Daughter Betrothed - 運命の流れるままに

A Samurai Lord orders a farmer to give his daughter's hand in an arranged marriage. The father struggles with his love for his daughter and his duty to the Samurai Lord. The daughter faces her unlucky fate...

Tomokazu Ichimura
as The Father
as The Daughter

Directed and Produced by: Orlando Benedicto
Director of Photography: Matthew Kohnen
Production Advisor: Abraham Heisler
Story by: Orlando Bendicto
Screenplay by: Orlando Benedicto and Tomokazu Ichimura
Translation by: Noriko Yoshida and Atsuko Bailey
Production Assitants: Yusitana Ardanti, John Teall, Atsuko Bailey and Noriko Yoshida
Sound: John Teall
Kimono: Atsuko Bailey
Costume Rental: Mohammad Khateeb
Actor Coordinator: Yanjun Li

Special Thanks:
Noriko Yoshida
Matthew Kohnen
Atsuko Bailey
Abraham Heisler
Ken Takahashi (Toei Studios Kyoto)

Shot on location in Kyoto, Japan
Shot on Panasonic GH4 + Iscorama Anamorphic Lens
Color graded with Davinci Resolve and Film Conver

By Orlando Benedicto

Panasonic GH4

KD 5213 Vis3

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