We've had an incredible response from our filmmaking community and are very excited to announce the winners for our FilmConvert Color Up Competition 2016. Thank you to everyone that got involved this year, you’re all awesome!

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Six Years | Canon 1DX mkII
By Steve Muza, Rooted Content

Large format is the type of hobby that pulls you in and takes you down the rabbit hole. Mat Marrash tries to explain why this hobby, unlike so many others, has stuck with him for six years.


"This film stood out to me in a number of ways. There is the obvious connection I have to the topic, but it was not that. The beauty of the shots, editing and grading felt perfectly in sync with telling the story. The length, whilst short, felt it was longer but in a good way. This is a sign of a perfect duration. The grading was subtle and complimentary. Whilst I wasn't judging the actual cinematography it was hard not to be drawn in by the beautiful compositions. Six years is a really gorgeous mini doc."

- Philip Bloom

Merve & Nils - Elopement in Scotland
By Riccardo Fasoli

This is the elopement of Merve & Nils. We had the pleasure to document this adventure. It was an amazing experience with much rain and passion.


"I thought that this film was beautifully shot, and set a consistent tone that matched the cinematic location of the fog in Scotland. This film stood out to me both in narrative and technical quality"

- Jordan Snider

Detour or How to make a fresh start
By Vladimiro Leopoldo

G'DAY BYRON BAY is a creative studio born out of Ana Rita Sousa and Ivano Salonia. It started out as a way for them to express their visions and language in design, photography and branding.


"For me it's all about intentionality and execution. This film has a very strong sense of intentionality with its consistent style, color and tone, that mirror the aesthetic of the company and it's founders and the story they want to tell."

- Eve Cohen, Seed & Spark

Kontra K ‘Next to You’
By Maximilian Niemann

“Next To You” is an addictive mystery-solving experience with beautiful cinematography. The viewer begins the experience as a fisherman that finds himself at a crime scene in front of a lake house. While moving through the scenery, he slowly finds out that a modern witch hunt has happened the night before.


"For me, color grading is the moment in which the cinematography, the locations, the story, the light, and all the other technical aspects irreversibly melt together to create a film that's greater than the sum of its parts. Max's work has this feeling. You can't quite tease apart why it feels like a movie, but, you just know, it feels like a movie. Well done."

- Ryan Booth




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Ryan Booth is a director living in Texas. Booth’s filmmaking career took off in 2011 when his first short film won a contest hosted by Vimeo and Canon and premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

He spent the next few years cutting his teeth as a Director of Photography, working on commercial projects for MTV, Spotify, Under Armour, Pepsi, and Home Depot, as well as music videos for Atlantic Records, Sony, and Universal Music. He DP’d two documentary features in 2015, one of which was commissioned by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Academy Award-winning director of Birdman, that explores the modern implications of the themes woven into Iñárritu’s latest film, The Revenant. In 2013, he was the cinematographer for This is Where We Live, a narrative feature that premiered at SXSW and had a successful festival and theatrical run.

In addition to DP projects, Booth has been taking on more and more directing work. Most recently, his directing has attracted the attention of Pulse Films, the award winning production company behind Beyonce’s Lemonade and the Cannes Prix du Jury winner, American Honey. Booth has multiple directing projects in the works with Pulse, including a television show set to begin production in the summer of 2016

PDN named Ryan as one of the “20 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015.”


Devoted to purposeful storytelling, Amina Moreau is the co-founder of Stillmotion and Muse, two companies that are committed to the meaningful impact of storytelling. Stillmotion has been entrusted in very notable circles to tell some pretty darn influential stories, while Muse dedicates itself to educating people of all types about the most effective way to get their word out. /


Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 9 years of his 26-year career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera.

He has worked for all the major UK broadcasters, such as the BBC, ITV, C4, Sky and many more. This also includes CNN with whom he has recently completely two seasons of the original documentary series “The Wonder List”.

Independent projects are key to Philip and he splits his time between bigger projects and small independent ones. One of his most successful independent projects was “How To Start A Revolution” which won a BAFTA in 2012 and was also awarded prizes at several film festivals including Best Documentary at the 2011 Raindance festival.


Mike started in the video industry when he was just 16 yrs old. Over the past 20+ years he has developed a reputation as one of the top go-to guys for advising on technology and implementation for film, video & high-speed projects. He has designed cinema accessories and solutions for numerous companies like Genus Products, Sawmill Cinema and others.

His vast experience as a photographer, DP, high-speed specialist and shot consultant has afforded him hands on experience on hundreds of video and photography projects. Michael is also an instructor with Story & Heart's Academy of Storytellers.


Eve M. Cohen is a cinematographer whose work ranges from independent feature films to television series, documentaries, and most recently cinematic virtual reality. She entered into the world of filmmaking through fine art—specifically painting and photography—and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and an masters degree in cinematography, both from UCLA. Eve was the first cinematographer to use the Canon C300MKii with PL mount lenses in December 2015 on her most recent feature film “Be Somebody” (dir. Joshua Caldwell), which was released by Paramount in June 2016. She has also filmed a variety of projects for VICE, CNN and ESPN, as well as A+E, MTV, Sundance, Lifetime, History and more. Her most well known Cinematic Virtual Reality project “The Visitor” (dir. James Kaelan) is still appearing at select film festivals around the world. Eve was the director of photography of the truly independent film “Like The Water” (dir. Caroline von Kuhn) which was the catalyst for the creation of crowdfunding and distribution platform Seed&Spark. Eve is a co-founder at Seed&Spark where they believe the art of storytelling is about expanding imagination, shining a light on a world inside and deepening empathy for the world outside. /


At his core, Jordan Snider is a photographic image maker. Starting in High School he was Photographing and filming BMX professionally, eagerly taking advantage of opportunities for time off school to tour the country and film. Over a decade later Jordan found his way into commercial photography , beginning with an immersion in film techniques, development and printing courtesy of Doug Myers; then onto motion pictures starting through a feature film as a Best Boy Electric with Director / DP Aaron Platt.

Color was a natural extension of his post production still photography work merging with his experience shaping light as a Gaffer and Photo Assistant. As the tools Improved Jordan found he could treat videos in Resolve similar to stills in Photoshop.

A move to Portland accelerated this path; working as a colorist on a series of commercials for Bent Image Lab, he quickly established himself in Portland as a Colorist. Typical of his ever evolving career, Jordan began to incorporate DIT and assistant editing into the list of services; leading him to found ChromaColor; a digital film lab.

As a perpetual student, Jordan believes that access to knowledge furthers progress and, in that spirit, he is currently working with The Academy Of Storytellers to arrange his mass of acquired information and experience into The Academy’s easy to understand format.


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