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Sony FS5, KD 5207 Vis3
Aarhus Universitet - Maja Alm

Produced / made by GotFat Production Camera : Søren Schneider Director: Emil Johnsen Edited and color graded by Jian Zhi Zhang Graded with FilmConvert

By Jian Zhi Zhang
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
Aaron + Kortni // Timeless Prairie Wedding // DC Brandon Films

Visit for more wedding films.

A gorgeous prairie wedding featuring the beautiful bride Kortni and her handsome groom Aaron. From the charming prairie scenery in this wedding film you can see why those of us who call Alberta home are lucky indeed.

The film was shot primarily on location just outside of Edmonton, Alberta at the bride's parent's farmhouse and in town at Vegreville, AB with some b-roll shots taken from the journey in between cities.

What struck me about this couple was their easy-going way of being together and the honest way they communicate with people. A real pleasure to film and be around for the day.

Shot on Panasonic GH4 and G6 cameras and a variety of fast Panasonic zooms and Pentax K mount prime lenses.
Support from Manfrotto, fHugen, and Glidecam.
Audio done with Sony and Rode mics into Tascam DR60's and Zoom H1's.

Music by Ryan Taubert and Gree

By Derek Brandon
Sony A7iii, FJ 8563 RL
Ab Initio

Ab Initio ("from the beginning") is a short music-dance film that examines origin myths: personal narratives, our ideas of home, our happy places, the stories we tell ourselves about where we come from, and the ways these stories guide our movements through the world around us. It takes constant devotion and upkeep to believe in something, and like any other deeply-held beliefs, our origin stories can be a source of conflict when they come into dissonance with our surroundings and our experiences. Sometimes we fight them, sometimes we flee from them, but ultimately our personal mythologies are the bridge that connects our pasts with our futures. In between is the present, where we are both the author and the protagonist of our own stories.

By Michael Marten
Canon C100, FJ Ast 100 for night scenes / FJ 8543 VD for day scenes
AB SYNDROM - Lagerfeuer

CAST: Isabel Thierauch & Stefan König
GAFFER: Maximilian Motel
SOUND: Bennet Seuss
STYLING: Isabell Matschke
MAKE UP / HAIR: Sandra Flöther

THANKS: Nina M., Nina H., Max T., Lucien S.

Filmed on a Canon C100 with Zeiss glass
Graded with FilmConvert on FCPX

By Jens Sage
5D mk III, fuji velvia 100
Abandoned (Film Convert)

An exploration of architectural abandonment and decay.

Music by -
Boards of Canada - Reach for the dead

By Christian Cruz
Sony Fs7, FJ 8553 ET
Abbeville - Lynching in America

In 1916, a black farmer named Anthony Crawford was brutally lynched in Abbeville, South Carolina. One hundred years later, the Crawford family returns to the town square to acknowledge the racial violence that once drove them away.

By Juan
RED Epic X, GoPro, Sony A7s, Kd 5213 Vis3
Abel Construction - FilmConvert

Corrected with FilmConvert

By David Hoskins
Sony F55/R5, FJ 8553 ET
Abetz and Drescher ‘Dawn of Tomorrow’

Berlin based art duo have been working non stop to create their pop icon mixed media art for more than 20 years. Bullet holes hold fond memories in and around former East Berlin - remembering the Berlin wall and the life of never knowing what the next day would bring.

By Simon Gentry
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, IL D3200
Above Home for Christmas

Alone on a space station for Christmas, an astronaut brings the holiday spirit to the darkness of space. Filmed with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on green screen. Panasonic Lumix 14-45mm FilmConvert was used to emulate the texture of the great holiday classic of yesteryear.

By Justin Golightly
Yuneec CGO3, FJ H160s Pro
Above Part 2

Drone footage is appearing at an explosive rate and when done properly is incredibly beautiful and can almost tell us a story in itself. Drawing on my background in music and film production, I decided to combine it with other elements to create a totally immersive experience which people have never quite seen before. I call this film a Drone Micro Drama.

By Owen "OD" Hunte
A7sii , KD P400 Ptra
ABQ - Takes So Long

Music video shot on the a7sii S-Log2 and graded with filmconvert

By Wilson Lynn
Canon 5D mklll, KD 5207 Vis3
abroadlives - Nepal - filmconvert

abroadlives promotes charities around the world with the aim to promote conscious traveling. We visited Nepal and met amazing people who generously shared their stories with us. We also did some great activities including the world's biggest zip line, whitewater rafting and off-road adventures. Nepal needs more tourist to explore the country as tourism is its biggest provider of jobs and income. We hope that through our documentary, people will see that Nepal is safe to visit after the earthquake, all its beauty is intact and the people are incredible!

By Tom
Sony a7s II, KD 5207 Vis3
Abstrasension 2016

«For several years we have been working on the development of a non-profit atmospheric scene: to support musicians from Russia and the CIS countries. We arrange intelligent electronic festivals that focus the listeners on amazing aspects of contemporary music that is often hidden in the mainstream» - Igor Adams (organizer of the festival)

By Maxim
Sony a6500, KD P400 Ptra

After a decade of working in the animation and VFX industry I've decided to dive into live action filmmaking. Here’s my live action reel: …and my Hobbit Animation Reel: This short film started out as a test of my new gimbal. The whole cast and crew consisted of me and my wife Agata Szczepanska. It was especially challenging to have both of us on the screen. Most shots were shot one a Sony a6500 with 18-105 f/4 on a Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 Gimbal. All shots inside the car and few additional closeups shot with a Sony a7SII with FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens. Additionally I used a RØDE VideoMic Pro and a shoulder rig. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Music ( Heritage by Quinn Erwin. Sound Design by Ben Sanders.

By Kristoph Shepansky
Sony FS5, KD 5207 Vis3

Cinematographer : Luigino Clarinda Concept & Production : Quine Brown Actor: Cihan Subasi

By Luigino Clarinda
5D mark III and 6D, FJ 8543 VD


Vídeo e projeto vencedor do Festival Narrativas do Brasil (Seleção Curtas Brasil). Também participando do FilmConvert Cinematography Competition 2015

O Brasil é um país rico em cultura e o brasileiro tem a música no sangue. Fomos atrás de música e encontramos mais do que isso. Histórias surpreendentes, arte acima de tudo, e inspiração para qualquer pessoa.
Projeto \

By Kaio
Sony a7 r3, FJ Prov 100
Across the worlds

Fashion video. Part 2 (Across the worlds). Commercial

By sergey Khodakovskiy
GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Action Cut - Crypto

Monster hunting action filmed produced for the 48 Hour film project.

By Charles T.
Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, FJ 8543 VD

Promo shortfilm for its online distribution
Year: 2015
Client: ACTIU
Tasks: Writing, direction, photography, art, editing and compositing
Graded using FilmConvert Pro

Cortometraje promocional para su difusión online
Año: 2015
Cliente: ACTIU
Tarea: Guión, dirección, fotografía, arte, montaje y postproducción

sony a7s 2, KD 5207 Vis3

An abusive father is tryng to bury his daughter in the woods when some avenging spirits appear

By Jorge Antonio Molina Cuquerella
Lumix GH3, KD 5207 Vis3
Ad Libris - The Art of binding (FilmConvert)

Camera : Lumix GH3 & Leica R lenses (Elmarit 24mm f2.8, Summicron 50mm f2, Elmarit 90mm f2.8).
Editing : Adobe Premiere Pro
GRading : FilmConvert

Prior to being a source of knowledge and emotions for those who will read it, the book is only a pile of leaves, which will find its final shape in the hands of the bookbinder, whose art convenes the needle's tip, paper's rustling and smells of leathers.


Avant d'être une source de savoir et d'émotions pour celui qui le lira, le livre n'est d'abord qu'un tas de feuilles, qui ne trouvera sa forme pérenne qu'entre les mains du relieur, dont l'art convoque la pointe de l'aiguille, le frémissement du papier et les odeurs de cuirs.

Hier lectrice, aujourd'hui relieuse et restauratrice de livres anciens, Frédérique Navereau a décidé de se mettre au service de l'objet livre, en lui dédiant sa vie professionnelle.
A travers ce film, j'ai voulu tém

Canon 5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3

Two addicted. One in front of the other. Each one with his addiction.

Shot with Canon 5d Mark III. Graded with Film Convert.

Directed by Edu Lavandeira.


By Edu
Canon 5D mkii, FJ SuperX 400

When your love for Doritos goes too far.

By Sal
Sony a6500, FJ SuperX 400

"Adeus" is a farewell song. He knew it when he wrote it.

By Cainã Morellato
Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k, KD P400 Ptra

After years of being anchored down by their boat, a conscience-stricken girl decides it's best to be free to explore the world, even if it means leaving the love of her life.

By Jonston Nguyen
Sony FS100, FJ 8553 ET
Adrift on Shetland

A non-verbal observational documentary revealing the moody, and often fog-shrouded landscapes comprising the Shetland Islands. Since the Shetlands are influenced by fierce weather generated by both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the islands are constantly wind-swept, and the resulting unsettled weather underpins the gritty, steadfast personality of the Shetland Islanders. The film was composed in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio and shot in the style of Michael Glawogger, wherein time is allowed to unfold under the camera's unhurried gaze. Edited and colour-graded using DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.

By Arnold Kopff
NIkon D800, FJ Velv 100
Adus Gori - FilmConvert

Recommend watching in High Definition HD - Consigliamo la visione in Alta definizione HD
Editing/color grading: Final Cut Pro X/Film Convert Pro 2
Nikon D800 and lens 28/50/85mm f1.8 - Slider smartsystem motor

By Cesare
GH4, KD P400 Ptra

This film focuses on the simple joy of experiencing life.

By aaronhall
Canon 7D Mark II, FJ 8563 RL

This is just a bunch of random things I've filmed with my Canon 7D Mark II with Technicolor's 'Cinestyle' preset installed Colour corrected and graded in Premier Pro using FilmConvert.

By Haydn Dare
Canon C100 Markii, FJ 8543 VD
Adventures in Northern Michigan: FMX

I had the oppertunity to drive up north to Helps, MI and document X-games athlete Scott Murray. He has built a training facility that allows athletes to progress and learn tricks safely.

By Mark Goethel
DJI Phantom 4 Pro, FJ 8543 VD
Aerial Cinema Reel 2019

Aerial showreel.

By Tom
GoPro, KDP400 Ptra
Aerials - Flugaufnahmen Ulm

1. Showreel der Flugaufnahmen von Lichtspieler Film
Recorded with a gopro hero3
graded with Film Convert

By Andreas Usenbenz
Blackmagic Pocket, FJ Prov 100

Aesop. Music Video. Ora the molecule. Coming soon.

By Tanmay Chowdhary
FS700, FJ Prov 100

There is two mayor things that I took from my experience living in Sicily. The first is Kaos, the second is that I ve never seen how Kaos could be so tight dancing with mother nature heartbeats. This band video is the product of friendship and so many other things, but mainly love and multicultural integration.

By Victor Ortega
Sony NEX-FS100, Fuji 8553 ET
African Montage

This montage was created for the FilmConvert 2014 Cinematography Competition.

Running time 2 minutes 51 seconds
Genre: Observational documentary
Images were composed using the Panavision (2.35:1) aspect ratio
Filmed while on safari for 5 weeks in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania

The film was shot with a Sony NEX-FS100 and edited using FCP X. The film was colour graded using FilmConvert using the Fuji 8553 ET stock emulation.

The music is "Nothing Out There" by Ry Cooder:

By Arnold Kopff
canon 6d, After Effects, Premiere (OSX)
After Effects, Premiere (OSX)-FilmConvert-My internal and external world

Camera:canon 6d
software: After Effects, Premiere (OSX)

Intimate unintentional voyages towards external landscapes and organic representations due to impeccable internal melancholy linked with my artistic compulsion. unpreparedness facilitates accidental montages and political argumentativeness encompassed upon Indian subaltern philosophy. it producing ecstasy after the shoot as supper for the sacrifice which may emancipate intellectual nuance eventually while it conceiving.

By ananthakrishnan.b
Sony a7sii, FJ Velvia 100

Working late is about to get a lot more stressful.

By Kasey LaRose
Panasonic GH2 hacked, KD 5207 Vis3
After the Storm - Eastmancolor Vision 3

Shot on a hacked Panasonic GH2 - cut and graded on FCPX & FilmConvert to conform to Eastmancolor Vision 3.

By David Doré
Sony A7s, KD 5207 Vis3
Aftersalsa - White Collar

Aftersalsa - White Collar first single of "Chances" EP Credits: Directors: Simone Biagini - Debora Agerba Cinematographer: Simone Biagini Editors: Debora Agerba - Simone Biagini 1st AC: Edoardo Sandulli Actress: Laura Carugati Actor: Alberto Biagini Shot on Sony A7s using Helios 58mm and Schneider Kreuznach Super Cinelux 2x anamorphic lens with Focus Module

By Simone Biagini
Nikon D3200, FUJICHROME Velvia 100
Again Again

Short film made for the Colchester 60 Hour Film Race. Starring Mikaela Krantz, Bethany Poston, and Nathan Guerra.

This film was graded using FilmConvert.

By Nathan Guerra
Sony A7SII, FJ 8553 ET
Against the Grain

While preparing to screen an exclusive 70 millimeter print of “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the film’s fiftieth anniversary, staff members of the Coral Gables Art Cinema contemplate the past and future of film projection—and of their own personal and professional lives.

By Christopher Vazquez
Black Magic Cinema 2.5k, Kd 5213 Vis3
Agent Side Grinder "Giants Fall" (Official video)

Agent Side Grinder "Giants Fall" Taken from the album "Alkimia" (c) 2015 Progress Productions.
Directed by Stefan Ekström
Graded with Filmconvert

By stefan
panasonic GH3, FJ 8543 VD
Agnes Roze // Restauratrice de tableaux

Agnes Roze est restauratrice de tableaux. Seule dans son atelier, elle nous parle de son travail.
Prix du public 2015 (section Filme ton travail), Festival Filmer le travail de Poitiers.

Image : Lumix GH3 // Grade : FilmConvert

/// Extraits du site internet d'Agnes Roze

L'atelier Agnès Roze met son expérience au service des œuvres d'art, dans le but:
- de sauvegarder notre patrimoine,
- de mettre en avant le travail des artistes, et leurs recherches d'esthétisme,
- de conserver les tableaux dans un but de transmission.
Avant toute intervention, le restaurateur doit comprendre le tableau dans sa globalité, artistique et historique. Saisir son sens et les moyens mis en œuvre pour l'exprimer, et s'interroger sur les interactions entre l'image et la matière.
Pour cela il fait appel aux techniques artistiques, aux recherches historiques, et à un savoir faire qu'il acquiert en atelier et avec son expérien

By thomas rault
Red Dragon, FJ 8543 VD
Agnese Rakovska - Vienaldzibas

The story is about a girl who collects all the indifferences. (Lyrics of the song are from famous 1930s poet Vizma Belsevica, who is the only Latvian author nominated for Noble prize. )

By Ivars
Sony a7s, KD 5207 Vis3
Agnieszka & Mateusz sunset walk

Graded by Filmconvert

By Slawek
DJI Osmo, FJ Velvia 100
Agony Again

Being chased by an unknown chaser.

By Justin Park
Sony FS700, KD 5213 Vis3
Aidan Dickson | Dunedin NZ Food Story Series

Aidan is a chef who lives a simple life and values time with his family and friends.

By Josh
Sony A7S, KD P400 Ptra
Aimee & Joseph Buszka Wedding

During late Winter 2015, I traveled up to Harrisburg, PA to shoot the Buszka wedding. Now, the groom and I go back a ways, as we're both graduates of the Film/Video Production program at Penn State University. That said, when we began chatting about his upcoming nuptials, I was nothing less than thrilled to be a part of the process. After all...WE ARE PENN STATE! On the big day, I ran my usual two camera setup (Sony A7s and Canon 70D), aiming for an equally familiar "fly-on-the-wall," photojournalist vibe while shooting. During the edit, my goal was to add a little vintage flare to the visuals by lifting the blacks and aging the colors (FilmConvert helped wonders in this regard). In the end, the finished product took on a real sense of warmth and nostalgia, feeling like a quiet memory of some long lost, really good day.

By Edwin Koester
DJI Phantom 3 Professional, KD P400 Ptra
AirFrame Showreel 2017

Flying through our projects in Greece for 2017

By Nikos Papadopoulos
GH5, FJ SuperX 400

This no budget music video was shot for the DC band Curse Words, for their song Airlock

By Bradley Howard