A drifter, running away from his past, stumbles across a young boy who leads him to his redemption.

writer/director - Shea Sizemore
producer - Lile Sizemore
producer - Kristijan Kalinov
cinematographer - Brent Christy
costume design - Lile Sizemore
editor - Caleb Daniel Farmer
colorist - John Schroter
sound design - Ryan Monette
composer - Temelko Andreev
the drifter - Dobre Stefanovski
the boy - Petar Krstevski
marija - Blagica Ristov

This film was shot in 2 days outside of Skopje, Macedonia.
Shot on the Canon C300 with the Canon Cine Primes
Cut in Premiere
Colored in Davinci Resolve using FilmConvert

By John Schroter

Canon C300

FJ SuperX 400

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