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Camera Pack Downloads

Our new Camera Profile Downloader makes it easier to download and install your camera profiles by doing this within the plugin itself. These downloads will be for individual shooting profiles, rather than for the full camera pack.

The camera profile is the specific shooting profile that footage was captured with, such as V-LOG, S-LOG3, etc. You can download the individual profile that is required for your footage with our Camera Profile Downloader.

The camera pack includes all the shooting profiles that we have profiled for your specific camera.

If the profile you have selected is not already installed, click on the ‘Download Profile’ button. A pop-up will appear downloading the individual profile, alongside a link to download the full camera pack from our website.

Yes, please head to our Camera Packs page to download the full camera pack.

Please try selecting a different server location, and if the error persists, contact us at support@filmconvert.com.