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Arri Alexa Mini, FJ 8543 VD
Lionstorm - No H8ro

Official Music Video LIONSTORM - No H8ro (prod. Josephine Zwaan) Director - Mats Logen DoP - Karlijn Milder Producer - Rouslan Kabanov 1st AD - Roy Merkelbach Styling - Aura Narmontaite MUAH - Suzanne van Schie 1st AC - Nick Duinmaijer Gaffer - Emiel Chung Best Boy - Ymeja Klopman Editor - Mats Logen Grading - Martina Fazekas Production Company - Rous RK Studio

By Martina Fazekas Fazekas
Panasonic GH5, Plrd 600


By Maxim
Panasonic GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Stephen Ridley Documentary Film

With his incredible charisma and musical energy, he charges everyone he meets on his way. His fate is a vivid example of the fact that a person is able to create his desired future in spite of life circumstances. His story will respond to anyone who has come across a choice: to leave everything as it is or to take a step into the unknown, following the dream. His music is an awakening to life and a manifestation of real feelings. Stephen Ridley is one of the heroes of our time, and we will be glad to meet you with him.

By Dmitry
Panasonic Varicam, KD 5207 Vis3
One, No One, 100.000

Lynn (Lotte Milder), a young girl, is stranded in a mysterious countryside manor due to a raging storm. She mingles with others who have also been stranded. During her stay, Lynn becomes intrigued by a mural depicting a Utopian world and can't help but notice the stark dissonance from her own reality. Maybe her presence in the house is more than just a coincidence?

By Martina Fazekas Fazekas
Sony A7III, 5Dmark IV, FJ SuperX 400
Jimmy+Rose || Teaser || Filmconvert

-made in "FilmConvert"

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, KD 5207 Vis3
A day in Sunflower Farm

It was created to Capture the Essence of the farms and culture of the family and its festivities. Also Grading Software USed was Davinci Resolve

By Kushagra
iPhone 7 Plus, FJ Velvia 100
The Assassin's Play

This is thriller/crime genre story of two Gangster Brothers( Black and White ). The third is Assassin, see till end to find out what happens! Made it for mobile short film competition in 10 days.

By Dev Vora
Canon XC10, KD 5207 Vis3
L.A. Mon Amour - Los Angeles in 5 Minutes

Come with me on a 5 minute joy ride through the most beautiful city.

By Michael Zurek
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Sadie + Alexis' Wedding // Joshua Tree

Sadie and Alexis are such a sweet couple and you could feel the fierce love between them on the day. They got married at Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown, near Joshua Tree — a beautiful spot that perfectly matched their vibe. Graded with FilmConvert.

By Jim
sony a6500, FJ 8553 ET
TRUCCO F/W 2019 fashion film

Fashion Film for TRUCCO 2019 Fall / Winter season.

By carlos manuel velasco garcía
sony a6500, FJ 8563 RL
CERRUTI 1881 - Shared Wardrobe

The story was created based upon the idea of CERRUTI 1881's FW18 Unisex Collection, a shared wardrobe where girls borrow outfits from the boys. The key message, unisex, was expressed by a girl's quest for identity and her power to break the loop of time, space, and gender stereotype.

By carlos manuel velasco garcía
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Kelly + Christian's Wedding // Big Sur

Kelly and Christian met when she was 6 and he was 5. And they just got married. Get the tissues ready — this stunningly beautiful Big Sur wedding was one of the most touching we've witnessed. So glad we got to be a part of it. Graded with FilmConvert.

By Jim
Sony A7RIII, KD 5207 Vis3
Boss - Take 2

A ballerina learns how to be a boss.

By Meredith M Howard
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, KD 5207 Vis3
A day at Sunflower Farm

It was created to Capture the Essence of the farms and culture of the family and its festivities. If you haven’t visited yet, definitely visit in their next Tulip festival... Holland Ridge Farms

By Kushagra
SONY A6300, KD 5213 Vis3
Barber Commercial

Had the opportunity to link up with Brooklyn based barber Jonathan who hails from Chicago to film this dope video of him cutting his clients hair. To my surprise, I enjoy doing these kind of videos, look out for more! Graded using FilmConvert stock KD 5207 for outside shots and majority KD 5213 for indoor shots. Finally, using lutify for finishing touches.

By Tommy Valentin
Panasonic GH4, FJ 8543 VD
Bedford Football League

This corporate web promo film was made to highlight the collaboration between football federation South Australia and the The bedford group who are a employer for people with disabilities. Together they will be sponsoring the first South Australian disability football league. This was a fun film I made for them at the launch of the announcement.

By Tony Salvatore
Panasonic GH4, KD 5213 Vis3
Wings for Peter

Peter is just another over worked, under paid employee in the corporate world. Being a single father he finds difficulty in managing the demands of having a corporate career while also finding the time to be a father to his daughter Sophia who he must provide for. This short film was written and directed by Elias Kosmidis. Cinematography and Editing by Tony Salvatore

By Tony Salvatore
sony A7s2, FJ 8553 ET
Davide e Susan

A traditional italian wedding day. Riccardo Ferranti wedding videographer and Jacopo Torazzina wedding videographer

By Riccardo
A7 III, FJ 8553 ET
The Alarm| Graded w/FilmConvert

An experimental film about a teacher's subconscious. Graded with FilmConvert Written & Directed by Jack Tee Starring: Joanne Tan Director of Photography / Editor / Sound Design: Qi Yuan Co-Written & Produced by Entson Dun Produced by Jason Goh BTS Camera Operator: Jason Goh Boom Operator: Harry Tai National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

By Jack Tee
Panasonic GH5 / GH5-s / S1, FJ 8543 VD
A Story About Weddings.

Why marry? What's so special about weddings? After filming a lot of them, we know.

By Tim Manders
Panasonic GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Trans Am

A woman runs from her past, present and future.

By Nick Andrews
Canon C100 Mark II, KD 5207 Vis3
My Father's Shadow

My Father's Shadow is a short film by Will Osigian. This film finished shooting shortly before will stepped away from his video production company, Trust Fall Productions. Plot: an estranged son's struggle with his return home to his beaten and broken family. "This film was written for my Nephew, he was my best friend growing up. When he turned thirteen he started his life as both an addict and a raging alcoholic. His alcoholism really took the forefront of his life and has heavily impacted everyone that cares about him. Whenever he and I talk, he's almost always brought to tears because he sees himself as a monsters." - Will

By William
Panasonic G85, FJ 8563 RL
Wedding short film

By Noar Visual
Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, FJ Velvia 100
Monroe Reservoir - Prologue - Henry Pond

This is an introduction to a larger science fiction/mystery story

By Aaron Marshall
Panasonic G85, FJ 8563 RL

By Noar Visual
Sony a6000, KD 5207 Vis3
In Search of the Mystabeest

Three children go in search of the Mystabeest but it is short lived as their adventure takes an unexpected turn. Based on almost true events.

By Rakesh Naguri
FS7, KD 5207 Vis3
Medium Good

Chris Robb reflects on his life's work when the courts he's spent his life developing a community around are closed.

By Andrew Kleczek
A7s/C100, FJ 8553 ET

Vladimir is a series of contradictions held together in one person by a peaceful outlook on life. All old footage and photos used are in the public domain.

By Andrew Kleczek
Canon C200, FJ Prov 100
Sustainable Icelandic Cod l Aquafisk

This is the story of sustainable Icelandic cod. The fish is caught, hand processed and shipped within 2 days.

By Jason Belkov
Canon 1DX Mark II, FJ Prov 100
Roxanne + Michael l Winterthur Estate

The story of Roxanne + Michael at the Dupont Estate in Wilmington, DE

By Jason Belkov
Blackmagic Ursa Mini, KD 5207 Vis3

A man is given the chance to see time as his most precious gift. Tom loves his kid. He never had much and believes that happiness is in the security of things. Your "four walls" are important (food, clothing, shelter, and health) but after - then what? Where is the line between passion, work, and want? When do our ambitions cause us to lose out on being with the people we love the most?

By Seth Deming
Panasonic GH5, KD P400 Ptra
La Montagne aux Marmottes

Promotional video for the "Parc Animalier de Serre-Ponçon". Client recommendation: a family journey at the parc. Filmed with a GH5 fully handheld Lumix 35-100mm f/2.8 & Sigma 18-35mm f/1.7.

By Stéphan Le Gac Savoye
Sonya7S2, FJ 8543 VD
Muaythai Monumental

Documentary for Project Muaythai Monumental in Lima, PERU

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Panasonic GH5, KD P400 Ptra
Go Down Swinging

Videoclip filmed for the "Magic Mattie Band" and Mat Anderson at the Dojo of Monaco Stadium. Filmed with a GH5 and a G9 + Sigma 18-35mm. KD P400 Ptra tweaked.

By Stéphan Le Gac Savoye
Alexa mini, FJ 8553 ET
La Tarumba - Ilusion

Commercial for La Tarumba, Peruvian Circus

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Red One, FJ 8543 VD

Commercial for Panamerican Games 2019 in Lima, Peru.

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Red One, FJ 8543 VD
Juegos ParaPanamericanos 2019

Tv Commercial for ParaPanamerican Games 2019 in Lima, Peru.

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Panasonic GH5, FJ 8543 VD
Mueble, objeto vivo

Video Portrait for Javier Rubio, artist, carpenter

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Blackmagic Pocket 4K, FJ 8553 ET
Quiero que seas tu

Music Video for Pelo Madueño, "Quiero que seas tu"

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Sony a6500, IL D3200

Video Portrait to Piccolo Clemente, World Champion ISA, Longboard Surfing

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Sony a7S2, FJ 8543 VD
Costa Verde de Todos

Documentary for preservation La Costa Verde in Miraflores, Lima -Peru

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Alexa Mini, FJ 8553 ET

Commercial for Tuna in Oil - Florida

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Alexa Mini, FJ 8543 VD
La Tarumba - Volver

Tv Commercial for La Tarumba, Peruvian Circus

By Gonzalo Iglesias
Panasonic GH5, iPhone 7, KD 5207 Vis3
The Season

This film is an intimate exploration of my Dad's obsession with college football during a single Notre Dame season. When making this film I wanted to explore his motivations behind tradition, passion and ritual. What starts out as a simple documentation turns into a character study. Throughout this study I was able to explore our father/son connection and how football has been a main source of bonding between us. This project has allowed to me to have a greater respect for what people choose to be passionate about and how that passion affects the people around them. What resulted is a film that is a dedication to sports fans, Dads, or both.

By Dominic Udell
Canon 700D, FJ 8543 VD
Josema, Si Señor - Se Te Hace Tarde (Videoclip Oficial)

Videoclip oficial del nuevo tema de Josema, Si Señor! Video Clip Oficial de la canción Se Te Hace Tarde de Josema. Dirección: Alan Sanchez Cámara & Edición: Fernando Cañete Idea Original: Taffe Peláez & Alan Sanchez Producción Gral: Maite Media Agradecimientos: Britannia Pub A toda la banda, Meli Arrúa y Romina por participar. #SiSeñor Asuncion, Paraguay 2017 #filmconvert

By Fernando
Canon 700D, FJ 8553 ET
Todos Partimos - 13Cas (Videoclip)

Videoclip oficial del nuevo tema ¨Todos Partimos¨ de la banda 13cas. Créditos Dirección: Fernando Cañete Idea Original: Taffe Peláez Edición / DF: Fernando Cañete Asist. Producción: Rodi Alonzo Producción Audiovisual: Maite Media Producción Musical: Marcos Segovia Mezcla y Masterización: Lobo Recording Studios Contact: #filmconvert

By fer
Canon 700D, FJ 8543 VD

A unos minutos de tierra firme y en las tranquilas aguas del Caribe panameño, provincia de Colón, se encuentra Isla Grande, un paraíso de playa al que se puede llegar en bote, después de poco más o menos de dos horas en auto, desde la ciudad de Panamá y pasando por Portobelo. Isla grande tiene sin dudas unas de las mejores playas de Panamá. Es un paraíso tropical, pintoresco, rodeado de bellísimas arrecifes coralinos, playas con arenas blancas con palmeras. Tomas aereas con el drone DJI Phantom 3 Advance y tomas en tierra con Canon DSLR. Contacto: Web: #panama #panamacity #panamaisland #islagrandepanama #FILMCONVERT

By fer
Canon 700D, FJ 8563 RL

PANAMA, THE FORCE OF TWO SEAS! All recorded with DJI Phantom 3 advanced 2.7K and Canon 700D. FILMCONVERT................................................................................. GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SERVICES HERE: .................................................................................. ABOUT THE VIDEO Panama is a country located on the isthmus that unites Central America and South America. The Panama Canal, a famous milestone in human engineering, crosses its center and joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to create an essential maritime route. In the capital, Panama City, clubs, casinos and modern skyscrapers contrast with the colonial buildings of Casco Viejo and the jungle of the Metropolitan Natural Park. he video was made because my brother and my girldfriend come to visit me and i take the opportunity to shoot some video will i was showing the city to them. ....................................................................

By Fernando
Sony A7s II / FS7, FJ 8553 ET
How 1 Breathing Technique Uncovered the Magic of Meditation for 12 Friends

Could a young meditation teacher get 12 friends to experience REAL meditation? They turned a yearly get together into a Meditation Vacation to find out. Would they be BORED or TRANSFORMED? Find out here... ••• Directed by Andrew Keaveney Color Graded with FilmConvert Soundtrack from MusicBed

By Andrew K
Canon 7D Mark II, FJ 8563 RL
Santorini Transfers

Santorini Transfers offer a variety of car classes so you can choose the car which best fits your needs and budget. No matter which vehicle class you choose, you can look forward to a variety of high-quality cars with professional and experienced drivers. Whether you are planning your holidays in Santorini or whether you are looking for the best mean of transfer for you or for your group our company is able to ensure the best service.

By Yiannis Gkoutzouris