It's your lucky day, we offer all students a 30% discount!

Student discounts are available to full-time Tertiary students and academic staff.

To receive a discount, please with fill out the form below with your Academic email address with details of your academic status or enrollment. Students may also be required to verify their academic status by sending us a snapshot of a current Student ID with a visible expiry date.

The person purchasing the license must be a student or faculty member. We will not provide student discounts to non-students purchasing “on behalf of a student” or to someone whose spouse/child is a student.

Parents of school aged students do not qualify for a student discount. It is not feasible for us to provide discounts to every parent of school aged children.

Academic licenses are provided for educational use. Licenses purchased with an Academic discount are not intended for commercial use and may not be purchased primarily for commercial use.

Student discounts are only available on full-price purchases. They cannot be applied to sale prices or used in conjunction with any other promotion.