Lux 109. Music composed and perfomed by Simon Andrew of Hull band The Evil Litter

By paul fuller
dji OSMO, KD 5207 Vis3
The Fake Beauty

Struggle, the essence of history. The end of history, as they put in, it is when humanity and contradictions are finally freed and unified. This is a fashion editorial based on the inspiration of North Korea and the idea of Communism. Within this topic, the idea of the contradiction behind the mask that shows the relationship between fakeness and authenticity is the main point for us to think about. Sometimes we all let ourselves to hide behind the camouflage that we built and only show the prettiest side to the others, which may be beautiful, but fake for most of the time.

By Hung-Jui Tsao