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Canon M50, FJ 8543 VD
The Iceland story

A travel film of our visit in Iceland.

By Csaba Landi
Sony A7III, FJ 8543 VD
Nuvole Bianche

After a casual encounter with a child mine, a woman discovers she might have lost more than just her pocket watch. Starring Yamila Diaz-Rahi Performed by Ahn Trio

By Alessio Giorgetti
Sony FS-5, FJ 8543 VD
Serenity Prayer

This short film was shot with the Sony a6400 on a gymbal and the fs5 as the main camera on a tripod. Slog3 on both cameras.

By Giancarlo Espinosa
Canon 7D MkII, FJ 8553 ET
Reclaiming Words

Fine-artist Deniz Ozlu explores different media in and outside the studio.

By Alexei Zagdansky
Alexa Mini, KD P400 Ptra
J+M Wedding

A perfect day in Malibu for the wedding of Justin & MaryKatherine Black!

By Neal Johnson
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, FJ SuperX 400
The Way We Like

Shot on the BMPCC4k with Takumar SMC lenses. A short film about addiction and pastries. Based on an excerpt from the feature film, Jacob's Brother, currently in development (

By Brian Bourque
Red Gemini, KD 5207 Vis3

Throw your rubbish in the bin or else the Boogie Men will chuck you in. Littering is about two Aussie blokes from the 70's trying to get rid of their trash.

By Kerry
FS700 + ODYSSEY 7q+, FJ Prov 100

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By R
Sony A7rII, Canon 5D Mark IV, FJ 8543 VD
Lauryn + Ryan // Wedding Film

Affinity Visuals is proud to present our wedding film capturing the beautiful bride and groom, Lauryn & Ryan. We enjoyed every moment captured and felt so much love and joy exuberating off the happy couple. Using FilmConvert we were able to bring this story to life, it allowed us to make a timeless film that the bride and groom can cherish forever. We hope you enjoy it!

By Affinity Visuals
Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera 4k, FJ 8543 VD
Avalos Foundry - The forgotten Factory.

We decided to travel to the forgotten comunity of Avalos in the north of Mexico which had one of the biggest foundries in the world more than 120 years ago. Nowadays its a forbidden and dangerous place to visit because of the high concentrations of Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium and several other pollutants in the zone. Impressive display of beauty in such decaying constructions.

By Diz
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra
Por una vida Juntos

agustina y juan wedding highlights

By angel salvador
sony a6500, FJ Velvia 100
Carina y Joshua wedding highlights

Carina y Joshua wedding highlights

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD 5213 Vis3
The best day of our life

selma and rodolfo wedding highlight

By angel salvador
canon 6d, FJ 8563 RL
Wedding film Guilherme and Carol

The celebration of a special day.

By Fabio Lino
Canon EOS 5D3, KD 5207 Vis3
Do no harm

Shot in just one day and using FilmConvert for color-grading, this touching film is about the tragedy of a young life lost, opportunities missed and the need for “attention, attention (to be) paid”. Ami, 30’s, visits his severely ill brother, Lavi in hospital. Lavi is terrified and the two share a most meaningful hug. Ami barely notices the negligence that his brother continuously suffers and when he arrives later at night Lavi is no longer there. Discovering Lavi’s notes left behind, Ami is left with a choice as to how to deal with his legacy...

By Gabriel Horn
Canon 60D, FJ 8543 VD
Shadows of the Dark

When a drug deal goes wrong, a young gang member questions his way of life.

By Ben Kruis
Panasonic Gh5, FJ Ast 100
Reach Wider, Go Deeper

Spoken word video based on the Bible passage from Isaiah 54:2.

By Adrian Serecut
Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K, FJ Velvia 100
Little Nothing

We partnered with NGO, NCompass, to highlight the importance of education in Titanyen, Haiti and their efforts to spread opportunity country-wide.

By Edward Cuddy
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, KD P400 Ptra
No Arm, No Excuses: The Porter Ellet Story

Porter Ellett, who lost the use of his right arm in an accident at age 4 and had it surgically removed at 16, hasn’t let loss of limb—or anything else—hold him back. From buttering toast to swimming straight to typing quickly on a computer, Ellett has learned to adapt and to look for the positives in life. He now works as the Kansas City Chiefs Assistant Coach while also sharing his experiences as a motivational speaker.

By Bradley Slade
Fujifilm X-T3 and Ninja V, KD 5207 Vis3
Why mountains and not the city?

A short documentary about a couple who chose to live in the mountains instead of the big city.

By ????? ????????
Sony a6500, KD 5207 Vis3

Two beatboxers struggle to reconcile their artistic passions with their need to make a living. Living in Germany, beatboxers Chris Bresgen aka "Tash" and Robin Calderolla aka "Babeli" live at opposite ends of the professional spectrum. While Chris works a steady job and makes a good salary, Babeli has been a professional beatboxer for over 10 years. Both struggle to make a living while keeping up with their ultimate passion.

By Connor Smyers
Sony a7s II, KD 5207 Vis3

A boy alleviates his loneliness by playing video games at a local arcade and is approached by a potential new friend.

By Jack
FS700 + ODYSSEY 7q+, FJ 8543 VD


By R
FS700 + ODYSSEY 7q+, FJ 8543 VD
SAMSUNG_Business Solutions_CROSSFIT


By R
sony a6500, KD 5207 Vis3


By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra
Cinematic Reel Viñeta Producciones 2019

Cinematic Reel Viñeta Producciones 2019

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD 5207 Vis3
Teaser Runway Bolivia

Teaser Runway Bolivia

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra
Spot aniversario Ingenieria Mecatronica 2019

Spot aniversario Ingenieria Mecatronica 2019

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra

Invitational sports capsule for the Yungas Race 2020 event

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra

Invitational sports capsule for the Yungas Race 2020 event

By angel salvador
sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra

Invitational sports capsule for the Yungas Race 2020 event

By angel salvador
Sony FS5, FJ 8543 VD
A little bit closer

A Short Wedding Film about Beccy & Nick marriage in Italy

By Jory Stifani
Canon a6500 , FJ Velvia 100
Visit Villa Tunari

Tourist video made for the co-tropical cochabamba community Graded with: FilmConvert

By angel salvador
PD-150, KD TMx 100

A tribute to the days of 1950s television, including shooting it in SD.

By Ray Etheridge
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cam 4k, FJ 8543 VD
Tyson Motsenbocker - The Last Summer (Official Music Video)

Director: Cole Slinker Editors: Hamilton Henson & Cole Slinker Director of Photography: Nate King Producer: Cody Howell 2nd Camera: Hamilton Henson Wardrobe & Styling: Cara King Lighting Operator: Joseph Carlson Production Assistant: Nathan Cooper Starring: Matthew Wright & Andrea Brewer With special thanks to Patrick Garland at Skateworld, Kelly "Bo Toxic" Timm at Sin City Skates, Las Quadrinas Quad Squad of Long Beach California, and especially Ryan "The Wrench" Tuck. Filmed on location at Skateworld in San Diego, California on August 12th, 2019. Color Grade with FilmConvert

By Cole slinker
Sony A7iii, FJ H400 Pro
Lost Shadow

Lost Shadow is about a woman that is lost in the world. This is based on a true story. Film Convert To vote for our film visit: We thank you for your support. Cast and Crew Credits: Cast Jasmine Bittar - Actress Crew Tyler Williams - Gaffer, DP Taylor Rountree - Director, Writer, Sound Design Luke Riether - AC, Editor, VFX Design Music was supplied by - Ryan Taubert - Lament for peace

By Taylor Rountree
Sony A7iii, FJ H400 Pro
Lindsey + Jacob - Speechless (Wedding Video)

This was a great day for a wedding at the zoo. Such an awesome day full of adventure! #weddingvideo #weddingjoy #okczoo

By Luke
CG, FJ 8563 RL
Behind the right door - Film version

Alternative filmic version graded with a FJ 8563 RL LUT

By Peregrine Mccafferty
RED Scarlet-W, FJ H400 Pro

This is a short commercial for a sport association from germany. With this association you have the possibility to search for your favourite sport in your town and get directly in contact with the clubs providing this sport.

By Stephan Fröhlich
RED Scarlet-W, KD 5207 Vis3
Freedom in a Compact Way

You do not know what it feels like to be in one of our campers? Or do you need a small dose of vanlife to bridge the time until your next trip? Then just have a look at the new Discarvery movie.

By Stephan Fröhlich
RED ScarletW, FJ 8543 VD
Why do people love nomad cruise?

Listen to the participants explaining what Nomad Cruise means to them. Learn what makes the community on board so special and why the whole experience is life-changing and unforgettable.

By Stephan Fröhlich
Red Scarlet-W, KD TMx 100
Walking on Rivers - Off the trails

Walking on Rivers is a uprising german Indie Folk Band. Together we planned this Music Video, to emphasize the lyrics. In this song it's all about going off the trails to find the right trail and to stop living in a bubble.

By Stephan Fröhlich
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
A Love Story From Florence

It is hard to overstate how incredible the city of Florence is as a wedding location… truly breathtaking. Kim and Ken who got married in an ancient castle just outside Florence had the most amazing celebration filled with happiness, love and laughter. At White Balloon Films we believe that this non-linear narrative enhanced by Filmconvert's colours best represents their day. Watch as the story unfolds!

By Stewart Carroll
Sony A7 III, DJI Mavic Pro, FJ 8553 ET
Kidz for a Cleaner Curacao

Curacao is a beautiful island in the Caribbean with a great biodiversity of marine life, volcanos, tropical beaches, Mangroves and coral reefs. Curacao is home to endangered species like the sea turtle and Caribbean flamingo. Thats why Maya Mathias founded the Greenkidz Project in 2015 to contribute to a cleaner and healthier Curacao. Together with her colleagues, she developed a program to teach children about plastic and recycling in their schools. We visited Maya and the Greenkidz to document their important work.

By Janis Klinkenberg
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
Maeva + Yohann

Maeva and Yohann. What a passionate and beautiful couple. And their two daughters, so cute. The emotions in their eyes all throught the day are every filmmakers dream. I used FilmConvert to add a dreamy cinema look.

By Patrick M.
Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro , KD 5207 Vis3

Agent Kian Gaber gets recruited by FAUST, a non-listed and officially non-existent department of the BND, when his last Mission, gets out of control. Now he and his Team have to operate in the shadow, to protect the freedom and democracy in Germany and central Europe. Trailer for the Series FAUST-AGENTENLEBEN. Genre: Spy Thriller 4 Episodes each 55min long Germany 2019

By Christian Kern
Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro , KD 5207 Vis3
Mattschwarz Rose Gold - "Sie ist die Fackel"

Music Video for the German Artist: Mattschwarz.Rose.Gold Song: "Sie ist die Fackel" (Und brennt diesen Club wieder nieder) Location: Volksbad Nürnberg, Germany Beat & Mastering Song "Die Fackel" Vincenzo Margaglio (Enzo Music)

By Christian Kern
Sony A7 III, FJ 8553 ET
Trail Running in Oman

This is a video about intersections. Simon was on his way to Nepal for a shoot and had time to spare on a layover, Milo had five days off between consecutive shoots in Europe and New York: so we decided to meet in Oman to combine our passions of trail running and filmmaking. Little spaces open up in our schedules sometimes, and this was an opportunity to cross paths with purpose. Oman’s landscape and culture was new to us, we knew nothing and we had no expectations, but that was part of the plan. There’s a tension between having a plan and trying something new, between traveling to a new place and doing something familiar.

By Janis Klinkenberg
Sony RX100VA, KD 5213 Vis3
A week in Germany

8 days in Germany weren't enough, not even close. We visited many locations across SW and Southern Germany and we only wished we had more time. Bacharach and the Rhine, Freiburg and the Black Forest, Lindau and Lake Constance, Füssen and the Neuschwanstein Castle, Eibsee and Zugspitze. These were just some of the highlights of our trip.

By Adrian Vila
Sony A7 III, FJ 8553 ET

In the minds of many, Colombia is still regarded as a dangerous country. One which only summons up images of Pablo Escobar and the guerrilla fighters. Yet with the peace agreement in 2016, Colombia is finding peace. Filmmakers Simon Straetker and Tobias Hauser set out to discover this different side of Colombia— one that isn’t featured in the bombastic headlines. During their four-week road trip across the nation’s center and coast, they experienced the most friendly people from every stratum of Columbian society. People who welcomed them into their homes, shared their views on the world and gave them a candid glimpse into what the Colombians want their nation to be like. Their short film features those very encounters and places.

By Janis Klinkenberg