Old Craftsman Portrait

Shot in Belgrade, Serbia.
© 2014 Lazar Bogdanovic and Hristina Papadopulos

Graded with DaVinci Resolve and Film Convert using Fuji SuperX 400 stock

The term craft is a Turkish loan word of Arab origin, and denotes skill or knowledge. Crafts are forerunners of industrial mass production. Craftsmen who perfected their craft would make their product from beginning to end.
Once, the shops of old craftsmen such as candy makers, bookbinders, candlemakers, watchmakers or tailors could be seen everywhere, but now they are few and far between. Although these professions are not lucrative anymore, there are several craftsmen in Belgrade who save their crafts from oblivion. As a rule, anyone who practices old crafts inherited that occupation from the previous generations as a family tradition. Mass production enabled products which are far cheaper than the ones old craftsmen used to make and slowly made old crafts sink into oblivion.

Art Director / Hristina Papadopulos
Cinematography / Lazar

By Lazar Bogdanovic

Canon 5D mark 3

Fuji SuperX 400

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