No Set Path

This mini documentary takes a look in to the world of independent film making, and is a must watch for any one involved with, getting started in or just has a passing interest in film making. An alternative title for it could have been "How a couple of guys set up an Oscar nominated production company from nothing." It shows that there truly is "no set path" to success when it comes to film making, although there are a number of important traits, like passion, determination and high standards that certainly do help.

Jon Drever who is the co-founder and co-owner of Grain Media and a friend of mine very kindly let me into his professional world and spoke candily and honestly, allowing me to relive his journey in film making from very humble beginnings to running the extremely successful independent production company Grain Media. Its been an honour to be able to create something that hopefully goes some way to showing this inspirational journey.

With since

By Jonathan J Scott

Canon C100 MKII

FJ 8553 ET

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