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Sony a7s, KD TrX 400
My Happy Place

For as long as I can remember, I have gotten an incredible amount of inspiration from watching people, especially dancers, perform. Music also is something that pushes me to action, even if I don't know what that action ought to be; it simply compels me to do something. Even though I'm not a dancer or a musician, I wanted to make a little film that could express my love of those things and share it with you. Many many thanks go to Olivia Conlin, who was the dancer in the video as well as the choreographer. She worked so openly and freely with me to make this thing happen, and it was probably the best collaboration I've been a part of. I put her in pretty much every situation a dancer wouldn't want to be in, and she took every scene in stride. Never complaining or giving up; just awesome. The video was filmed entirely in Minnesota over the course of six months. The music is "Revival" by Ryan Taubert, and is licensed from The Music Bed. All rights to the footage are owned by me.

By Tim Johnson
Phantom 3 Pro, FJ 8553 ET

One moment it seems you can grasp them, the next they slip away. The works of Mehdi Behbudi, sound artist from Tehran, oscillate between abstraction and the sounds of everyday life. Behbudi, together with Iranian poet Vahide Sistani and Hamburg-based video artist Felix Lübbert, created this piece for a change of perspective on our daily life. “Tehran Thricolage”, one of the collective’s first video installations, shows rare drone footage of bustling squares and traffic junctions in Tehran. In the background, Sistani’s detailed poems can be heard floating gently above Behbudi’s streetlife-inspired sound-art.

By Felix Lübbert
FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Isolated crows of solitude

Keeping a diary. It’s actually a nice thing to do. Something you undertake for yourself. An act of both letting go and preserving. In “Isolated Crows of Solitude”, Tehran-based director Sahar Soleimani turns such daily personal reporting into a means of surveillance, of repression. People are forced to keep logs of their days. Having their own ideas, discovering their own potential, maturing into individual personalities – these are utopian aims in this dystopian world. Those who rebel against the rules of the totalitarian system are “cured” with a mask. The power of dictatorship? Isolation. Alienation. Solitude. Reza is one of them. And one of them.

By Felix Lübbert
GH4, FJ 8553 ET
Home Wordd II

This film is a self reflection on the feeling one gets from skiing. An attempt to capture the mindset for why we subject our physical and metaphysical selves to the elements and the unknown. A study of expression and passion. It is a response to life changing experiences shared with loved ones, all while rooted in the outdoors. "Home Wordd II" is particularly special to me considering I shot it prior to sustaining a traumatic brain injury, and completed the project concurrently with my healing process. The release of this piece is truly representative of not just returning to where I was before the injury, but celebrating the growth which has occurred from it. This film is as much a part of myself as it is a piece of the people I am surrounded by, nothing but endless love for everyone in this video and for those who made it possible. Although I lost months and memories, I was able to regain each day I had in the mountains with my friends because of these clips. I cannot describe

By Aiden Ulrich
a7sII, FJ 8543 VD
Janelle & Ante // Wedding in Croatia

We would love to share the story of Janelle and Ante, that got married in the beautiful Split in Croatia, gathering friends and family from all over the world to celebrate their love. A love that led Janelle all the way from the USA to Paris, to find Ante and then both to Ante’s hometown to get married. A love that wasn’t always easy. Sometimes, love is about overcoming obstacles and facing challenges. To fight to be together and never let go. But in the end all that is just a reminder of how strong love can be…

By With Heart Films
Panasonic GH5, KD 5213 Vis3
Brittany + Chris

Brittany and Chris Durfeld were married on August 26, 2017 at The Sonnet House in Leeds, Alabama. Music: "Released" by Kevin Matley licensed on from Marmoset.

By Jeff Bush
Panasonic GH4, FJ 8543 VD
The Ballot or the Bullet | An American Portrait

As a Canadian traveling through Baltimore and Washington during the time of the Trump election, I noticed a lot of things that stood out to me. The anger, aggression and divide between the political parties, the extremely evident racial separation and the stark contrast between the rich and the poor. These things were all incredibly prominent as we drove through the streets of these cities. I wanted to create a video that would not only show this, but also deliver a message that to me, all this divide and anger does not make any sense. In the world that we live in today, we need more love and compassion, we need more understanding for each other and we need to make a change.

By Nick Schafer
Sony A7sii, KD 5207 Vis3
The End

Three individual stories of three different people who are stuck – a corporate prisoner, a battered wife and a hopeless junkie. If they do not break free, this is the end… "The End” Official Music Video by I Was Awake. Directed by Dom Portalla. Produced by Door Eleven Productions. Graded with FilmConvert Pro.

By Dom Portalla
DJI OSMO RAW, KD 5213 Vis3
AUSTRALIA | Wonderland -An outback Journey

A visual exploration of some of Australia's most iconic spots and not so often explored rural locations. Starting with helicopter footage of Sydney's picturesque harbor, this journey takes us to the Blue Mountains, the sheep shearing sheds of rural NSW, out to the track for some country horse racing, and back up with the breathtaking night skies of outback Australia. I hope you enjoy Wonderland Australia as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sony FS700, FJ 8553 ET

Artiste : Swed Oner Réalisation : Mr Blønde Musiques : Lou Reed, Perfect Day Acoustic Demo Poldoore - That Game You're Playing Booba - DKR Avec le soutien de la Mairie d’Uzès 2017 ©

By Art Cream
Sony FS5, KD P400 Ptra
Reclaimed Lights - ARP - Celebration Chandelier

xxxxx offers an insight into the craft and work of the immensely talented London based British designer/artist Alkesh Parmar who turns discarded scrap materials into amazing sculptures of lights, this short film explores Alkesh's practice, presenting the work of his recent project - Celebration Chandelier. His work often utilises banal everyday objects, most of the time these materials are discarded after use such as the champagne corks used for this chandelier. “The notion of recycling is an important part to my practice, however this is not my prime objective.” The central point of his work is light and the relationship it shares with the objects. The corks are hollowed out and outfitted with LED bulbs, programmed with circuitry which then customised to various interiors including restaurants, bars and homes. Each cork is hand crafted into individual lamps and grouped together to form a neutral, warm and beautiful chandelier. --- Designer/Artist: Alkesh Parmar Directed &

By C Sheng
Canon T2i/550D, KD P400 Ptra
In One Breath

A man must fight to survive in an eternal winter after losing everything he held dear.

By Erik S Edstrom