Woebegone (Short film)

Beluneu Films' presents...

WOEBEGONE /ˈwəʊbɪɡɒn/ adjective -- sad or miserable in appearance.

Have you ever had that feeling where everything is just meaningless you just want to make your own end? But then you just don't know how or where or simply, you just need help...

Original concept by:
Shariza Wahyuna

Edited by:
Amali Hj Roslin

Cinematography by:
Abu Hurairah Hj Mohamad

Special Effects by:
Wafiq HMY

Graded with FilmConvert

By Amali Hj Roslin

Canon 5D MKII

FJ Velv 100, KD TrX 400 & FJ Neo

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