Shaw Road To The Grey Cup - Henry Burris

Part of an ongoing project for Shaw's Road To The Grey Cup digital campaign. We're travelling across Canada to share the stories of 9 incredible athletes as they strive for greatness.

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Client: Shaw Communications
Marketing and Management: Barry Forth - Wasserman Media Group
Agency: Sway Advertising
Director of Production: John Challinor
Production Company: Electric Mango Film Company
Director: Shawn Lovering
Editor: Wild and Light
Producers: John Challinor, Taylor Prestidge
DoP: Shawn Lovering
Color: Shawn Lovering, John Challinor

Special Thanks: CFL, CFL Players Association, Shaw, Sabrina Loeprich, Zac Jackson, and the Althetes

Film graded with FILM CONVERT

By Shawn Lovering

Canon C100 Mark II

KD 5207 Vis3

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