Ryan Muirhead 'I am in here' | A conversation with James John

I sat down with Portland based film photographer Ryan Muirhead and we spoke about Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, and his journey into becoming the well known photographer that Ryan is today.

Making this documentary style interview film with Ryan was a moving and much needed experience for me. I got into film making to connect with people and share stories to help eachother, along the way I lost my direction and hit a huge emotional challenge, but it was needed, I needed to stop and look at my map.

Ryan tells an insightful story about his journey through depression and his daily battle with anxiety in this film, and we learn a lot more about what means to be Ryan Muirhead.
Ryan is driven by photography and especially film photography helps him cope through his challenging times.
Talking, Hanging, Filming with Ryan and making this film helped me to reconnect with my passions and meanings.
My SSD drive failed while finishing this project, so this was actually meant to be the 1st c

By james john

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FJ 8543 VD

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