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FilmConvert Nitrate


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Adobe Plugin Nitrate
Volume license
Photoshop Plugin
Volume license
FCPX Plugin Nitrate
Volume license
OFX Plugin Nitrate
Volume license
Avid Plugin
Volume license
FilmConvert Nitrate Bundle
Volume license
FilmConvert Standalone
Volume license
CineMatch plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro
Volume license
CineMatch plugin for DaVinci Resolve
Volume license
CineMatch Bundle
Volume license
FCPX Plugin
Volume license

Premiere Pro and After Effects Plugin - with Nitrate

Add the look of film to your next video with the FilmConvert Adobe Plugin.

Include the new Nitrate feature set:

  • Print density film emulations
  • Create your own film response curve
  • Advanced grain controls

macOS and Windows compatible with CC 2015 and up

UPGRADE* *for FilmConvert owners

System Requirements


Windows 10
After Effects or Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later
CUDA 10.1+ or OpenCL 1.1+


macOS 10.13.6 and up
After Effects or Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later
Metal or OpenCL

NOTE: Links to previous versions can be found in the Help section

Final Cut Plugin

Instantly create the look of film on your next digital video using our FilmConvert plugin for Final Cut Pro.

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion
  • FCPX: New interface + fixes for High Sierra

$139.00 BUY NOW

System Requirements


Final Cut Pro 10.6

Nitrate for DaVinci Resolve

Easily add FilmConvert into your existing workflow with our OFX Plugin.

  • Cross Platform (macOS + Windows)

$139.00 BUY NOW

System Requirements


Windows 10
Resolve 16
OpenCL or CUDA


macOS 10.13.6 or later
Resolve 16 and 17
OpenCL or Metal

FilmConvert Bundle License

Get access to all of our plugins with the Bundle License, perfect if you work across more than one editing software when in post.

  • Cross Platform (macOS and Windows)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve

Upgrade your FilmConvert Pro Bundle to a Nitrate Bundle and get the power of NItrate across every platform we support!

System Requirements


Bundle license for all currently available versions of FilmConvert.

See individual plugin details for System Requirements.


Bundle license for all currently available versions of FilmConvert.

See individual plugin details for System Requirements.

What our clients say about us

Manuel Peña
La Cima del Tiempo
"FilmConvert is not only an extremely powerful plugin for cinematic purposes but also a workflow booster for color grading in projects with apparently impossible deadlines."
Jennifer Cox
"FilmConvert gives me an amazing base to start building on, which makes my workflow much faster. It gives the footage a texture and a weight that would be really time consuming to achieve on my own."