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Panasonic GH5, FJ Prov 100

After our wedding in Austin, TX we spent our Honeymoon driving the Ring Road. Iceland is a beautiful place - the people are wonderful, the food is fantastic and the views are never ending. We can't wait to go back. Shot On: Panasonic GH4: CINELIKE-D Metabones .64 Speedbooster Panasonic GH5: VLOG-L Metabones .71 Speedbooster Canon 35mm Canon 70-200mm Sigma 18-35mm DJI Mavic Pro iPhone X iPhone 7 Plus Edited With: FCPX (Corrected/Graded with Film Convert Pro Plugin) Music: Side of the Road by Big Black Delta (

By Brandon
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD

Dirección: Lucas Rios Guion: Federico Gonzáles Cobreros Producción Ejecutiva: Lucas Rios - Federico Gonzáles Cobreros Producción: Paula Mariana Luna Dirección de Fotografía: Emanuel Sarmiento Dirección de Arte: Carolina Lafuente – Rocío Barbeito Director de Sonido: Tomás Ramos Compositor:Rodrigo Caro Langwagen Montaje: Lucas Rios – Valentina Fragueiro Maquillaje y Fx: Julieta Andrada Calamera Vestuario: Lucila Paretti Elenco: Aldo: Fernando Margenet Juan: Máximo Ruiz Paramédicos: Oscar Manrique – Felipe Solas Policía: Fernando Báez Miguel: Lucas Rios Equipo Técnico : Asistente de Dirección: Abril Dores Ayudante de Dirección: Diego Borda Asistente de Producción: Fernando Báez Cámara: Lucas Rios DIT: Gerardo Gherman Asistente de Cámara: Ezequiel Kosmin Gaffer: Neyén Lencina Eléctrico: Fernando Báez Foto Fija: Matyas Bloo Laurel Diseño de Sonido: Tomás Ramos - Lucas Rios Sonido Directo: Aturo Salva Post Producción: Nicolás Agarzúa – Lucas Rios Post Producción de Color: Gerardo Gherman

By Lucas Nahuel Rios
Sony A7s mk II, FJ Prov 100
I Have Never Loved Someone Like You

"I Have Never Loved Someone Like You" A song by Guido Block. Script, direction and editing by Antonio Capra. Graded with FilmConvert. "Young Block": Alberto Guerra , Dance scene choreography: Comasia Palazzo.

By Antonio Capra
Arri Alexa, FJ 8543 VD
Ferris Bueller - Shot For Shot

The National Retail Federation wanted to make sure President Donald Trump didn’t forget about the current trade issues. CRAFT developed the brilliant concept of making this video mimic the classic film "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off", bringing back DC native Ben Stein for authenticity. Our team helped them recreate this memorable scene shot for shot, providing the production crew and equipment needed to make it happen. In post we colored it. CRAFT over delivered on PR and outreach. Featuring placements on Fox & Friends, Roseanne, and Saturday Night Live; in its first week, the ad was viewed over a million times across mediums. Camera: Arri Alexa Graded: FilmConvert

Red Dragon, KD 5213 Vis3
The Vault

The Vault is a Post-Apocalyptic / Sci-Fi story about a ragtag group of survivors living in an underground military base known as the Vault. Buried 5 miles beneath the earth, this state-of-the-art facility is humanity's only remaining home.

By Sara Martins
Red Scarlet-W, FJ 8563 RL
The Drum Circle

Welcome to the DC Drum Circle. The 40+ year tradition is still going strong in Meridian Hill (Malcolm X Park). Each Sunday at 3 PM, the park is filled with drums, dance, excitement and characters. What started as a small group of African American drummers and dancers has evolved into a multicultural mix of tight-rope walkers, hula-hoopers, yogis, and jugglers. Many say the drum circle gives them a spiritual and social lift that’s hard to find anywhere else in Washington. It's a creative outlet, one of the many best kept secrets in DC, shrouded by the political machine. The scene, every Sunday, is inviting and positive, it's a lively celebration of life!

RED Scarlet-W, FJ 8563 RL
Train Now. Live Now. PSU 307.

The US Coast Guard has a much smaller recruitment budget than the Army and Navy, it’s also more rigorous in its selection criteria to applicants. This meant our advertising and content efforts needed to be targeted and nimble. Our teams needed to help attract more qualified recruits in strategic locations around the US while showcasing the unique options and career outlook the Coast Guard offers. Capturing the coast guard service members required a variety of tools; cinema cameras, low light optimized cameras, 360 rigs, and two drones! This went on to get 100s of thousands of views through the CG channels.

Sony F3, FJ 8563 RL
Under The Same Sun

A young man discovers a View Master in his grandmother's attic. When used, it allows him to relive memories of his past in full consciousness and detail. Almost every year around thanksgiving a group of high school friends from Elysburg, PA plan, shoot, and edit a music video in 48 hours, recapping how they've felt about the past year's events. Each video incorporates elements from the past years and tries to introduce new characters. DP/Director - Shane Yeager AC - Ryan Lictel Talent - Tim Burke PA - Celene Di Stasio Camera - Sony F3 Lenses - Sony Cine Primes

Sony A7SII, FJ 8543 VD
Sovereign King

Based on the Nativity story I wanted to capture the strength of Mary who was mocked by people for being pregnant out of wedlock. In the midst of Mary's life no one was there for her but she was strong, courageous, and faithful to God through every moment. I believe women are strong and courageous and carry a burden of being looked down upon daily, looked at as if they are not strong enough, independent enough, or good enough but I believe otherwise. I believe that women will carry us into the future just as Mary did.

By Joshua Balich