MFH - Six Feet Above

The film takes place in a modern, but completely empty, apartment.

We watch each member of the band in short scenes portraying everyday life, in a very minimalistic environment. One is in the bath, another is reading a book, another is getting dressed, another is chopping vegetables in the kitchen. They are expressionless and almost lifeless.

The music gathers momentum and these moments of everyday life seem to be shaken by the following, unexpected, events.

Party guests invade the apartment as the worlds of inertia and life collide, and little by little mayhem ensues.

For this music video I spent 1 day writing the script, 2 days shooting, and 2 days editing. This video was a very quick project, but it shows that with practice, and Filmconvert plugin, anything is possible.

By Chesneau Laurent

Sony FS7

FJ 8543 VD

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