Moving licenses to new computers

Help > Moving licenses to new computers
We allow License keys to be moved to other machines. This service is intended to allow people to upgrade their machines and move Film Convert licenses across to them.

Note: We do not offer a real-time floating license system and we do not guarantee that if you deactivate a machine that your license will be immediately available for use.

To move a license you must deactivate the old machine first.

The stand-alone application can be deactivated by selecting "Clear Registration Details" on the menu bar.

Deactivation apps for plugins can be downloaded here or found in the following locations:
  • OS X: /Library/Application Support/RubberMonkey/
  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\RubberMonkey\DeregisterApp.exe
You can run them as required to free up your license key.

While deactivation will normally be automatic, there are times when this will not happen automatically. If your license does not free up within 30 minutes then please email customer support so we can process this manually for you. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Finally, for Mac OSX users who have migrated a machine using the Mac OSX Migration Assistant, please Deactivate your NEW machine as well. This won't affect your license but will clear out any files that were copied by the migration assistant that will interfere with the activation process.