Camera Profile Download Manager

Our new Camera Profile Downloader makes it easier to download and install camera packs, allowing you to download them directly from within your plugin.

  • The Camera Profile is the data for a specific picture style for your camera, E.g, Arri LogC.
  • The Camera Pack includes all the Camera Profiles we have available for your specific camera.

You can download either an individual profile or the entire camera pack directly from within the plugin using the download manager

If you are using the latest version of FilmConvert, Camera profiles can be downloaded directly from within the plugin using the download manager. If the profile you have selected is not already installed, you will be alerted that the profile is not available. From there you can click the ‘Download Profile’ button. A pop-up will appear showing your download progress.

If you are using an older version of the plugin, camera packs can still be downloaded from the Legacy Installers page.

Yes, the download manager also has an option to download the whole camera pack. You will see this once you start downloading the profile you need.

Please try selecting a different server location, and if the error persists, contact us at