The Beauty Of Silence - Director's Cut by Fabio Grande

"A young photographer recalls the encounter that changed his life."

This film would not have been possible without the hearted support of all Cast and Crew.

Starring: Angelica Picolo, Michael Gazzola
Written by: Fabio Grande
Directed by: Fabio Grande
Director of Photography: Valerio Napoletano
Cinematography on Set: Vincenzo Alba
Cinematography on Location: Fabio Grande, Valerio Napoletano
Sound Technician: Vito Loperfido
Make-up Artist: Eliana Tessuto
Production Assistant: Claudia Lippolis
Script Supervisor: Alessandra Notarangelo
Behind the Scenes: Graziano Lacitignola

Film Editor, Sound Designer, Colorist, Narrator: Fabio Grande
Graded with Film Convert on FCPX

Music by Chris Zabriskie “I Need To Start Writing Things Down”


This short film was first made possible for the Italian Competition held by Canon “La Grande Occasione 2014”.
The original version can be seen on Canon’s Vimeo Channel at this address

By Fabio Grande

Canon C300

FJ SuperX 400, KD P400 Ptra, FJ Velv 100, KD 5207 Vis 3, Pird 600

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