Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’

The Film ‘Cinco’ is a indie thriller set in New York City about a conwoman who gets into a dangerous face-off against a dangerous enemy. Although shot on a Canon 5D mkIII, the production values and cinematography make the film look like a high-budget Hollywood production – check out director Riccardo Gabrielli’s interview on how he… Continue reading Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’

Surfing Gailicia, by Alex Levin

Alex Levin shot this film in Spain over the winter months. It features some beautiful aerial photography and natural landscapes. Alex Levin – The Interview For this project I was going for a cool, natural look. We were out in the early morning for most of the shots and I wanted to keep some of… Continue reading Surfing Gailicia, by Alex Levin