A girl is at drug and sex party…but she is not as naive as she looks

Best Web Series Foreign at LOS ANGELES INDIPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS , Special mention at Miami Independent Film Festival 2015.
Selected at Los Angeles CineFest , #TOFF – The Online Film Festival, River Film Festival, , River Film Festival, Yellow Fevere Independent Film Festival, Roma Cinema Doc, Film Crash.

:: produced by Licaoni, O Family,

:: created by Massimo Santimone, Simona Brancati, Daniele Corsi, Marzio Mirabella

:: written by Massimo Santimone, Francesca Detti

:: direction and cinematography by Marzio Mirabella

:: original music by Gabriele Draghetti

:: Production Music courtesy of

:: audio mixing by Alberto Parodi -

:: starring::
Fiorenza Pieri
Alessandra Gessa

By Marz

canon c100

FJ 8543 VD, FJ 8563 RL, KD5207 vis 3

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